[20:49] <+NanTheWitch> I have many witch powers.
[20:49] * LanaWinters smokes cigarette on plane
[20:49] <+TheRealTDIJustin> I like witches, you know?
[20:49] <+Tharja> Gods, let's just get on with it! Do I need to hurry this up for you, Dra?
[20:49] == Semhar [5c082930@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[20:50] <@DraHosting_> pm me who you are
[20:50] * Lydia| waves to camera
[20:50] * RachelReilly_ brushes her hair with her hands
[20:50] * Tharja rolls eyes at camera
[20:50] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Oh, darn, I'm gorgeous
[20:50] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm here, WORLD!
[20:50] * VerminSupreme raises Vermin2016 Poster
[20:50] * Lydia| pushes Semhar aside and waves
[20:50] <+NanTheWitch> I have a boyfriend. TheRealTDIJustin
[20:50] * PirateCotton waves
[20:50] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Really? What's his name?
[20:50] <+LucyVanPelt> ..
[20:50] <+LucyVanPelt> Good gried
[20:50] <+LucyVanPelt> *grief
[20:51] * LanaWinters throws cigarette on mat
[20:51] <+RachelReilly_> Nobody cares @Lucy
[20:51] <@DraHosting_> WELCOME
[20:51] <+DrSean> Are you dating Charlie Brown?
[20:51] <@DraHosting_> TO TV STARS TOKYO!
[20:51] * RachelReilly_ flips hair in Lucy's face
[20:51] <+RachelReilly_> Tokyo?
[20:51] * LanaWinters rolls eyes
[20:51] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm a celebrity! Can I take Schroeder to my mansion!?
[20:51] <@DraHosting_> IN THE PAST FIVE SEASONS...
[20:51] <+NanTheWitch> His name is Luke.
[20:51] <+LucyVanPelt> BLEH! No! @Sean
[20:51] <+RachelReilly_> I was in Japan before!
[20:51] <+Lydia|> Ooh? Charlie? Who's he?
[20:51] <+Lydia|> I bet he's HOT.
[20:51] * RachelReilly_ laughs obnoxiously
[20:51] <+DrSean> YAY AMERICA LOVES ME
[20:51] <+Tharja> Even Plegia is better than this dump you call Tokyo.
[20:51] <@DraHosting_> AND THIS SEASON
[20:51] <+LucyVanPelt> Charlie Brown is a BLOCKHEAD.
[20:51] <Semhar> I was supposed to be dropped off back in America after filming
[20:51] <Semhar> not here
[20:51] * Lydia| catches fire from the cigarette Lana dropped
[20:51] * PirateCotton scratches his head
[20:51] <@DraHosting_> ~~ ZOOM IN ON THE CELEBRITIES ~~
[20:51] <+LucyVanPelt> Good? Evil?
[20:51] <+RachelReilly_> @Dra
[20:51] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm obviously a good girl!
[20:51] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities!
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> Welcome to TV Stars Tokyo!
[20:52] <+LucyVanPelt> Santa brings me presents every year!
[20:52] <+LanaWinters> CONF: Celebrity. I like the sound of that.
[20:52] <+Lydia|> WHAAAAT?
[20:52] == PB_ [62eb7a9b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[20:52] == PB_ has changed nick to Spec2
[20:52] * PirateCotton cringes at the mentioning of Tokyo
[20:52] <+DrSean> I'm clearly good
[20:52] * Opal comes back in
[20:52] <+RachelReilly_> I'm obviously good
[20:52] <+Tharja> Conf: Is this really how simple it is to because a celebrity here? Pathetic.
[20:52] <+RachelReilly_> I mean
[20:52] * RachelReilly_ laughs obnoxiously
[20:52] <+RachelReilly_> who doesn't like me?
[20:52] <+VerminSupreme> VOTE FOR VERMIN
[20:52] <+LucyVanPelt> I was already a celebrity, of course!
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> ((SHUT UP))
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> k!
[20:52] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities
[20:52] <+RachelReilly_> no
[20:52] <+RachelReilly_> :\
[20:53] <@DraHosting_> how does it feel to be on TV Stars?
[20:53] <@DraHosting_> Good?
[20:53] <@DraHosting_> Bad?
[20:53] <+LucyVanPelt> Maybe if I win the money I can buy a new blanket for my blockhead of a brother.
[20:53] <@DraHosting_> Hopefully not hahaHAHahaHahaA!
[20:53] <+RachelReilly_> Like a normal day at work
[20:53] <+TheRealTDIJustin> I'm doing this for the money, first off.
[20:53] <+NanTheWitch> CONF: Dra is a little angry.
[20:53] <+TheRealTDIJustin> And the publicity.
[20:53] <+Tharja> I could care less.
[20:53] <+Lydia|> IT'S GREAT.
[20:53] <+DrSean> It feels amazing! I'm gonna get my own TV show called Dr.Seans life
[20:53] * PirateCotton shrugs
[20:53] == Spec2 has changed nick to PB_
[20:53] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v Semhar] by DraHosting_
[20:53] <+Semhar> If roses were red and violets could be blue, I'd take us away to a place just for two. You'd see my true colors and all that I felt. I'd see that you could love me and nobody else.
[20:53] <+Lydia|> So many of the guys here are, like, so hot.
[20:53] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v PB_] by DraHosting_
[20:53] <+DrSean> A 24 hour show about ME
[20:53] <@DraHosting_> Fifteen celebrities stand in front of me
[20:53] <@DraHosting_> And this game
[20:53] <@DraHosting_> has already begun!
[20:53] <+VerminSupreme> It's fine. I mean it could be better if every American had a pony.
[20:53] <+LucyVanPelt> Did the number change!? Good grief.
[20:53] <@DraHosting_> But before we can get started...
[20:53] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities
[20:53] <@DraHosting_> I have a little surprise for you.
[20:53] <+DrSean> We added one since the intro?
[20:54] <+TheRealTDIJustin> (CONF): I don't get the phrase "for the love of the game". In reality television there is no love. It's just people trying to get famous.
[20:54] <+Lydia|> (conf) My mom sent me on this show to hopefully meet a guy and get a husband... or win the money. Whichever comes first.
[20:54] <+Tharja> Mmm... I love surprises.
[20:54] <+PB_> CONF: As princess of candy kingdom, I'm in charge of a lot of candy people. They rely on me, I can't imagine what might happen to them while I'm away. But my trusty hero Finn is keeping things under control while I'm here! When I first found out this was a thing, I was like, "WHAT THE CABBAGE!?" but then I decided to not be a patoot and try it out. Oh, I hope Finn is doing an okay job..
[20:54] <@DraHosting_> Right now, you are all going to select two people from your group.
[20:54] <@DraHosting_> These people will be known as your Executive Producers.
[20:54] <+LucyVanPelt> Me!!!
[20:54] <@DraHosting_> These two will enter the house before ANY of you
[20:54] <+LucyVanPelt> Ooh! Ooh! Me!
[20:54] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Oh, gross. Executives aren't hot.
[20:54] * RachelReilly_ steps up
[20:54] <@DraHosting_> and they will not be able to compete in the opening VIP challenge.
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_>
[20:54] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm a pretty girl who deserves to be chosen!
[20:54] <+TheRealTDIJustin> They're all Jewish, and all they do is brag about their money.
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_> oh what?
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_> VIP?
[20:54] * LucyVanPelt raises her hand and jumps up and down
[20:54] <+Lydia|> Shut up, it's my turn!
[20:54] <+TheRealTDIJustin> My mother's met with plenty of them.
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_> It's HOH Dra
[20:54] * Lydia| poses
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_> wow
[20:54] <@DraHosting_> If everyone agrees, Rachel and Lucy will be the producers.
[20:54] * PirateCotton chuckles
[20:54] <+LucyVanPelt> Yes, yes!
[20:54] <+Tharja> Conf: Now it's time for the shitstorm of immature brats screaming 'OOH PICK ME'
[20:54] <+TheRealTDIJustin> I'm gonna go with Nan, because she's ugly.
[20:54] <+LucyVanPelt> I directed a christmas play once!
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_> me and that little troll?
[20:54] <+PB_> CONF: Aha, I really shouldn't be worried. Finn will do a GREAT job! I'm going to win this game in the name of SCIENCE!!!
[20:54] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Like executives.
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_> :\
[20:54] <+DrSean> I'll be one
[20:54] <+LucyVanPelt> Is that the same thing?
[20:54] <+LucyVanPelt> ...Rachel?
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_> fine
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_> I'll go
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_> ^_^
[20:54] <+PB_> Hello everyone! ^-^
[20:54] <+Semhar> I would volunteer myself again, but I'm not making the same mistake twice... sorry 'bout it
[20:54] <+LucyVanPelt> I don't want to work with that BLOCKHEAD.
[20:54] <+DrSean> PICK ME
[20:54] <+VerminSupreme> WILL PROVIDE FREE BUFFETS
[20:54] <+RachelReilly_> wow
[20:55] <+RachelReilly_> get away child
[20:55] * PirateCotton shakes his head
[20:55] <+RachelReilly_> @Lucy
[20:55] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm a pretty girl!
[20:55] <+RachelReilly_> I am an actual celebrity by now
[20:55] <+LucyVanPelt> Unlike YOU!
[20:55] <@DraHosting_> btw link RecordBot to any alliances you have
[20:55] <@DraHosting_> and me
[20:55] <+RachelReilly_> it's only fitting i go in
[20:55] <+LucyVanPelt> Good grief!
[20:55] <+LanaWinters> CONF: There's no point in trying to win this "game". The prize for this "show" means nothing to me. What ~does~ mean something to me is bringing this establishment down. And when news comes out of the mistreatment that the contestants go through... well, let's just say I'll be the only star walking out of here.
[20:55] <+LucyVanPelt> I'll go in!
[20:55] <@DraHosting_> okay so
[20:55] <+LucyVanPelt> I want to go in!
[20:55] <@DraHosting_> Is anyone opposed to Lucy / Rachel?
[20:55] <+RachelReilly_> No
[20:55] <+VerminSupreme> I AM
[20:55] <+RachelReilly_> of course not
[20:55] <+Lydia|> I am!
[20:55] * LanaWinters glares at Dra
[20:55] <+LucyVanPelt> Wow, BLOCKHEAD!
[20:55] <+VerminSupreme> I WANGT FREE BUFFETS
[20:55] <+NanTheWitch> I wish my witch powers could make me control you guy's mind.
[20:55] <+VerminSupreme> *want
[20:55] <+Tharja> Still don't care.
[20:55] <+DrSean> Rachel needs to wait for her turn
[20:55] <@DraHosting_> <_>
[20:55] <+RachelReilly_> Um, no
[20:55] <@DraHosting_> @Lana
[20:55] <+RachelReilly_> Go away 2Sean
[20:55] <+LanaWinters> CONF: Right now, I just need to bite my tongue. If Dra has any idea, any shred of evidence that he can use against me, the entire plan falls apart.
[20:55] <+DrSean> But what ever
[20:55] <+LucyVanPelt> Dra, let me go in!
[20:55] <+RachelReilly_> you havent been relevant since 2000
[20:55] <@DraHosting_> okay well
[20:55] <+DrSean> Have fun ladies
[20:56] <@DraHosting_> Lucy is bothering me
[20:56] <@DraHosting_> and Rachel is bothering me
[20:56] * PirateCotton looks overwhelmed
[20:56] <@DraHosting_> they are your Executive Producers!
[20:56] <+DrSean> And show off the SuperPole!
[20:56] <@DraHosting_> Congratulations!
[20:56] * LucyVanPelt cheers
[20:56] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL
[20:56] <@DraHosting_> LUCY
[20:56] <+RachelReilly_>
[20:56] <+RachelReilly_>
[20:56] <+RachelReilly_>
[20:56] <@DraHosting_> You will get a PM.
[20:56] <+LucyVanPelt> If only Linus could see me now!
[20:56] <+RachelReilly_> @ my fans
[20:56] * PirateCotton facepalms
[20:56] <+LucyVanPelt> But I won't work with Rachel!
[20:56] <+LucyVanPelt> What a BLOCKHEAD!
[20:56] <+LucyVanPelt> I'll slug her!@
[20:56] <+RachelReilly_> Good, I don't plauy with FLOATERS
[20:56] <+LucyVanPelt> What's that supposed to mean, huh?
[20:56] <+RachelReilly_> You know exactly what I mean you little brat!
[20:56] <@DraHosting_> Your executive producers are about to make a great decision about the game.
[20:56] <+NanTheWitch> I'm seeing a lot of ghosts and hearing a lot of voices of dead people.
[20:57] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm great at making decisions!
[20:57] <+NanTheWitch> Who here is a killer?
[20:57] <@DraHosting_> This is going to impact the next few weeks to come.
[20:57] <+LucyVanPelt> Unlike Charlie Brown!
[20:57] <+LucyVanPelt> What a mess he is...
[20:57] <+Tharja> Sorry, that's probably me. @Nan
[20:57] * PirateCotton strokes his beard in thought
[20:57] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Oh my god can we just get to the part where I show up on some show talking about this
[20:57] <+AaronBraddock> Heh... strokes.
[20:57] * PirateCotton rolls his eyes at Aaron
[20:57] <@DraHosting_> Alright
[20:57] <@DraHosting_> CELEBRITIES
[20:57] <@DraHosting_> listen up
[20:57] <+LanaWinters> CONF: At the moment, I need to form a strong alliance with two other people. This has nothing to do with the game, though, and everything to do with getting the dirt on Dra.
[20:58] <@DraHosting_> Your Executive Producers are now inside the house.
[20:58] <@DraHosting_> But we are NOT done here.
[20:58] <@DraHosting_> Right now, you are going to vote for someone on this mat with you
[20:58] <@DraHosting_> Meaning you cannot vote for Lucy or Rachel.
[20:58] <+LanaWinters> CONF: I just need something... I've heard the horrific stories of what goes on inside the house -- but a case like that will be thrown out the window. What I need is proof, or a witness.
[20:58] <@DraHosting_> This person will not be making the journey with you through the opening VIP challenge.
[20:58] <@DraHosting_> This person will not enter the house at the same time as you.
[20:58] <@DraHosting_> Please send in your votes immediately.
[20:58] <@DraHosting_> GO
[20:58] <+AaronBraddock> Yo everyone.
[20:58] <+DrSean> I mean there is no good reason other then strategy to make Rachel and Lucy our leaders
[20:58] <+AaronBraddock> I'm asking you to vote Justin.
[20:58] <+LucyVanPelt> Rachel keeps saying she's the adult!
[20:58] <+AaronBraddock> This house needs eye candy, and I fill that role.
[20:58] <+PirateCotton> ...
[20:58] <+AaronBraddock> He's just a poser.
[20:59] <+LucyVanPelt> But if she's an adult, why isn't she making trumphet noises!?
[20:59] <+LucyVanPelt> >:(
[20:59] <+RachelReilly_> What a child
[20:59] <+VerminSupreme> VERMIN 2016 FREE PONIES FOR ALL AMERICANS
[20:59] <+RachelReilly_> Let's evict her, RIGHT away
[20:59] <+VerminSupreme> MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN
[20:59] <+Lydia|> I GOT A PONY WHEN I WAS SIX.
[20:59] <+Tharja> ...Who said this is a vote to evict?
[20:59] <+LucyVanPelt> Don't evict me!
[20:59] <+LucyVanPelt> I chose good!
[20:59] <+DrSean> Vote me in because I'm first in a long line of ABC order
[20:59] <+LucyVanPelt> Rachel chose EVIL!
[20:59] <+Semhar> trumphet isn't a word honey, I would know...
[20:59] <+Tharja> Let's be honest, this is probably some twist to give immunity...
[20:59] <+LucyVanPelt> It's not?
[20:59] <+LucyVanPelt> Did I spell it wrong?
[21:00] <+RachelReilly_> Lucy agreed to evil!
[21:00] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[21:00] <+LucyVanPelt> What's happening to me?
[21:00] <+TheRealTDIJustin> What's that supposed to mean, Aaron?
[21:00] <+RachelReilly_> It's big brother!
[21:00] <+TheRealTDIJustin> What kind of name is that, anyway?
[21:00] <+LucyVanPelt> Amd I becoming Charlie Brown?
[21:00] <+RachelReilly_> go big or go home!
[21:00] * LucyVanPelt looks worried
[21:00] <+AaronBraddock> Aaron's a better name than Justin.
[21:00] * LanaWinters steps closer to Vermin
[21:00] <+LanaWinters> Sir, as an active member of the community, I urge you to change your font. For the sake of the people around us, and their eyes.
[21:00] <+AaronBraddock> Justin sounds like a fuckin' condom brand.
[21:00] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Aaron has two "a"s. What's up with that?
[21:00] <+AaronBraddock> Get original, douchebag.
[21:00] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Who is that?
[21:00] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Who are you?
[21:00] <+TheRealTDIJustin> I'm Justin "McGorgeousness" .
[21:00] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:00] <+TheRealTDIJustin> My abs tell all. What about you?
[21:00] * TheRealTDIJustin lifts up shirt
[21:00] <+NanTheWitch> Ugh. Tharja your spirits won't shut up.
[21:00] <+AaronBraddock> *lifts up his shirt* My abs are better.
[21:00] * PirateCotton pats Vermin on the shoulder and motions with his hands as if to ask him to calm down
[21:00] <+DrSean> Vote for me because I can catch fish
[21:00] <+Tharja> Conf: And the two guys with the biggest egos are clashing, drawing attention to themselves. Gods, these people are dumb...
[21:01] <+NanTheWitch> - puts on headphones. -
[21:01] <@DraHosting_> I NEED
[21:01] <@DraHosting_> Opal
[21:01] <@DraHosting_> Tharja
[21:01] <@DraHosting_> DrSean
[21:01] <@DraHosting_> Justin
[21:01] <@DraHosting_> and PB
[21:01] <@DraHosting_> to vote
[21:01] <+AaronBraddock> Notice how no chicks have talked to you Justine.
[21:01] <+AaronBraddock> It's because you SUCK.
[21:01] <+Tharja> It's not my fault there've been so many creeps and bastards I've had to dispose of... @Nan
[21:01] * PirateCotton looks confused at Nan's headphones
[21:01] <+LanaWinters> CONF: I don't believe this twist for a second. Dra's lying. Something is going on -- he might as well be tying the noose himself.
[21:01] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Vote? Um, alright.
[21:01] * LanaWinters takes out pen and notebook
[21:01] * LanaWinters scribbles furiously
[21:01] * LanaWinters mutters under breath
[21:01] <+LucyVanPelt> Wait, what are they voting on?
[21:01] <+NanTheWitch> My clairvoyance is a gift and a burden.
[21:01] <+LanaWinters> CONF: The truth WILL come out.
[21:01] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm confused! Good grief!
[21:02] <+Tharja> My spells have been only a gift. I think I win. @Nan
[21:02] <@DraHosting_> PB_
[21:02] <+NanTheWitch> CONF: Lana looks like she's been in an asylum. Sketchy
[21:02] <+LucyVanPelt> What are they voting on?
[21:02] <+RachelReilly_> (brb)
[21:02] <+LanaWinters> You're a liar. Get away from us. @Dra
[21:02] <@DraHosting_> lana stop hurting my feelings
[21:03] <@DraHosting_> I have the votes.
[21:03] <+Tharja> Tch, you don't even need to state the obvious.
[21:03] <+Lydia|> Lana getting SASSAY.
[21:03] <@DraHosting_> I am not going to tell you how many votes you received
[21:03] <@DraHosting_> only the person who received the majority.
[21:03] <+Lydia|> Ooh!
[21:03] <+Lydia|> Oh my god!
[21:03] <+Lydia|> This is my favorite part!
[21:03] <+LucyVanPelt> (seriosuly what are they voting on i missed it)
[21:03] <+Tharja> Gods, your shrill voice is making my ears bleed. @Lydia
[21:03] <+Lydia|> In that one episode they made me watch so I could be on this show this part was so COOL
[21:03] <+DrSean> Did we get beat by a bunch of rules?
[21:03] <+Tharja> You're as bad as Lissa.
[21:04] * LanaWinters scribbles
[21:04] <+DrSean> Oh wait I don't own that quote
[21:04] * RachelReilly_ smirks
[21:04] * PirateCotton raises an eyebrow
[21:04] <+DrSean> Forget I said it
[21:04] <+Lydia|> Shut up, THARJA.
[21:04] <+Lydia|> You remind me of my way less attractive, nerdy sister, Lizzie.
[21:04] * LucyVanPelt plays with marbles
[21:04] <+LucyVanPelt> Where's the TV?
[21:04] <+LucyVanPelt> Where's the pumpkin pie?
[21:04] <+LucyVanPelt> Where's the turkey?
[21:04] <@DraHosting_> Alright!!!!
[21:04] <+LucyVanPelt> Where's the MASHED POTATOES?
[21:04] <+LucyVanPelt> >:(
[21:04] <+Tharja> But I could still kill you with one flick of my wrist. @Lydia
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> The vote was 3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
[21:05] <+NanTheWitch> * takes off headphones*
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> With three votes
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> The person you voted for was......
[21:05] <+RachelReilly_> RachelGif.gif
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> Nan The Witch.
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> Nan.
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> Come stand over here by me.
[21:05] <+RachelReilly_> Ha!
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> ~ nan walks over ~
[21:05] <+LucyVanPelt> A real life witch? I don't buy it!
[21:05] <+RachelReilly_> Bye bye floater
[21:05] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[21:05] <+LanaWinters> Good job, Nan.
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> Nan, like I said, you will not be making the journey on the VIP task.
[21:05] <+LucyVanPelt> Is Nana eliminated?
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> You will not enter the house with them either.
[21:05] <+DrSean> There's no good reason for that!
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> You will enter the house right now.
[21:05] <+LucyVanPelt> (wow shocked!)
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> You will get first dibs on everything inside.
[21:05] <+Tharja> It's much more believable then you'd think. @Lucy
[21:05] <+NanTheWitch> Oh man.
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> And you will also get access
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> to the first twist of the season.
[21:05] <@DraHosting_> I will meet you in the house
[21:06] <@DraHosting_> ~MEANWHILE~
[21:06] <@DraHosting_> The rest of you
[21:06] * Lydia| gasps
[21:06] <@DraHosting_> it's time for your first VIP task of the season
[21:06] <+DrSean> Other then strategy
[21:06] * PirateCotton looks shocked
[21:06] <+Ty_> K
[21:06] <+NanTheWitch> My concilium powers worked.
[21:06] <@DraHosting_> For this task you do not need to use paint
[21:06] <@DraHosting_> but you may if you want
[21:06] <+RachelReilly_> :D
[21:06] <+LucyVanPelt> I can't compete in the VIP-thing, right!?
[21:06] <+LucyVanPelt> RIGHT?
[21:06] <+LucyVanPelt> And neither can that blockhead Rachel, I presume!
[21:06] <@DraHosting_> everyone pull up this map
[21:06] <@DraHosting_>
[21:06] <+RachelReilly_> Yeah we can
[21:06] <+RachelReilly_> wow
[21:06] <+RachelReilly_> @Lucy
[21:06] <+RachelReilly_> lame
[21:06] <+LucyVanPelt> We can!
[21:06] <+LucyVanPelt> Good, I need to win!
[21:06] <@DraHosting_> This challenge is a connect-the-dots race
[21:06] <@DraHosting_> I am going to give you a list
[21:06] <+Tharja> These lands are strange to me...
[21:06] <@DraHosting_> you will have to connect these dots
[21:06] <@DraHosting_> and form a word
[21:07] <+Tharja> Where's Plegia?
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> Once you have that word figured out
[21:07] <+RachelReilly_> (we can play right? @Dra)
[21:07] <+PB_> HOLD UP!!!
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> you will PM it to me
[21:07] <+LucyVanPelt> (^)
[21:07] <+RachelReilly_> DraHosting_
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> no @Rachel / Lucy
[21:07] <+PB_> I AM NOT DONE MY POTION!!
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> you're in the house
[21:07] <+RachelReilly_> WOW
[21:07] <+LucyVanPelt> GOOD, GRIEF!
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> NOW
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> I will give you hints
[21:07] <+Ty_> lol
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> if you all suck hard enough
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> you will PM it to me
[21:07] <+PB_> This is a potion that would give me the SUPER STRENGTH!!! I need to win the challenge.
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> and join that #room
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> for EXAMPLE
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> if the word is "Harsh"
[21:07] * PirateCotton looks very confused
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> you join #Harsh
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> this is a FOUR LETTER WORD
[21:07] <+Semhar> was the innuendo intentional?
[21:07] <@DraHosting_>
[21:07] <@DraHosting_> here is your list:
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 1. Alaska TO Hudson Bay
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 2. Mexico TO Canada
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> -NEW LETTER-
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 3. Labrador Sea TO Brazil
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 4. Brazil TO Angola
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 5. Angola TO Sweden
[21:08] <+PB_> Just a few more drops of this tart serum and I'm ready to go!
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 6. Sweden TO Labrador Sea
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> -NEW LETTER-
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 7. Chad TO Finland
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 8. Finland TO Yemen
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 9. Yemen TO Nevaya Zemiya
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 10. Neyava Zemiya TO China
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> -NEW LETTER-
[21:08] <+LucyVanPelt> What about Charlie Brown's house!?
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 11. Oktyabr'skay Revolyustil TO Thailand
[21:08] <+LucyVanPelt> He would love to be a part of this show!
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 12. Oktyabr'skay Revolyustil TO Kotelny Island
[21:08] <+PB_> Okay, don't wait. I guess you want a FIST COOKIE then. >:(
[21:08] <@DraHosting_> 13. Kotelny Island TO Russia (Center)
[21:08] <+LucyVanPelt> And he doesn't have much else going on...
[21:09] <@DraHosting_> 14. Russia (Center) TO South Korea
[21:09] <@DraHosting_> 15. South Korea TO Thailand
[21:09] <@DraHosting_> -END-
[21:09] <@DraHosting_> you are trying to form words by connecting the lines from place to place
[21:09] <@DraHosting_> Who will complete it first?
[21:09] == DrSean_ [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[21:09] <@DraHosting_> A test runnre completed this challenge in 5 minutes.
[21:09] <+LucyVanPelt> Welcome back, Dr!
[21:09] <@DraHosting_> You can do the same.
[21:09] <@DraHosting_> begin
[21:09] <+LucyVanPelt> Do you have a diagnosis for pretty girls??
[21:09] <DrSean_> (relink to the map
[21:09] <@DraHosting_>
[21:09] <@DraHosting_> Nan.
[21:09] <@DraHosting_> Lucy.
[21:10] <@DraHosting_> Rachel.
[21:10] <+LucyVanPelt> Yeah!?
[21:10] <@DraHosting_> You cannot complete this task.
[21:10] == DrSean [42577573@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:10] <@DraHosting_> The rest of you can
[21:10] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v DrSean_] by DraHosting_
[21:10] <+LucyVanPelt> Good grief, Dra!
[21:10] <+LucyVanPelt> This is unfair, unfair I say!
[21:10] * LucyVanPelt yells
[21:10] * PirateCotton shrugs, sits back, and relaxes
[21:10] <+PB_> This is DIRT BALLS!
[21:10] * Tharja rolls eyes
[21:10] * PirateCotton looks at the map again confused
[21:10] * PB_ attempts to finish potion swiftly
[21:11] <+DrSean_> I cant do this
[21:11] <+PB_> CONF: What a patoot.
[21:11] * PirateCotton crumples the map, tosses it behind him, and pulls out a bottle of rum
[21:11] <+LucyVanPelt> CONF: What a BLOCKHEAD.
[21:11] <+AaronBraddock> Yeah no.
[21:11] <+AaronBraddock> This makes my brain hurt. :(
[21:12] <+DrSean_> Im the smart one here
[21:12] * PirateCotton offers some rum to Aaron and motions for him to sit
[21:12] <+Semhar> CONF: I would attempt to complete the challenge since it is my forte and all but ever since my alcoholism and concussion from a recent crash, I think I'll sit this one out
[21:12] <+DrSean_> Can i have some rum?
[21:12] <+LucyVanPelt> Bleh! Rum is gross@!
[21:12] * PirateCotton also offers a sperate bottle to DrSeam=n
[21:12] <+LucyVanPelt> I think Snoopy drinks that stuff.
[21:12] <+PB_> I agree! @Lucy
[21:13] <@DraHosting_> OPAL
[21:13] <+DrSean_> YAY!
[21:13] <+PB_> Me and my candy people DO NOT drink.
[21:13] <@DraHosting_> CONGRATULATIONS
[21:13] * PirateCotton shrugs
[21:13] <+LucyVanPelt> Alright, nice!
[21:13] <+RachelReilly_> (lol what was the word)
[21:13] <+TheRealTDIJustin> #TOMS
[21:13] <+LucyVanPelt> We should go trick-or-treating together, PB!
[21:13] <+PB_> ^-^
[21:13] <+Opal> ...I did?
[21:13] <@DraHosting_> the word was TOMB
[21:13] <+LanaWinters> CONF: As if I'd try in that competition. I'm too focused on serving justice.
[21:13] <+LucyVanPelt> I hear they give away rocks in my neighborhood!
[21:13] <+Opal> Yay I did!
[21:13] <+RachelReilly_> the b not being finished
[21:13] <+RachelReilly_> B
[21:13] <+Ty_> k
[21:13] * Lydia| cheers and hugs Opal
[21:13] <+RachelReilly_> for brendon
[21:13] <+RachelReilly_> :'(
[21:13] * PirateCotton claps in congratulations
[21:13] <+LucyVanPelt> Who's Brendon?
[21:13] <@DraHosting_> Congratulations Opal
[21:13] * Opal hugs Lydia back
[21:13] <@DraHosting_> you are safe from elimination
[21:13] <@DraHosting_> BUT
[21:13] <+Tharja> Conf: I am unfamiliar with these lands. I couldn't complete the challenge.
[21:13] <@DraHosting_> Tonight at elimination
[21:13] <+DrSean_> *hugs Opal*
[21:13] <+Semhar> yass Opal, good job!
[21:13] <@DraHosting_> You CANNOT vote someone out.
[21:13] <+RachelReilly_> someone better than you
[21:13] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Nice job, opal. I guess. huh.
[21:13] <+RachelReilly_> @Lucy
[21:14] <+RachelReilly_> he's my everything (h)
[21:14] * Opal hugs everyone who hugs her
[21:14] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Geography's weird. Reading is easy, though.
[21:14] <+LucyVanPelt> Ha, not likely! @Rachel
[21:14] <+LucyVanPelt> Good job, Opal!
[21:14] <+TheRealTDIJustin> I read like, all the beauty magazines.
[21:14] <+RachelReilly_> Ugh
[21:14] <+RachelReilly_> Opal winning HOH?
[21:14] <+LucyVanPelt> I mean, if I were played, I would have SLUGGED you all!
[21:14] <+RachelReilly_> disgusting
[21:14] <@DraHosting_> Everyone
[21:14] <+RachelReilly_> it's worse than daniele
[21:14] * PirateCotton raises a toast to Opal with a smile
[21:14] <@DraHosting_> please enter the TV Stars house.
[21:14] * DraHosting_ opens the door
[21:14] <@DraHosting_> This game is on.
[21:14] * LucyVanPelt walks in.
[21:14] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Um, okay.
[21:14] <+Ty_> k
[21:14] * Opal enters house
[21:14] * PirateCotton strolls into the house
[21:14] <@DraHosting_> You have until 9:18 until the MVP Vote commences
[21:14] * Tharja stays to the back of the group
[21:14] <+TheRealTDIJustin> At least Total Drama had like, a field and stuff.
[21:14] * LanaWinters enters house and throws cigarette ashes on the ground
[21:14] <+TheRealTDIJustin> How does this represent competition?
[21:15] <+DrSean_> WHO WANTS TO GO FISHING
[21:15] <+TheRealTDIJustin> It's all pampered. I feel like I'm at home where everyone's worshipping me.
[21:15] <+RachelReilly_> JUST PM ME
[21:15] <+LucyVanPelt> MVP vote!?
[21:15] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:15] <+Tharja> This house isn't too bad...
[21:15] <+LucyVanPelt> Like "most important person">
[21:15] <+RachelReilly_> <3
[21:15] <+PB_> CONF: Hm, MAYBE I can do better next time. I just need to work on my potion from now until then. I'll test it out tonight, aha! I hope they're ready to witness the kick butt effects!
[21:15] <+Tharja> Perfect for practicing my spells.
[21:15] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm the prettiest girl here!
[21:15] <+Opal> Thank you all.
[21:15] <+DrSean_> As the hottest male here i would like to
[21:15] <+Opal> I did not expect to do well here tonight.
[21:15] <+LucyVanPelt> The hottest male I know is Peppermint Patty
[21:16] * PirateCotton casts out a fishing line along the cost
[21:16] <+LucyVanPelt> Well, she isn't male...
[21:16] <+LucyVanPelt> but... everyone calls her "sir"
[21:16] <+PirateCotton> *coast
[21:16] <@DraHosting_> Before we continue
[21:16] <@DraHosting_> I have to tell you all something.
[21:16] <+PB_> Oh, I know a Peppermint! @LucyVanPelt
[21:16] <@DraHosting_> If everyone will please take a look at the back wall.
[21:16] * PirateCotton perks up his ears
[21:16] <@DraHosting_> ~ lever is shown pulled to EVIL ~
[21:16] <+PB_> He is my trusty bulter, in fact.
[21:16] * Tharja turns toward back wall
[21:16] * PirateCotton turns to look at the wall
[21:16] <+LucyVanPelt> It was Rachel!!
[21:16] <@DraHosting_> This game's major twist lies in the balance of Good vs Evil.
[21:16] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Lame.
[21:16] <@DraHosting_> Your Executive Producers decided to change the alignment of this house to EVIL.
[21:16] <+DrSean_> Im on Team Good right
[21:16] * Lydia| gasps
[21:16] <@DraHosting_> And thus the victim of our first impressions vote, Nan
[21:16] * Opal looks at wall...
[21:16] <@DraHosting_> Was given access to the first twist of this game.
[21:17] <+PB_> Hopefully Jake hasn't gone ballistic and tried to eat him again.. that'd be such a shame.
[21:17] <+LucyVanPelt> Rachel decided it!
[21:17] <+LucyVanPelt> I tried to convince her otherwise!
[21:17] <+PB_> But at least I now know decorpsinator serum works!!
[21:17] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Lucy, you're like, such a bitch. Why would you not go for evil?
[21:17] <+LucyVanPelt> I thought you wouldn't want me to choose Evil! Good grief!
[21:17] * PirateCotton shrugs in indifference
[21:17] <+Ty_> rofl
[21:17] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Since when do you care about what people want?
[21:17] <+DrSean_> As long as it was fair
[21:18] <+TheRealTDIJustin> I've watched your show, bitch. Don't lie to me
[21:18] <+LucyVanPelt> I want to stay in this game, Justin!
[21:18] <@DraHosting_> Nan is not voted out
[21:18] <@DraHosting_> by the way
[21:18] <@DraHosting_> she's still in
[21:18] <+LucyVanPelt> Show?
[21:18] <+LucyVanPelt> What Show?
[21:18] <+Tharja> I haven't been evil ever since I joined Chrom's Shepards... those were the days. Being able to hex whoever I wanted...
[21:18] <@DraHosting_> I'm going to update the topic
[21:18] <@DraHosting_> but
[21:18] <+LucyVanPelt> Did Linus tell you I was on a show!?
[21:18] <+LucyVanPelt> I was in a Christmas play once, but that's it!
[21:18] <+PB_> I will be back in one moment FRIENDS!
[21:18] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Someone's been secretly recording the kids in your town for the last fifty years. It's been on national television for that long.
[21:18] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Even I know that.
[21:18] * LucyVanPelt looks shocked
[21:18] <@DraHosting_> Because of the alignment of the house
[21:18] <@DraHosting_> the opening twist was changed.
[21:18] <@DraHosting_> NAN has been given the power to PUNISH someone she believes voted her out.
[21:19] * PirateCotton lounges near the bar
[21:19] <@DraHosting_> She has chosen to punish JUSTIN.
[21:19] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Bitch.
[21:19] <@DraHosting_> JUSTIN. You will receive a penalty vote at the first elimination of the game.
[21:19] * TheRealTDIJustin is shirtless
[21:19] <+Ty_> RIP
[21:19] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Alright, whatever.
[21:19] <+NanTheWitch> You're welcome.
[21:19] * PB_ returns
[21:19] <@DraHosting_> now then
[21:19] <+NanTheWitch> You're just like my boyfriend's mother.
[21:19] <+PB_> ...
[21:19] <+PB_> What is this about poisoned tarts and alternate plans..?
[21:19] <+NanTheWitch> A bitch.
[21:19] <@DraHosting_> AMERICA is now going to vote for one of you.
[21:19] <@DraHosting_> This person that is chosen is going to be the MVP of the week
[21:19] <@DraHosting_> they will be immune from elimination.
[21:19] <+LucyVanPelt> Wow, this sure is intense
[21:20] <@DraHosting_> As well, they will be ABLE to vote.
[21:20] <+DrSean_> Is Merica also voting?
[21:20] <+Semhar> CONF: Would you like to hear my poem? Of course you do okay... I wake to the touch of a morning sun, Softly teasing my eyes apart. I feel your arms tighten around Sealing yet another Non existent space... I turn around to face you Feeling blessed for the millionth time. I stare at your sleeping self Murmuring a silent prayer of thanks... At a dark dark time you were sent to me To shed some light on my weakening being. I held on tight
[21:20] <@DraHosting_> VIP cannot vote, the MVP can.
[21:20] <@DraHosting_> AMERICA will now vote.
[21:20] <+PB_> Oh cabbage, I must have missed a lot..
[21:20] <@DraHosting_> That means wiki chat
[21:20] <@DraHosting_> and every user in this game is allowed
[21:20] <@DraHosting_> go!!
[21:20] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!
[21:20] <+Semhar> CONF: I didn't finish before you cut me off... rude *stares angrily, flipping her abnormally large afro*
[21:20] <+LucyVanPelt> What!!!
[21:20] <+LucyVanPelt> America chose HER!?
[21:20] <+LucyVanPelt> Good grief!

[21:21] <+LucyVanPelt> These people are dumber than Charlie Brown!
[21:21] <+Tharja> So America likes bitches... shocking...
[21:21] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[21:21] * PirateCotton claps for Rachel
[21:21] <+Ty_> Wow wtf
[21:21] <+RachelReilly_> THAT'S WHAT I GET WHEN IM A CELEBRITY
[21:21] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:21] * LucyVanPelt rolls her eyes.
[21:21] <+LucyVanPelt> What a joke...
[21:21] <+LucyVanPelt> I can't stand it!
[21:21] <+RachelReilly_> wow
[21:21] <+RachelReilly_> you're just jealous
[21:21] <+RachelReilly_> @Lucy
[21:22] <+LucyVanPelt> Jealous... of you!?
[21:22] <+LucyVanPelt> BAH!
[21:22] <+LucyVanPelt> No way!
[21:22] <+LanaWinters> Good job, Rachel.
[21:22] <@DraHosting_> Alright
[21:22] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL
[21:22] <@DraHosting_> Before we get to elimination
[21:22] <@DraHosting_> You have a choice.
[21:22] * Lydia| gasps
[21:22] <@DraHosting_> Every week the MVP will have the ability to change the alignment of the house.
[21:22] <+Semhar> But that's why you're having a hissy fit, that must be the cause, Lucy.
[21:22] <+DrSean_> ARE WE GETTING A BOKKA
[21:22] * PirateCotton starts cooking up chicken in the kitchen
[21:22] <@DraHosting_> Rachel you have the choice now to change the alignment of the hosue to Good.
[21:22] <@DraHosting_> OR
[21:22] <@DraHosting_> You can keep it EVIL.
[21:22] <@DraHosting_> Please choose an alignment out loud
[21:22] <@DraHosting_> now
[21:22] <+DrSean_> LETS NAME IT ABC
[21:22] <+Ty_> wpw
[21:22] <+RachelReilly_> Hmmm
[21:22] <+RachelReilly_> I'll keep it with my ORIGINAL choice
[21:22] <+Tharja> Shocking...
[21:23] <+LucyVanPelt> Of course!
[21:23] <+RachelReilly_> Evil
[21:23] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[21:23] * Lydia| gasps
[21:23] <+RachelReilly_> It's Big Brother
[21:23] == DraHosting_ changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: Aaron, DrSean, Lana, Lucy, Lydia, Nan, Opal, PB, Cotton, Rachel, Semhar, Tharja, Justin, Ty, Vermin | ALIGNMENT: EVIL
[21:23] <+LucyVanPelt> >:O
[21:23] <+RachelReilly_> you floaters dont know how to paly
[21:23] <@DraHosting_> The house is now evil.
[21:23] <+LucyVanPelt> What's a floater!?
[21:23] <@DraHosting_> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~
[21:23] * PirateCotton throws some spices on the chicken and smells it
[21:23] <+LucyVanPelt> I can swim just fine!!
[21:23] * LucyVanPelt fumes
[21:23] <+LanaWinters> CONF: It's time for the inmates to run things. No longer am I going to bite my tongue -- Sister Jude isn't here, so what's stopping me from being goddamn plucky?
[21:23] <+RachelReilly_> a floater is you
[21:23] <+RachelReilly_> @Lucy
[21:23] <+DrSean_> *evil laugh*
[21:23] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities you have until 9:30 to send in your votes to eliminate.
[21:23] <@DraHosting_> OPAL cannot vote tonight, she is the VIP
[21:23] <@DraHosting_> Rachel is MVP, she is immune but CAN vote.
[21:23] <+Semhar> paly isn't a word either @Rachel
[21:23] <+Lydia|> I learned how to swim last summer to impress a GUY.
[21:23] <@DraHosting_> JUSTIN has a penalty vote against him.
[21:23] <@DraHosting_> This game is just now starting and it can only get more intense.
[21:23] <+Tharja> I wonder how this vote will go...
[21:23] <+AaronBraddock> Everyone vote that douche Justin.
[21:23] <+Ty_> y?
[21:24] <+AaronBraddock> Trying to act like he's hot...
[21:24] <+LucyVanPelt> Aaron, you're such a blockhead!
[21:24] <+AaronBraddock> Nah.
[21:24] <+AaronBraddock> My head is finely in tune with my glutes.
[21:24] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Dude, stop. We need each other for drama.
[21:25] * LanaWinters smokes cigarette and blows it in Justin's face
[21:25] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Audiences love watching beautiful men fight
[21:25] <+TheRealTDIJustin> like The Bachelorette
[21:25] * LanaWinters scribbles on notepad CANNOT BE TRUSTED.
[21:25] <+LucyVanPelt> Hey, Lana, want to kick this football!?
[21:25] * LucyVanPelt sets a football
[21:25] <+LucyVanPelt> Come on, give it a shot!
[21:25] <+LanaWinters> I'm not much of the sporty type.
[21:25] <+LanaWinters> I don't give a shit how many pills you're doped up with.
[21:25] <+LucyVanPelt> Come on, pleaseeeee!
[21:25] <+LucyVanPelt> Huh?
[21:25] * Tharja uses magic to keep the football squarely on the ground
[21:25] <+LucyVanPelt> What's that supposed to mean!?
[21:25] <+LanaWinters> No more death.
[21:25] <+LanaWinters> No more.
[21:26] <+LanaWinters> Lucy, it's clear that all you want is to shut this place down.
[21:26] * LanaWinters flicks cigarette
[21:26] * PB_ walks in room holding potion
[21:26] <+LucyVanPelt> Shut it down?
[21:26] <+LanaWinters> But that's my job.
[21:26] <+LanaWinters> And you better step. Off.
[21:26] <+LucyVanPelt> You sound as depressed as Charlie Brown!
[21:26] <+LucyVanPelt> You need therapy, Lana!
[21:26] <+LanaWinters> I've had therapy.
[21:26] <+PB_> ♫♫♫ La di da! ♫♫♫
[21:26] * PirateCotton tries to cook in peace over in the kitchen, now marinating his chicken
[21:26] <+LucyVanPelt> Did it work!? I bet not, because it wasn't me!
[21:26] <@DraHosting_> I need votes FROM:
[21:26] <@DraHosting_> Lucy
[21:26] <@DraHosting_> Justin
[21:26] <@DraHosting_> Semhar
[21:27] <+LucyVanPelt> I give great therapy! And it only cost a quarter!
[21:27] <+LucyVanPelt> I DID vote!
[21:27] <+LanaWinters> - images of shock aversion therapy runs through head -
[21:27] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:27] * LucyVanPelt shrugs
[21:27] <+LucyVanPelt> Fine.
[21:27] <+PB_> Everyone, WATCH OUT and don't touch this potion. It's a paralyzing potion. It'll paralyze you forever. Heeheeheee!
[21:27] <+LucyVanPelt> Hey, PB, what about you!
[21:27] <+LucyVanPelt> Want to kick the footbalL!?
[21:28] * LucyVanPelt smiles really big
[21:28] <+Tharja> Is that really all you can do? You spent all day on that potion, and all it does is paralyze? Pathetic.
[21:28] <+PB_> Hm, kick what football?
[21:28] <@DraHosting_> The votes are in.
[21:28] <+Ty_> k
[21:28] <+LanaWinters> Little girl, why are you playing football? Do you not have a father?
[21:28] <+LanaWinters> Trust me, I know what that's like.
[21:28] <+PB_> HEY!! DON'T INSULT MY WORK! >:( @Tharja
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Lydia
[21:28] <+LucyVanPelt> Of course I have a father!
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Rachel
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Cotton
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Lucy
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to DrSean
[21:28] <+LanaWinters> CONF: I don't need anymore enemies. If I'm going to bring this place down, I need to make sure everyone is on my side. United we stand tall.
[21:28] <+LucyVanPelt> Yay!
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Nan
[21:28] <+PB_> I am working on a super strength!! potion.
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Lana
[21:28] <+DrSean_> YES
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Vermin
[21:28] * TheRealTDIJustin rolls eyes
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Ty
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Semhar
[21:28] <+Ty_> k
[21:28] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to PrincessBubblegum
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> Justin.
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> Tharja.
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> Aaron.
[21:29] <+NanTheWitch> Oh I got a renewal.
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> All three of you got votes tonight.
[21:29] <+Tharja> How shocking.
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> And now...
[21:29] * LanaWinters smirks and puts out cigarette
[21:29] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:29] <+AaronBraddock> :|
[21:29] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[21:29] <+VerminSupreme> VERMIN2016 I PROMISE TO NOT VOTE FOR YOU!
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> By a vote of 9 - 5 - 1.....
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <+RachelReilly_> sorry aaron
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <+PB_> Thank you, Drah! ^_^
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> x
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> Aaron.
[21:29] <+LucyVanPelt> Sorry! Well, not really!
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> You are SAFE.
[21:29] * LucyVanPelt laughs
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> JUSTIN.
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been cancelled.
[21:29] <+AaronBraddock> BITCH
[21:29] <+AaronBraddock> SUCK MY DICK RACHEL
[21:29] <+Ty_> wtf y
[21:29] <@DraHosting_> Please exit on the left and PM me back on main.
[21:29] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:29] <+AaronBraddock> *pelvic thrusts*
[21:29] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:29] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:29] <+Opal> oh...
[21:29] <+RachelReilly_> WHAT?
[21:29] <+Tharja> Next time, try and get a brain,
[21:29] * Lydia| gasps hysterically
[21:30] <+RachelReilly_> I AM THE QUEEN OF BIG BROTHER
[21:30] <+Tharja> Idiot.
[21:30] <+RachelReilly_> HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?
[21:30] <+TheRealTDIJustin> I mean I still get money and like fame from this.
[21:30] <+TheRealTDIJustin> So, y'know.
[21:30] <+TheRealTDIJustin> Not that big of a deal.
[21:30] <+AaronBraddock> YEAH WELL I'M THE KING
[21:30] <+TheRealTDIJustin> peace ladies
[21:30] <+RachelReilly_> (curse the internet for having no rachel reilly crying gifs)
[21:30] <+AaronBraddock> *pelvic thrusts again*
[21:30] * TheRealTDIJustin is shirtless again
[21:30] <+Opal> goodbye, justin.
[21:30] * TheRealTDIJustin exits
[21:30] <+Opal> (I don't want to be his)
[21:30] <+LucyVanPelt> Wow, he's hunky!
[21:30] <+LanaWinters> CONF: Rachel's reaction has convinced me that she didn't vote with us. The large was largely unanimous, but SIX people voting a different way shows that we are not as united as I originally thought. We can't take down Dra just yet. I need proof, but I also need a team.
[21:30] <+LanaWinters> the vote * was largely unan
[21:30] <+LucyVanPelt> Unlike my brother Linus, who Sally seems to think is the most attractive human being on the planet!
[21:30] <+LucyVanPelt> What BLOCKHEADS.
[21:30] <+Tharja> (Who got 5 votes, who got 1?)
[21:30] <+RachelReilly_> Hey Lana
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> If you have something to say
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> SAY IT TO MY FACE
[21:31] * PirateCotton shrugs
[21:31] <+PB_> CONF: Hm. I should have brought my lab rat Science here to make Dra a few potions for the reward he has given to me. I would myself but I have too much work as it is. </3
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> NOT IN THE DIARY ROOM
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> YOU POSEUR
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> I CAN HEAR YOU
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> I HEARD YOU MAKIN' OUT
[21:31] <+LucyVanPelt> A fight!? Wow, a real fight!
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> I HEARD IT
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> >:(
[21:31] <@DraHosting_> ~~ END OF EPISODE ~~
[21:31] <@DraHosting_> ~~ WEEK 2 ~~
[21:31] <@DraHosting_> You have a while to talk
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> I AM NO FOLLOWER
[21:31] * Ty_ texts
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> THERE WERE ONLY TWO NOMINEES
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> HOW DID THREE PEOPLE GET VOTES?
[21:31] <+RachelReilly_> WHY IS THIS GAME RIGGED?
[21:31] <+PB_> Greetings from Candy Kingdom!!
[21:31] <+LucyVanPelt> Rachel, you've lost your mind!
[21:31] <+Opal> Don't look at me @rachel
[21:32] <+Opal> I couldn't vote
[21:32] <+AaronBraddock> Rachel.... you coulda had me.
[21:32] * PirateCotton takes his chicken out of the oven and rings a bell for others to come have some
[21:32] <+AaronBraddock> You still can. ;)
[21:32] * PirateCotton begins carving the chicken
[21:32] <+DrSean_> WHY IS JUSTIN GONE
[21:32] <+Lydia|> (Going to quit and come back because this is lagging hardcore)
[21:32] <+Tharja> Conf: Of course I got votes. People can't handle those superior to them.
[21:32] * RachelReilly_ looks aaron up and down
[21:32] * LanaWinters glances
[21:32] == Lydia| [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:32] * LanaWinters walks around corner
[21:32] <+NanTheWitch> CONF: I feel like my concilium and clairvoyance will be very useful in this game. Rachel doesn't allow witchcraft though.
[21:32] * LanaWinters pulls out walkie talkie from inside vagina
[21:32] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:32] <+LucyVanPelt> Who wants to kick my FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!
[21:32] * LanaWinters throws coat hanger to side
[21:32] <+RachelReilly_> (s/o to aaron for the gif)
[21:32] <+Semhar> CONF: I feel a lot more secure when I'm hidden away alone with my own thoughts, which is why I reverted to poetry and alcoholism.
[21:32] <+LanaWinters> - in walkie talkie - Can you hear me?
[21:32] <+LanaWinters> - in walkie talkie - I need a favor. A big one.
[21:32] == Lydia| [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[21:33] * PirateCotton places slices of chicken on individual plates for others to enjoy
[21:33] <+PB_> Is anyone here familiar with Zanoits?
[21:33] <+DrSean_> WHEN DO WE GET A BOOKI
[21:33] <+LanaWinters> Zanoits sounds like a drug.
[21:33] * RachelReilly_ runs to storage room
[21:33] <+DrSean_> *twerks*
[21:33] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:33] * RachelReilly_ sobs uncontrollably
[21:33] * PirateCotton cleans the pan he used to cook the chicken
[21:33] <+Semhar> are you high on it Lana?
[21:33] <+LanaWinters> Rachel, if you're just going to yell out URLs the entire game, you might as well leave now.
[21:33] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm bored! There's nothing to do here!
[21:33] <+DrSean_> OK
[21:33] <+Tharja> Conf: Time for an experiment. It's amazing how with a little witchcraft, you can change anything! Even your bust size!
[21:33] * LucyVanPelt starts poking Tharja
[21:33] <+LanaWinters> I'm done with drugs. No more. @Semhar
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_> Wow
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_> YOU KNOW WHAT
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_> LANA
[21:34] * Tharja uses a spell to increase her chest size to DD
[21:34] <+DrSean_> So rhere are no allinces right?
[21:34] <Lydia|> I think a friend of mine at school once took Zanoits.
[21:34] * PB_ takes a seat and lets out a sigh of disappointment
[21:34] <+LanaWinters> Nobody?
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_> MY NAME IS RACHEL REILLY
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_> I
[21:34] <+PB_> I guess not :/
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_> AM
[21:34] <+LanaWinters> Have you not read my articles?
[21:34] <Lydia|> She had to go to the hospital.
[21:34] <+Tharja> Conf: Now to see how these foolish guys react...
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_> VEGAS
[21:34] <+LucyVanPelt> When do we get breakfast!?
[21:34] <Lydia|> Or was that Xanax?
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_> NOW SHUT UP YOU TWO FACED HAG!!
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:34] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm STARVING!
[21:34] <+Tharja> Could you not poke me, brat? @Lucy
[21:34] <+LucyVanPelt> I already ate all of my Halloween candy, now I need more food!
[21:34] <+LanaWinters> CONF: Rachel calling me a nobody really hurt. All I want... is to be rich and famous. Is that too much to ask for?
[21:34] <+LucyVanPelt> Brat!? You're a blockhead!
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_> yes
[21:34] <+LucyVanPelt> @Tharja
[21:34] * PirateCotton rings the dinner bell again welcoming others to the chicken as he sits down and begins to dig into a chicken leg
[21:34] <+RachelReilly_> because i am rich and famous
[21:34] <@DraHosting_> ~ setting up the VIP challenge ~
[21:34] <+LucyVanPelt> And I know you don't have any "magic powers"
[21:35] <+RachelReilly_> AND YOU'RE JUST A BULLY
[21:35] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:35] <+LucyVanPelt> (CONF): Rachel is so loud!!! How can people stand a girl being so loud and aggressive!? *sees a bug and kills it*
[21:35] <+Tharja> Oh really? No magic powers?
[21:35] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v Lydia|] by DraHosting_
[21:35] == mode/#TVStars2 [-v TheRealTDIJustin] by DraHosting_
[21:35] * Tharja blasts a nearby cockroach to dust
[21:36] <+DrSean_> Did i lose a lot of pounds yet?
[21:36] * LucyVanPelt looks frightened
[21:36] * VerminSupreme hands out free Vermin2016 posters
[21:36] <+LucyVanPelt> That was clearly special effects!
[21:36] * PirateCotton dabs his lips gently with a napkin as he leaves the now clean chicken bone on the plate
[21:36] <+RachelReilly_> (DE): Lana is such a brat. I am BB royalty and everyone is bullying me! I wish Brendon was here, but that *inaudible* Daniele evicted him... twice!!
[21:36] <+Opal> Tharja, is it?
[21:36] <@DraHosting_> also if someone will help with the topic
[21:36] <@DraHosting_> thanks
[21:36] == TheRealTDIJustin has changed nick to justinlelelelele
[21:36] <+LanaWinters> That's not my job.
[21:36] <+LanaWinters> It's yours, Dra.
[21:36] == NanTheWitch changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: Aaron, DrSean, Lana, Lucy, Lydia, Nan, Opal, PB, Cotton, Rachel, Semhar, Tharja, Ty, Vermin | ALIGNMENT: EVIL
[21:36] <+Opal> It's nice to see a witch for the first time. I thought that was a story.
[21:36] <+LanaWinters> If you're going to sit here and mistreat us, at least do it RIGHT.
[21:36] <+Opal> (wait nvm)
[21:36] * Tharja blasts Lucy, changing her hair color to bright pink
[21:36] * PirateCotton puts the leftovers into the fridge and cleans up any mess he made in the kitchen
[21:36] <+Tharja> Still special effects, bitch?
[21:36] <+Opal> (who's thw witch?)
[21:37] <+LucyVanPelt> ...
[21:37] <+LucyVanPelt> MY HAIR!?
[21:37] <+AaronBraddock> (CONF): There's only room for ONE hot guy in this house. And that's ME! Now I just need to get out those little girls... Can't tap that, that's for sure. :/
[21:37] <+NanTheWitch> My name is Nan. The witch.
[21:37] <+LucyVanPelt> I'LL SLUG YOU!
[21:37] <+DrSean_> ARE YOU ALL IN AN ALLINCE?
[21:37] <+Tharja> (I'm a mage, nan's a witch)
[21:37] * LucyVanPelt runs at Tharja
[21:37] * PirateCotton smiles proudly and goes back to the bar
[21:37] <+DrSean_> Im the new allince cop
[21:37] * Tharja fixes Lucy's hair
[21:37] * LucyVanPelt begins punching her
[21:37] <+NanTheWitch> I am part of a coven in New Orleans.
[21:37] <+PB_> CONF: This boy has been asking for my age, he must have been a little surprised when I revealed I'm ACTUALLY 828! *giggles*
[21:37] <+LucyVanPelt> Oh, thanks!!
[21:37] <+LucyVanPelt> Hmph!
[21:37] <+Opal> Anyway, a mage and a witch?
[21:37] * LucyVanPelt pats her hair and walks away.
[21:37] * Tharja rolls eyes
[21:37] * RachelReilly_ fixes her make-up
[21:37] <+Opal> I thought they were Earth stories
[21:37] <+DrSean_> *watches /Rachel*
[21:37] <+Tharja> Conf: Gods, these people are so dense they don't recognize a mage.
[21:38] * LanaWinters scribbles on notebook
[21:38] <+PB_> CONF: *pops up behind Tharja* I know a thing or two about density!
[21:38] * RachelReilly_ looks into mirror
[21:38] <+RachelReilly_> You are Rachel Reilly
[21:38] * RachelReilly_ sniffs
[21:38] <+Opal> But anyway, you're not the only one with secret powers.
[21:38] <+RachelReilly_> You are BB Royalty
[21:38] * RachelReilly_ sniffs again
[21:38] * PirateCotton takes a sip of some rum at the bar, appreciating the texture of it.
[21:38] <@DraHosting_> ALRIGHT
[21:38] <+Tharja> Gyah! How the hell can you teleport? Even I can barely do that!
[21:38] <@DraHosting_> CELEBRITIES, COME ON IN!
[21:38] <+RachelReilly_> And you are going to kill this HOH competition just like you killed that one in BB13!
[21:39] * RachelReilly_ walsk to HOH challenge
[21:39] * Opal comes in
[21:39] <+DrSean_> Dont look at your shoes Dra
[21:39] <+Semhar> *walks in, her head focused solely on her notepad as she writes*
[21:39] * PirateCotton strolls in a bit buzzed
[21:39] <@DraHosting_> Now then
[21:39] <@DraHosting_> let me explain how this is going to work
[21:39] * LanaWinters walks in, mad-dogging Dra
[21:39] <@DraHosting_> The outgoing VIP, Opal, cannot win this challenge.
[21:39] <+LucyVanPelt> I'm ready for this!
[21:39] * PB_ walks in with super strength potion
[21:39] <+LucyVanPelt> Let's go!!
[21:39] <+PB_> MWAHAHAHAH!
[21:39] <@DraHosting_> All outgoing VIPs are ineligible for the next VIP in the game.
[21:39] <+PB_> IT IS DONE!!!
[21:39] <@DraHosting_> Opal can win the next one if she survives the week.
[21:39] <+Opal> so I can't compete?
[21:39] <@DraHosting_> I hope you use it to win!
[21:39] <+LucyVanPelt> But will she survive!?
[21:39] <+LucyVanPelt> Ha!
[21:39] <@DraHosting_> nope @Opal
[21:39] * RachelReilly_ stretches
[21:39] <@DraHosting_> Now then
[21:40] <+Opal> well...
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> Each VIP Challenge has several tasks.
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> The first is the FAME TASK
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> Which is speed or strategy.
[21:40] <+Opal> I guess I'll just sit by the sidelines.
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> The second is GOSSIP, which is trivia.
[21:40] * Opal goes to nearby bench
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> The third is STAR, which is a puzzle.
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> The fourth is the final VIP Task, which is very very easy.
[21:40] <+PB_> Time to drink this here baby!
[21:40] <+DrSean_> NOT STRATEGY
[21:40] * PB_ drinks
[21:40] * PB_ coughs
[21:40] <+Semhar> Interesting...
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> After you complete the Fame Task, you will PM me
[21:40] * PB_ chokes
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> and you will get a link to another room.
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> In the TOPIC, you will see your next task.
[21:40] <+DrSean_> STRAREGY SUCKS
[21:40] <+PB_> Oh my god.. *coughs*
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> Complete it in PM and then you will get another link to a room.
[21:40] <@DraHosting_> This may sound confusing but it's very easy in practice.
[21:41] <@DraHosting_> NOW there are a lot of people here
[21:41] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:41] <@DraHosting_> cut me some slack if you are not given your room link immediately
[21:41] <@DraHosting_> because chances are
[21:41] <@DraHosting_> neither is anyone else.
[21:41] <@DraHosting_> ALRIGHT
[21:41] <+RachelReilly_> excuses to rig
[21:41] <+RachelReilly_> I like it
[21:41] <@DraHosting_> Last week, Rachel kept the house alignment on EVIL.
[21:41] <+VerminSupreme> ^
[21:41] <+RachelReilly_> Grodner and I are bffs :]
[21:41] * LanaWinters smirks
[21:41] <@DraHosting_> Not only will the good vs evil twist affect your twists in the game
[21:41] <+PB_> I must have switched out the tart serum with some of that explosive diarrhea! One drop too many... :(
[21:41] * PirateCotton looks a bit tired as he leans on a chair
[21:41] <@DraHosting_> But they will also affect your challenges.
[21:41] <+LanaWinters> CONF: Dra has already given us a reason to rig this game. This is reason enough to bring this place down -- but I'll bite my tongue.
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> This is an EVIL challenge, so your FAME TASK will be MUCH harder than normal.
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> Let's begin.
[21:42] * Lydia| gasps
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> This challenge is called: The Tokyo Imperial Palace
[21:42] <+LanaWinters> CONF: The further I can prove this game is unfair, the further I am to putting Dra in jail.
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> pull that up on wikipedia
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> you'll need it.
[21:42] <+Semhar> CONF: Rigging is unjustified, unless it benefits someone like me ofc
[21:42] <+RachelReilly_> I'm a comp beast
[21:42] <+DrSean_> *glares*
[21:42] <+RachelReilly_> i got this
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> FOR THIS FAME TASK:
[21:42] <+RachelReilly_> : D
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> You will need to get into the palace, but there are guards looking out for oyu.,
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> you*
[21:42] <+PB_> CONF: THIS is what happens when you forget one of your most important instructional booklets here! :/
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> You must post:
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> *Races to palace*
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> *climbs gates* 3 times
[21:42] == LucyVanPelt179 [] has joined #TVStars2
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> *sneakily searches the grounds for a key*
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> *Digs for key* 3 times
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> *Explores* 3 times
[21:42] <+Ty_> lol no
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> *Approaches throne room*
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> *Sneaks through Throne Room Door*
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> and finally
[21:42] <@DraHosting_> *Knocks out the guards*
[21:43] <@DraHosting_> PM me when you have finished.
[21:43] <+PB_> Oh my.. this is reminding me of Lich King!
[21:43] <@DraHosting_> CELEBRITIES READY?
[21:43] <@DraHosting_> 3
[21:43] <@DraHosting_> 2
[21:43] <@DraHosting_> 1
[21:43] <@DraHosting_> GO
[21:43] <+LanaWinters> *Races to palace*
[21:43] <+NanTheWitch> *races to palace*
[21:43] <LucyVanPelt179> gtg!@
[21:43] <LucyVanPelt179> bye!
[21:43] <+VerminSupreme> Do you think we are james Bond?
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *races to palace*
[21:43] <LucyVanPelt179> orry :(
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *races to palace*
[21:43] <LucyVanPelt179> #LucyForSC
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *climbs gates*
[21:43] == LucyVanPelt179 [] has quit [Client Quit]
[21:43] <+Tharja> *races to palace*
[21:43] <+VerminSupreme> *races to palce*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+DrSean_> Races to palace*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+PB_> Oh..
[21:43] <+LanaWinters> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+LanaWinters> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+NanTheWitch> *climbs gaye*
[21:43] <+LanaWinters> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+Tharja> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *sneakily searches the grounds for a key*
[21:43] <+VerminSupreme> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+Tharja> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+VerminSupreme> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+Tharja> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+VerminSupreme> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+NanTheWitch> *climbs gate*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *digs for a key*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *sneakily searches the grounds for a key*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *digs for a key*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *digs for a key*
[21:43] <@DraHosting_> we're going to erase lucy from history and say rachel was the only one
[21:43] <+NanTheWitch> *climbs gate*
[21:43] * Ty_ texts
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *digs for key*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *digs for key*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *digs for key*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *explores*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *explores*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *explores*
[21:43] <+NanTheWitch> *climbs gate*
[21:43] <+Semhar> *Races to palace*
[21:43] <+VerminSupreme> *explores*
[21:43] <+PirateCotton> *strolls to palace haphazardly*
[21:43] <+Tharja> *sneakily searches the grounds for a key*
[21:43] <+VerminSupreme> *explores*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *explores*
[21:43] <+VerminSupreme> *explores*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *explores*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *explores*
[21:43] <+RachelReilly_> *Races to palace*
[21:43] <+DrSean_> climbs gates*
[21:43] <+LanaWinters> I'm already out of breath.
[21:43] <+Tharja> *digs for a key*
[21:43] <+Semhar> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+Tharja> *digs for a key*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *approaches throne room*
[21:43] <+Semhar> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+Tharja> *digs for a key*
[21:43] <+Semhar> *climbs gates*
[21:43] <+DrSean_> climbs gates*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *approaches throne room*
[21:43] <+RachelReilly_> *climbs gate*
[21:43] <+DrSean_> climbs gates*
[21:43] <+VerminSupreme> *approaches throne room*
[21:43] <+Tharja> *explores*
[21:43] <+RachelReilly_> *climbs gate*
[21:43] <+Tharja> *explores*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *sneaks through throne room door*
[21:43] <+Tharja> *explores*
[21:43] <+NanTheWitch> *explores*
[21:43] * LanaWinters sits down on ground, and watches others race
[21:43] <+RachelReilly_> *climbs gate*
[21:43] <+Semhar> *sneakily searches the grounds for a key*
[21:43] <+NanTheWitch> *explores*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *sneaks through throne room door*
[21:43] <+AaronBraddock> *knocks out guards*
[21:43] <+PB_> WHAT THE CABBAGE?
[21:43] * LanaWinters looks around
[21:43] <+PirateCotton> *drukenly climbs gate*
[21:43] <+NanTheWitch> *explores*
[21:43] <+NanTheWitch> *explores*
[21:43] <+Lydia|> *knocks out the guards*
[21:43] <+Semhar> *Digs for key*
[21:43] <+RachelReilly_> *sneakily searches the grounds for a key*
[21:43] <+Semhar> *Digs for key*
[21:43] <+PB_> Wouldn't it be cancelled!?
[21:43] <+Semhar> *Digs for key*
[21:43] <+VerminSupreme> *sneaks through throne room door*
[21:43] <+Tharja> *approaches throne room*
[21:44] <+DrSean_> *sneakily searches the grounds for a key*
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *digs for key* x3 *explores* x3 *Approaches throne room* *Sneaks through Throne Room Door* *knocks out the gaurds*
[21:44] <+Semhar> *Explores*
[21:44] <+Tharja> *sneaks through throne room door*
[21:44] <+Semhar> *Explores*
[21:44] <+Semhar> *Explores*
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *digs for key*
[21:44] <+Tharja> *knocks out the guards*
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *digs for key*
[21:44] <+PirateCotton> *drunkenly climbs gate*
[21:44] <+VerminSupreme> wait
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *disg for key*
[21:44] <+VerminSupreme> i did this ewrong
[21:44] <+Semhar> *Approaches throne room*
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> x3 *explores*
[21:44] <+NanTheWitch> *approaches throne room*
[21:44] <+DrSean_> *Digs for key
[21:44] <+DrSean_> *Digs for key
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *explores*
[21:44] <+PirateCotton> *drunkenly climbs gate*
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *explores*
[21:44] <+DrSean_> *Digs for key
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *explores*
[21:44] <+Semhar> *Sneaks through Throne Room Door*
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> x3 *Approaches throne room*
[21:44] <+NanTheWitch> *sneak though throne room door*
[21:44] <+DrSean_> Explores*
[21:44] <+DrSean_> Explores*
[21:44] <+VerminSupreme> *
[21:44] == LucyVanPelt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *approaches throne room*
[21:44] <+Semhar> *Knocks out the guards*
[21:44] <+DrSean_> Explores*
[21:44] <+VerminSupreme> digs for keys
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *approaches throne room*
[21:44] <+VerminSupreme> digs for keys
[21:44] <+VerminSupreme> digs for keys
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *approaches throne room*
[21:44] <+DrSean_> *Approaches throne room*\
[21:44] <+VerminSupreme> *explores*
[21:44] <+VerminSupreme> *explores*
[21:44] <+VerminSupreme> *explores*
[21:44] <+NanTheWitch> *approaches throne room*
[21:44] <+PirateCotton> *loudly searches for key*
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *Sneaks through Throne Room Door*
[21:44] <+RachelReilly_> *knocks out the gaurds*
[21:44] <+NanTheWitch> *approaches throne room*
[21:44] <+DrSean_> *Sneaks through Throne Room Door*
[21:44] <+NanTheWitch> *approaches throne room*
[21:44] <+VerminSupreme> GODDAMIT
[21:44] <+NanTheWitch> *sneaks through throne room door*
[21:44] * LanaWinters approaches VIP section of house while everyone is doing the challenge
[21:45] * LanaWinters gasps at what I find
[21:45] * LanaWinters smirks
[21:45] <+NanTheWitch> *knocks out gaurd*
[21:45] <+DrSean_> *Knocks out the guards*
[21:45] <+PirateCotton> *digs for key*
[21:45] <+LanaWinters> CONF: Dra has no idea what I'm capable of.
[21:45] <+VerminSupreme> digs for keys
[21:45] <+VerminSupreme> digs for keys
[21:45] <+PirateCotton> *digs for key*
[21:45] <+VerminSupreme> digs for keys
[21:45] <+VerminSupreme> *explores*
[21:45] <+VerminSupreme> *explores*
[21:45] <+VerminSupreme> *explores*
[21:45] <+PirateCotton> *digs for key*
[21:45] * LanaWinters puts tape in purse and walks out as if nothing happened
[21:45] <+NanTheWitch> *digs for key*
[21:45] <+NanTheWitch> *digs for key*
[21:45] <+VerminSupreme> *approaches throne room*
[21:45] <+NanTheWitch> *digs for key*
[21:45] <+LanaWinters> CONF: This. This is what I needed to bring this institution down.
[21:45] <+PirateCotton> *stumbles*
[21:45] <+VerminSupreme> *knocks out the guard
[21:45] <+PirateCotton> *stumbles*
[21:45] <+PirateCotton> *stumbles*
[21:46] <+PirateCotton> *drags his sword on the way to the throne room*
[21:46] <+PirateCotton> *smashes his way through throne room door*
[21:46] * LanaWinters walks back in house
[21:46] * LanaWinters puts DVD in house TV
[21:46] * LanaWinters watches, in horror
[21:46] * LanaWinters pulls out walkie talkie
[21:46] <+PirateCotton> *taps on door with sword*
[21:46] <+LanaWinters> - in walkie talkie - I have an idea.
[21:46] * PB_ sips tea
[21:46] <+PB_> I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the show. ^_^
[21:47] <+LanaWinters> - in walkie talkie - Yes, I have proof.
[21:47] <@DraHosting_> Aaron, Semhar, and Lydia are on their way to fame in this first VIP challenge.
[21:47] <+LanaWinters> - in walkie talkie - Make sure the cameras are coming.
[21:47] * PB_ continues drinking tea
[21:47] <@DraHosting_> LYDIA
[21:47] <@DraHosting_> CONGRATULATIONS
[21:48] <+Lydia|> WHAAAAAAT?
[21:48] <+Tharja> Conf: It seems these challenges are difficult without magic... how frustrating.
[21:48] * PirateCotton returns to the bar and sits down
[21:48] * LanaWinters hears Dra announcing the winner
[21:48] * Lydia| dances obnoxiously
[21:48] <+NanTheWitch> CONF: My powers were of now use.
[21:48] * LanaWinters runs to TV
[21:48] * PB_ turns towards camera
[21:48] * Opal embraces Lydia
[21:48] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:48] * LanaWinters gets DVD out, and runs outside
[21:48] <+LanaWinters> Good job, Lydia.
[21:48] <+LanaWinters> That was... er, a very hard competition,
[21:48] <+RachelReilly_> Wait
[21:48] <+RachelReilly_> Lucy quit?
[21:48] <+PB_> *stomach grumbles*
[21:48] <+LanaWinters> Yes.
[21:48] <@DraHosting_> what did you just do ?
[21:48] <+RachelReilly_> Good, that brat was just a floater
[21:48] <@DraHosting_> @Lana
[21:48] <+LanaWinters> She couldn't handle the pressure of an asylum.
[21:49] <+AaronBraddock> RIGGED.
[21:49] <+RachelReilly_> would've RUINED the game
[21:49] <+LanaWinters> Nothing? I was participating in the competition like everyone else.
[21:49] <+LanaWinters> @Dra
[21:49] <+AaronBraddock> I won that fucking crap.
[21:49] <+AaronBraddock> Bull SHIT.
[21:49] <+PB_> I should not have drunk that much tea!
[21:49] <+LanaWinters> I suggest you worry about your little game show.
[21:49] <@DraHosting_> o....k....a.y...
[21:49] <+Tharja> She was too young for this game.
[21:49] * PB_ speeds off towards the bathroom
[21:49] <@DraHosting_> MVP at 9:52
[21:49] <+DrSean_> Rhat was hard
[21:49] <+RachelReilly_> can i win again? :]
[21:49] <+RachelReilly_> @Dra
[21:49] <@DraHosting_> yes
[21:50] <+RachelReilly_> omg yas <3
[21:50] * PirateCotton stumbles over to the wall and hits his head into it to partially punish himself for losing. Then he returns to the kitchen.
[21:50] <+AaronBraddock> YO AMERICA
[21:50] <+AaronBraddock> VOTE FOR ME
[21:50] <+AaronBraddock> I GOT SEXY ABS AND A BIG DICK
[21:50] <+RachelReilly_> No one cares
[21:50] <+RachelReilly_> I'm a celebrity
[21:50] <+AaronBraddock> *waves at the microwave thinking it's a camera*
[21:50] <+RachelReilly_> I don't need HOH if America loves me!! ^_^
[21:50] <+AaronBraddock> Rachel if you weren't such a bitch, those tits would mean something.
[21:50] <+Tharja> There are no ladies that love you. Sorry to burst your bubble, dipshit.
[21:50] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:50] * PB_ returns from bathroom
[21:50] <+Ty_> lol k
[21:50] <+PB_> I am back- oh
[21:50] * PirateCotton takes out his sword and uses it like a kitchen knife to chop carrots
[21:50] <+Semhar> CONF: I was so close... the alcohol, it's messing with my head which is why I couldn't complete the sequence!

[21:51] <+RachelReilly_> Aaron if you weren't such a tool maybe someone would want to play with you
[21:51] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[21:51] * Tharja floats in the air, meditating
[21:51] <+PB_> :D
[21:51] <+Semhar> Unless Aaron likes giant afro for lunch, I could have a piece of him *smiles and winks*
[21:51] <+AaronBraddock> Oh baby. ;)
[21:52] <@DraHosting_> Alright
[21:52] <@DraHosting_> America will now vote for an MVP.
[21:52] * PirateCotton starts peeling a head of cabbage and tosses it into a bowl with the carrots
[21:53] <+Tharja> Conf: I doubt I'll win a vote... America's too stupid to see a real winner.
[21:53] <+Opal> America's pretty prejudiced, too
[21:53] <+RachelReilly_> Wow
[21:53] <+Ty_> Conf: these b!tches r 0/10 cast again
[21:53] <+RachelReilly_> this is so unfair
[21:53] <+RachelReilly_> this MVP should be MINE
[21:53] <+RachelReilly_> but no, we have to let the floaters have a turn
[21:54] <+RachelReilly_> #JusticeForRachel
[21:54] <@DraHosting_> PIRATECOTTON
[21:54] <@DraHosting_> CONGRATULATIONS
[21:54] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:54] * PirateCotton perks up
[21:54] <+RachelReilly_> Join #JusticeForRachel
[21:54] <+RachelReilly_> and we'll take over this house
[21:54] <+RachelReilly_> !!!!!
[21:54] <+Lydia|> Who's that?
[21:54] <+NanTheWitch> My powers have failed again.
[21:54] * PirateCotton raises a toast to America in appreciation
[21:54] <+DrSean_> Who>?
[21:54] <+Tharja> America voted for a pirate... well, I suppose it could be worse. Aaron could've won.
[21:54] <+RachelReilly_> Wow
[21:54] <+RachelReilly_> some floater gets MVP?
[21:54] <+RachelReilly_> Lame
[21:54] <@DraHosting_> PirateCotton
[21:54] <@DraHosting_> Before we get to elimination
[21:54] <+Ty_> lol wtf
[21:54] <@DraHosting_> I need you to decide.
[21:54] <@DraHosting_> Will you keep the house EVIL?
[21:54] <@DraHosting_> Or will you change the alignment to GOOD?
[21:54] <+NanTheWitch> CONF: I might show the real powers of a witch. Soon. Not now. But soon. I know I am the next supreme.
[21:54] <@DraHosting_> Decide now, out loud.
[21:54] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:54] * PirateCotton shrugs and flips a coin
[21:55] * PirateCotton sees the coin land tails and points at evil
[21:55] <+RachelReilly_> :]
[21:55] * RachelReilly_ hugs piratecotton
[21:55] <@DraHosting_> It seems this house will remain EVIL.
[21:55] <+Tharja> The pirate is being evil? How not surprising.
[21:55] * PirateCotton hugs her back in appreciation
[21:55] <@DraHosting_> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~
[21:55] <+RachelReilly_>
[21:55] <@DraHosting_> Send in votes and confessionals and stuff
[21:55] <+PB_> What's wrong with GOOD!?
[21:55] <@DraHosting_> You have until 10:02 to vote.
[21:55] * PirateCotton goes back to making his salad
[21:56] <+Tharja> (Doesn't someone give a reward and a punishment or)
[21:56] * LanaWinters writes furiously in notepad
[21:56] <+Tharja> (Did I miss that?)
[21:56] * PirateCotton shrugs at PB and points at the coin, indicating that he just went with chance
[21:56] <+Semhar> *sits in the corner, continuing to write poems*
[21:56] <+AaronBraddock> Yo Semhar, babe.
[21:56] <+AaronBraddock> Who do you want out?
[21:56] <+AaronBraddock> Since I'm RUNNING this shit.
[21:56] * Tharja floats books around the house
[21:56] * PirateCotton begins chopping up some garlic in small incrememnts
[21:57] <+AaronBraddock> *glares at Sean*
[21:57] <+Semhar> Oh I don't know, who do you want out? *blushes*
[21:57] * Tharja hits Rachel with a floating book
[21:57] <+Tharja> Oops.
[21:57] * PirateCotton looks up to find the novel Moby Dick floating above him
[21:57] <+AaronBraddock> (CONF) Sean talked about his... super pole before. I'm the only one who can have a super pole here.
[21:57] <+AaronBraddock> EVERYONE.
[21:57] <+AaronBraddock> VOTE DR. SEAN.
[21:57] <+AaronBraddock> HE'S ACTUALLY DR. DEATH.
[21:57] <+DrSean_> YOU WOULDNT
[21:57] * Tharja continues floating various books around, confusing the other players
[21:57] * PirateCotton grabs the book out of the air and begins reading it
[21:57] <+AaronBraddock> AT LEAST I DON'T KILL BABIES
[21:58] <+AaronBraddock> I DO NOT
[21:58] <+AaronBraddock> I HAVE A COUPLE KIDS (thanks Trojan...) BUT I TAKE CARE OF THEM
[21:58] <+Tharja> I've killed a few babies.
[21:58] <+AaronBraddock> Woah...
[21:58] <+AaronBraddock> What the fuck.
[21:58] <+Tharja> Dead babies make for some very powerful spells...
[21:58] <+Semhar> why would you do such a thing?
[21:58] <+Opal> I know someone who gave her life for a child
[21:58] <+Opal> lterally
[21:59] <+VerminSupreme> JET FUEL CAN'T MELT DRA BEAMS
[21:59] <@DraHosting_> OPAL
[21:59] <@DraHosting_> NAN
[21:59] <@DraHosting_> vote
[21:59] <@DraHosting_> SEMHAR
[21:59] <@DraHosting_> vote
[21:59] <+AaronBraddock> OPAL NAN SEMHAR
[21:59] <+AaronBraddock> VOTE SEAN
[21:59] <+PB_> I have returned yet again, my beloved candy people-
[21:59] * PirateCotton puts down the book and begins tossing his newly made salad
[21:59] <+PB_> Candy people!?
[21:59] <+PB_> Oh my, this homesickness is really getting to me!
[21:59] <+RachelReilly_> WOW OKAY
[21:59] <+RachelReilly_> WHO THE FUCK IS THIS SEAN GUY
[21:59] <+RachelReilly_> IS HE HOT?
[21:59] <+RachelReilly_> PROBABLY /NOT/
[21:59] * Tharja begins levitating bits of lettuce from Pirate's salad
[21:59] <+RachelReilly_> BB HAS ONLY CAST ONE HOT GUY EVER
[21:59] <+DrSean_> I AM HOY
[21:59] <+RachelReilly_> BRENDON VILLEGAS
[21:59] <+RachelReilly_> <3
[21:59] <+DrSean_> *HOT
[21:59] == Lydia|_ [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[21:59] <@DraHosting_> NAN
[21:59] <@DraHosting_> vote
[21:59] * Tharja smacks Rachel in the face with the floating lettuce
[22:00] <+AaronBraddock> I'M HOT RACHEL
[22:00] <+PB_> I am starting to call everyone here by the name of candy people to cope with homesickness and make a virtual reality for myself! This is an ISSUE.
[22:00] <+Tharja> Whoops.
[22:00] <+Ty_> lol k
[22:00] <+AaronBraddock> NAN VOTE SEAN
[22:00] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Opal
[22:00] <+PB_> And there's only one way it can fixed,,,
[22:00] <+PB_> Through the use of...
[22:00] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Rachel
[22:00] <+PB_> SCIENCE!!!
[22:00] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Cotton
[22:00] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Nan
[22:00] * Opal received renewal
[22:00] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Vermin
[22:00] * PirateCotton puts his newly made salad into a bowl and purs some italian dressing on top of it with crumbled parmesean cheese
[22:00] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Lana
[22:00] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Ty
[22:00] * LanaWinters nods
[22:00] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to PB
[22:00] <@DraHosting_> Semhar
[22:00] <+Ty_> k cool
[22:00] <@DraHosting_> DrSean
[22:00] <@DraHosting_> Aaron
[22:00] <@DraHosting_> Tharja
[22:00] * PB_ catches
[22:00] <@DraHosting_> you each got votes tonight.
[22:00] <+Tharja> And I received votes again.
[22:00] <+AaronBraddock> Bullshit.
[22:00] * PirateCotton gives Dra a thumbs up
[22:00] <+Semhar> Well...
[22:00] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to....................
[22:00] <+PB_> Thank you! :D
[22:00] <+Tharja> As usual.
[22:00] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Tharja
[22:00] <+RachelReilly_> Bye bye Aaron
[22:00] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[22:00] <@DraHosting_> With one vote
[22:00] <@DraHosting_> You are safe.
[22:01] <+Tharja> Oh, thank you.
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> >.>
[22:01] <+Tharja> I suppose.
[22:01] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Semhar
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> With one vote.
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> You are safe.
[22:01] <+DrSean_> Aaron mpst go
[22:01] * PB_ giggles
[22:01] <+RachelReilly_> Aaron is going
[22:01] <+Semhar> Thank you gorgeous! *smiles*
[22:01] <+RachelReilly_> because i am the BB queen
[22:01] <+RachelReilly_> and he's a floater
[22:01] <+RachelReilly_> he hasnt won A N Y T H I N G
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> I ain't a floater bitch.
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> If anyone's a floater it's you with those tits.
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> By a vote of 7-3-1-1........
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> Real my ass.
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <+Ty_> lol k
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <+Tharja> I make things float. Does that count?
[22:01] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> DrSean.
[22:01] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> RENEWED
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> Aaron
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> FUCKERS
[22:01] <+DrSean_> YES
[22:01] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been cancelled.
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> FUCKING BULLSHIT
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> RIGGED
[22:01] <+LanaWinters> Not a shock.
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> RIGGED
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> RIGGED
[22:01] * PirateCotton smiles and waves at Dr Sean
[22:01] <+Tharja> It's about time...
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> RIGGED
[22:01] <+Tharja> Tch.
[22:01] <+AaronBraddock> RIGGED
[22:02] <@DraHosting_> Exit to the left and PM me on main.
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:02] <+DrSean_> SEE YOU NEVER AARON
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:02] <+PB_> Rachel you look awfully familiar to me.. hm..
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_> BYE AARON
[22:02] <+AaronBraddock> NO FUCK THIS FUCKING SHIT
[22:02] <+Ty_> 10/10 not tap again
[22:02] <+LanaWinters> Rigged? You have no idea what we're capable of. @Aaron
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_> DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU
[22:02] <+AaronBraddock> I QUIT
[22:02] <+AaronBraddock> I QUIT
[22:02] <+PB_> I've just now noticed.
[22:02] <justinlelelelele> karma!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:02] <+AaronBraddock> GAY
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[22:02] <+AaronBraddock> GAAAAAAAYYYYYY
[22:02] <+AaronBraddock> GAY
[22:02] * PirateCotton gives DR Sean a thumbs up
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_> i love gay people and you suck at it
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_> @Aaron
[22:02] <+AaronBraddock> I'm not gay.
[22:02] <+Opal> bye now. (waves)
[22:02] <+AaronBraddock> But you're a fucking slut.
[22:02] == mode/#TVStars2 [-v DrSean_] by DraHosting_
[22:02] <+PB_> Are you one of LemonGrab's various genetically modified offspring? Or am I incorrect? ^_^ @Rachel
[22:02] <+AaronBraddock> Go fucking do porn.
[22:02] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v DrSean_] by DraHosting_
[22:02] == mode/#TVStars2 [-v AaronBraddock] by DraHosting_
[22:02] <+LanaWinters> That's offensive, Rachel.
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_> How, Lana?
[22:02] <AaronBraddock> Yeah Rachel.
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_> How am I offensive?
[22:02] <AaronBraddock> Being a cunt is offensive.
[22:02] == Lydia| [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[22:02] <+RachelReilly_> Does my status as a celebrity offend you?
[22:02] <+LanaWinters> I am- very lucky enough to know gay people in my life.
[22:03] * PirateCotton waves to Aaron as he leaves and passes his finger over his throat
[22:03] <+LanaWinters> And they can't "suck" at being gay.
[22:03] <+RachelReilly_> Um, no
[22:03] <+RachelReilly_> I love gay people
[22:03] <+RachelReilly_> Okay?
[22:03] <+RachelReilly_> Okay
[22:03] * Tharja changes Aaron's hair to pink as he leaves
[22:03] <+RachelReilly_> So shut your mouth
[22:03] <+PB_> Or wait, no..
[22:03] <+Tharja> Smell ya later.
[22:03] <+PB_> I believe I have seen you somwehre else!
[22:03] <+LanaWinters> I'm telling you that battle-axe has secrets. Under all that piousness and fidelity there's a real darkness.
[22:03] <AaronBraddock> Bye fucking assholes.
[22:03] <+RachelReilly_> Who gave you the right to talk to celebrities that way?
[22:03] <+RachelReilly_> Not me
[22:03] <AaronBraddock> Rot in motherfucking hell.
[22:03] <+RachelReilly_> So shut up
[22:03] <+LanaWinters> @Rachel
[22:03] == AaronBraddock [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:03] <+DrSean_> See you never
[22:03] * PirateCotton sits down to enjoy his salad with a small glass of scotch
[22:03] == Semhar [5c082930@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:03] <+RachelReilly_> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[22:03] <+RachelReilly_> @Lana
[22:03] <+LanaWinters> I know that you may put up a tough exterior, but underneath all your extensions and makeup, there's a girl longing to be wanted.
[22:03] == Semhar [5c082930@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[22:03] <@DraHosting_> ~~ END OF EPISODE ~~
[22:04] <@DraHosting_> ~~ NEXT WEEK ~~
[22:04] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v Semhar] by DraHosting_
[22:04] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v Lydia|_] by DraHosting_
[22:04] <+RachelReilly_> (brb)
[22:04] <+DrSean_> Ding Dong The Bitch Is Dead
[22:04] <+Tharja> Conf: Gods, the more weeks I spend here the more I feel my sanity slipping away...
[22:04] <+LanaWinters> CONF: These people have no idea what I'm capable of.
[22:04] <+PB_> And I saw a redhead who looks strikingly similar to you, shouting, "LIFE VESTS GRAB A FLOATER!" or something of that nature..
[22:04] * LanaWinters spins tape around
[22:04] <+PB_> What an interestingly close resemblance you to have! :D
[22:04] <+LanaWinters> CONF: This is the answer to all of my problems, and the secret to my success. This tape, right now, in my hands.
[22:04] <+DrSean_> ANd My Superpole is flawless
[22:04] <+Lydia|_> I'M A REDHEAD TOO.
[22:04] <+RachelReilly_> back
[22:04] * LanaWinters puts tape in purse
[22:04] <+Semhar> CONF: to Aaron... A million stars up in the sky, one shines brighter I can't deny, A love so precious a love so true, a love that comes from me to you... *sobs*
[22:05] * LanaWinters goes to bathroom
[22:05] * LanaWinters returns
[22:05] * LanaWinters goes through purse
[22:05] <+LanaWinters> ...
[22:05] <+Tharja> I knew a redhead. Nice person, but Gods was she an ass.
[22:05] <+LanaWinters> Where is my tape?
[22:05] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:05] <+RachelReilly_> @Aaron leaving
[22:05] <+RachelReilly_> Redheads are fabs
[22:05] <+NanTheWitch> My freaking clairvoyance is killer.
[22:05] <+LanaWinters> WHERE IS MY TAPE?
[22:05] * RachelReilly_ flips aroudn her luscious mane
[22:05] * LanaWinters looks through purse frantically
[22:05] <+LanaWinters> - WAILS -
[22:05] * PB_ brushes cotton candy hair
[22:05] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities
[22:05] <+Tharja> I think I saw a tape floating through the halls... @Lana
[22:05] <@DraHosting_> You are the final twelve.
[22:05] <+NanTheWitch> The spirits are annoying me.
[22:05] * LanaWinters pushes Rachel
[22:05] <+NanTheWitch> Stop spirits.
[22:05] <@DraHosting_> I would like to congratulate you on making it this far.
[22:05] <+LanaWinters> You.
[22:05] <+Semhar> *strokes her fierce curls*
[22:05] <+LanaWinters> You took my tape.
[22:05] <+LanaWinters> Rachel, GIVE IT BACK.
[22:05] <@DraHosting_> As of right now, you have all made the jury phase of this game.
[22:05] <+Opal> this far?
[22:06] <@DraHosting_> a 10 person jury.
[22:06] <+Lydia|_> WOO.
[22:06] <+PB_> My hair is starting to get a bit.. frizzy! :(
[22:06] <+LanaWinters> YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M CAPABLE OF.
[22:06] <+Opal> you're joking.
[22:06] <+DrSean_> Wow
[22:06] <+Tharja> A jury? Already? Hmm...
[22:06] <+DrSean_> DO WE GET A BOKKI NOW
[22:06] <+RachelReilly_> Oh my gosh
[22:06] * PirateCotton adds cherry tomatoes to his salad and begins eating
[22:06] <+RachelReilly_> I've never been on the jury before
[22:06] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[22:06] == Tharja changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: DrSean, Lana, Lucy, Lydia, Nan, Opal, PB, Cotton, Rachel, Semhar, Tharja, Ty, Vermin | ALIGNMENT: EVIL
[22:06] <+PB_> Once again, I am going to need the aid of SCIENCE!! to fix this. ^_^
[22:06] <+LanaWinters> ENOUGH. NONSENSE.
[22:06] * LanaWinters throws bag across room
[22:06] * LanaWinters smashes plate on floor
[22:06] == Tharja changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: DrSean, Lana, Lydia, Nan, Opal, PB, Cotton, Rachel, Semhar, Tharja, Ty, Vermin | ALIGNMENT: EVIL
[22:06] <+PB_> Be back soon, my candy people! :D
[22:06] <+LanaWinters> I NEED THAT TAPE.
[22:06] <+LanaWinters> WHERE IS IT?
[22:06] <+Semhar> CONF: He's probably hinting at another twist coming up soon. *continues to write*
[22:06] * PB_ speeds off
[22:06] <@DraHosting_> With Justin, Lucy, and Aaron gone
[22:06] <@DraHosting_> How will this house fall now?
[22:07] * LanaWinters empties out purse
[22:07] <@DraHosting_> Will it continue to be evil?
[22:07] * PirateCotton looks sadly at the smashed plate
[22:07] <@DraHosting_> Or will it become good?
[22:07] <+LanaWinters> Cotton.
[22:07] <+Opal> PB may I help?
[22:07] <+LanaWinters> You know where it is.
[22:07] <+RachelReilly_> It'll stay evil
[22:07] * Opal comes after
[22:07] <+RachelReilly_> because big brother is all about the alliances
[22:07] <+LanaWinters> I need someone with clairvoyance.
[22:07] <+RachelReilly_> the drama
[22:07] <+RachelReilly_> the showmances
[22:07] <+RachelReilly_> Speaking of
[22:07] <+RachelReilly_> OMG
[22:07] <@DraHosting_> setting up the next challenge.
[22:07] <+RachelReilly_> WHERE ARE THE SHOWMANCES?
[22:07] <+Lydia|_> OOH.
[22:07] <+Lydia|_> OOH.
[22:07] <+LanaWinters> Nan, what happened to the cassette tape that was in my purse?
[22:07] <+RachelReilly_> WHERE ARE THEY?
[22:07] <+DrSean_> ALLIANCES ARE WRONG
[22:07] <+Lydia|_> Once.
[22:07] * PirateCotton begins cleaning up the shattered plate
[22:07] <+Lydia|_> I thought my boyfriend was cheating on me.
[22:07] <+Tharja> Tch, you got rid of the guys trying to be in showmances already... @Rachel
[22:07] <+Lydia|_> And then I walked into the school supply closet.
[22:07] <+LanaWinters> CONF: I am... devastated. That tape was the secret to my success. I NEED it back, or else I cannot put Dra in jail.
[22:07] <+Lydia|_> And I was RIGHT.
[22:07] <+Lydia|_> @Lana
[22:07] <+LanaWinters> CONF: Wait a minute...
[22:07] * LanaWinters approaches Dra
[22:07] <+LanaWinters> Give it back.
[22:08] <+LanaWinters> I know you took it.
[22:08] <+LanaWinters> I know you know what I'm capable of.
[22:08] <+RachelReilly_> (DR): Oh my gosh, I haven't seen ANY showmances this season. Where are they? Well, I'm going on a hunt to find out! Stay tuned BB fans, there's a whole lot more drama to coem this summer. ;D
[22:08] <+LanaWinters> But this is not the way to go about it.
[22:08] <+NanTheWitch> - RachelReilly_ hi.
[22:08] * PirateCotton throws the plate out and salutes it for it's service
[22:08] * LanaWinters looks through Dra's bag
[22:08] <+NanTheWitch> Um.
[22:08] * RachelReilly_ blinks at Nan
[22:08] * LanaWinters finds tape
[22:08] <+DrSean_> DRA
[22:08] <+RachelReilly_> what do YOU want?
[22:08] <+LanaWinters> A-ha!
[22:08] <+LanaWinters> I want everyone to know.
[22:08] <+LanaWinters> What is happening.
[22:08] <+DrSean_> WHEREES MY BOKKA
[22:08] <+LanaWinters> I am calling a HOUSE MEETING.
[22:08] <+NanTheWitch> There isn't going to be any showmances.
[22:08] <+LanaWinters> I want all 12 of us here, to know the truth.
[22:09] <+Tharja> Conf: Gods, I need a pair of earplugs in this place.
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> What is going on
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> ???
[22:09] * PirateCotton sits back down and enjoys his salad
[22:09] <+LanaWinters> The lying must be EXPOSED.
[22:09] <+DrSean_> I HAD A NAME PICKED OUT
[22:09] <+Ty_> ... k
[22:09] <+DrSean_> I WANT A BOOKA
[22:09] * LanaWinters puts cassette tape in DVD player
[22:09] <+NanTheWitch> I only have one -mance
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> where did you get that
[22:09] <+DrSean_> TAGI THE BOOKA
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> I thought I took that from your pur---
[22:09] <+NanTheWitch> And that's with Luke my boyfriend.
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> I mean
[22:09] * LanaWinters smirks
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> WHERE did you get that
[22:09] <+RachelReilly_> (DR): Dan's funeral is the best house meeting. Lana is NEVER going to top it.
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> What is it
[22:09] <+LanaWinters> I found it in your bag.
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> ???
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> you went through my stuff
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> ???
[22:09] <+LanaWinters> It's a video of YOU.
[22:09] <@DraHosting_> ...........................................
[22:09] <+RachelReilly_> Who uses a casette player anymore?
[22:09] <+LanaWinters> Explaining the rigging that goes on through this game.
[22:09] <+RachelReilly_> What is this, 1988?
[22:09] * LanaWinters presses play
[22:10] <+Lydia|_> THE 80'S ARE SO COOL.
[22:10] * DraHosting_ races to supply closet
[22:10] <+Tharja> Everyone knows this game is rigged...
[22:10] <+LanaWinters> - DRA IN-TAPE: If you could vote out Aaron, that'd be appreciated. -
[22:10] * DraHosting_ races back in with baseball bat
[22:10] * RachelReilly_ watches video
[22:10] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:10] <+LanaWinters> - DRA IN-TAPE: Would you mind switching your vote? -
[22:10] * DraHosting_ smashes television with the baseball bat
[22:10] * Tharja steps away from Dra
[22:10] <@DraHosting_> NONE OF YOU SAW ANY OF THAT....
[22:10] * LanaWinters pulls out walkie-talkie
[22:10] <+DrSean_> Are you STacy Lana?
[22:10] <@DraHosting_> do you UNDERSTAND me ?
[22:10] <+LanaWinters> Bring them in.
[22:10] * Lydia|_ gasps
[22:10] <+Tharja> Conf: I don't enjoy baseball bats...
[22:10] <+Tharja> Saw what? @Dra
[22:10] * Tharja giggles
[22:10] == Police [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[22:10] <@DraHosting_> LANA.
[22:10] * PirateCotton shrugs not caring
[22:10] <+VerminSupreme> VOTE VERMIN2016
[22:10] <+DrSean_> \Lana you and Stacy will be great friends
[22:10] <+RachelReilly_> @this
[22:11] <Police> Draven Hosting, you are under arrest for breaking a legally binding contract.
[22:11] <+LanaWinters> I have all the proof I need.
[22:11] * PB_ pushes mobile desk with various potions and ingredients spread about in
[22:11] * DraHosting_ takes baseball bat and knocks the policeman out
[22:11] <+Lydia|_> HIS REAL NAME IS DRAVEN?!
[22:11] == Police [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[22:11] <+LanaWinters> Oh my god!
[22:11] <+LanaWinters> - wails -
[22:11] * DraHosting_ knocks out lana with the baseball bat
[22:11] <+VerminSupreme> AGH
[22:11] <+PB_> And I have returned! This time with my POTION CRAFTING EQUIPMENT!
[22:11] <+VerminSupreme> VOTE VERMIN NOW
[22:11] <+Tharja> Gods, and I thought I was the only violent one here...
[22:11] <+Opal> Oh dear...
[22:11] <+VerminSupreme> TO EUTHANIZE THIS MONSTER
[22:11] <+Opal> Oh no oh no oh no
[22:11] <+VerminSupreme> ONCE AND FOR ALL
[22:11] == Orderly [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[22:11] <+RachelReilly_> *waits for VIP comp*
[22:11] <+NanTheWitch> Dra.
[22:11] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:11] <Orderly> I believe shock therapy will be in order for missssss lana
[22:11] <+NanTheWitch> This isn't a horror show.
[22:11] <+NanTheWitch> This is a game.
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> Yes yes I agree
[22:12] * LanaWinters wails
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> Lana is clearly insane
[22:12] * PB_ hurriedly begins mixing things together and reading through instructional booklet
[22:12] <+NanTheWitch> Don't kill anyone.
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> and she must be REMOVED from this house.
[22:12] <+LanaWinters> I'M NOT GOING BACK TO THE ASYLUM
[22:12] * PirateCotton nods in agreeance
[22:12] * DraHosting_ talks to producers that are not on the other line
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> yes
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> yes
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> Lana
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> The producers have decided collectively
[22:12] <+NanTheWitch> LanaWinters: my spirits were correct.
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> to remove you from the game.
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> TAKE HER AWAY ORDERL
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> Y
[22:12] * Orderly drags lana out of the house
[22:12] <+NanTheWitch> You were from an asylum.
[22:12] <+RachelReilly_> (this being one big attempt to mask Lana quitting)
[22:12] <+RachelReilly_> (ok)
[22:12] * Orderly takes lana back to briarcliff
[22:12] <+RachelReilly_> stop im literally lagging you bitch
[22:12] <+Tharja> Tch. Good riddance.
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> Houseguests
[22:12] * RachelReilly_ flips hair
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> I mean celebrities
[22:12] <+Lydia|_> Wow.
[22:12] <@DraHosting_> :}
[22:12] <+PB_> Oh.
[22:13] <+RachelReilly_> I KNEW IT
[22:13] <+Lydia|_> That was like
[22:13] <@DraHosting_> What you just witnessed
[22:13] <+Lydia|_> sad.
[22:13] <+Tharja> My ears were bleeding...
[22:13] <+RachelReilly_> IT IS BIG BROTHER
[22:13] <@DraHosting_> DID NOT HAPPEN.
[22:13] <+RachelReilly_> <3333333333333333
[22:13] * PB_ removes goggles
[22:13] <@DraHosting_> Lana was ejected from this game.
[22:13] * PirateCotton sheathes his sword and nods
[22:13] * LanaWinters is put in straight jacket
[22:13] <+DrSean_> Is Lana on the jury?
[22:13] <@DraHosting_> she was one tough cookie
[22:13] <@DraHosting_> but she is out.
[22:13] * LanaWinters screams through window of door
[22:13] <+LanaWinters> I MAY BE TOUGH.
[22:13] <+LanaWinters> BUT I'M NOT A COOKIE.
[22:13] <@DraHosting_> And I will be visiting her in the hospital to get a jury vote from her
[22:13] <+Semhar> CONF: for real? this is why I hide in this shack
[22:13] <+NanTheWitch> I am the next supreme.
[22:13] <+PB_> WHAT THE CABBAGE!?
[22:13] <+RachelReilly_> cOME on
[22:13] <+Lydia|_> ME TOO.
[22:13] <+Tharja> Tch, I've seen much worse than this...
[22:14] * DraHosting_ slams the door in Lana's face
[22:14] <@DraHosting_> alright....
[22:14] * PirateCotton nods in agreeace with Tharja
[22:14] <+RachelReilly_> >:(
[22:14] <@DraHosting_> It's time to get to our VIP challenge!
[22:14] <+Tharja> Oh joy.
[22:14] * PirateCotton twirls a finger
[22:15] <+Lydia|_> (BRB, good thing I can't play in this anyway)
[22:15] == LanaWinters has changed nick to Lana|Asylum
[22:15] == mode/#TVStars2 [-v Lana|Asylum] by DraHosting_
[22:15] <+PB_> Are they locking her away in the candy dungeon...?
[22:15] <@DraHosting_> Because this house is still centered on evil
[22:15] <+PB_> FOREVER!?
[22:15] * RachelReilly_ struts in
[22:15] <@DraHosting_> your VIP Task will be much harder this time.
[22:15] * RachelReilly_ msirks
[22:15] <+RachelReilly_> smirks*
[22:15] <@DraHosting_> This challenge is called: Shinjuku Gyoen
[22:15] <@DraHosting_> wikipedia it
[22:15] <@DraHosting_> FAME TASK:
[22:15] <+PB_> I have never seen someone in my kingdom receive that sort of sentence!
[22:15] <@DraHosting_> To get into the challenge area of the Shinjuku Gyoen, celebrities must race around the park.
[22:15] <@DraHosting_> You will post:
[22:16] <@DraHosting_> *Races through park* 4 times
[22:16] <@DraHosting_> *Climbs tree*
[22:16] <@DraHosting_> *Dives out of tree*
[22:16] <+PB_> That's... like... forever.
[22:16] <@DraHosting_> *Approaches challenge site*
[22:16] <@DraHosting_> then PM me for the gossip.
[22:16] <+RachelReilly_> all these challenges being the same
[22:16] <@DraHosting_> 3
[22:16] <@DraHosting_> 2
[22:16] <@DraHosting_> 1
[22:16] <@DraHosting_> GO
[22:16] <+PB_> What a patoot!
[22:16] <+NanTheWitch> *races through park*
[22:16] <+Tharja> *races through park*
[22:16] <+Tharja> *races through park*
[22:16] <+Tharja> *races through park*
[22:16] <+Tharja> *races through park*
[22:16] <+RachelReilly_> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+RachelReilly_> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+Ty_> lol no
[22:16] <+RachelReilly_> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+NanTheWitch> *races through park*
[22:16] <+RachelReilly_> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+RachelReilly_> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+Opal> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+NanTheWitch> *races through park*
[22:16] <+Opal> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+Tharja> *climbs tree*
[22:16] <+Opal> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+Opal> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+Semhar> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+Semhar> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+Semhar> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+NanTheWitch> *races through park*
[22:16] <+RachelReilly_> *climbs out of tree*
[22:16] <+Semhar> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+PB_> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+PB_> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+Tharja> *dives out of tree*
[22:16] <+PB_> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+PB_> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+PB_> *Races through park*
[22:16] <+RachelReilly_> *dives out of tree*
[22:16] <+NanTheWitch> *climbs tree*
[22:16] <+Semhar> *climbs tree*
[22:16] <+Opal> *climbs tree*
[22:16] <+Tharja> *approaches challenge site*
[22:16] <+Semhar> *dives out of tree*
[22:16] <+NanTheWitch> *dives into tree*
[22:16] <+RachelReilly_> *approaches challenge site*
[22:16] <+PB_> *Climbs tree*
[22:16] <+Opal> *dives out of tree*
[22:16] <+PB_> *climbs out of tree*
[22:16] <+Semhar> *approaches challenge site*
[22:16] <+NanTheWitch> *approaches challenge site*
[22:16] <+PB_> *approaches challenge site*
[22:16] <+Opal> *approaches challenge site*
[22:16] <+PB_> I AM A NINJA!!!
[22:17] <+VerminSupreme> *races through park*
[22:17] <+VerminSupreme> *races through park*
[22:17] <+VerminSupreme> *races through park*
[22:17] <+VerminSupreme> *climbs out of tree*
[22:17] <+VerminSupreme> *approaches challenge site*
[22:17] <+PB_> Vermin, are you aware you're a bit late? :/
[22:17] <+PirateCotton> *stumbles through park*
[22:17] <+VerminSupreme> I was looking at the polls
[22:17] <+PirateCotton> *stumbles through park*
[22:17] <+PirateCotton> *stumbles through park*
[22:17] <+PirateCotton> *stumbles through park*
[22:18] <+PirateCotton> *falls over*
[22:18] <+PirateCotton> *struggles to climb tree*
[22:18] <+PirateCotton> *falls like a statue out of tree*
[22:19] <+PirateCotton> *swaggers over to challenge site*
[22:19] == Lydia|_ [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[22:20] <+Opal> lydia keeps leaving
[22:20] <+NanTheWitch> ...
[22:20] <@DraHosting_> this star task seems to be harder than some would believe.
[22:20] <@DraHosting_> Is there another strategy?
[22:21] <+DrSean_> STRATEGY!!!
[22:21] <+DrSean_> NOT STRATEGY
[22:22] * PB_ searches rapidly through books
[22:22] <+DrSean_> You can d othis
[22:22] <+NanTheWitch> Okay.
[22:22] <+DrSean_> Can i just become VIP snd end this
[22:23] <@DraHosting_> It's Rachel vs Semhar
[22:23] == Orderly [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:23] <+DrSean_> Lydia quit
[22:24] <+Tharja> Gods, I give up on this!
[22:24] <+DrSean_> Like Osten
[22:24] <+RachelReilly_> WHO
[22:24] <+RachelReilly_> WANTS
[22:24] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:24] <+RachelReilly_> TO SEE
[22:24] <+RachelReilly_> MY
[22:24] <+RachelReilly_> HOH
[22:24] <+Ty_> k
[22:24] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:24] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:24] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:24] <+NanTheWitch> What's an HOH k?
[22:24] * PirateCotton claps in congratulations
[22:24] <+DrSean_> Whats a HOH Room?
[22:24] <+PB_> Wow, so close this time! D:
[22:24] <+Tharja> At least this is finally over...
[22:24] <+PB_> Still developing the potion, though..
[22:25] <+PB_> It's going to take a BIT more time.. and effort!
[22:25] * RachelReilly_ jumps up and down in excitement
[22:25] * RachelReilly_ 's boobs fall out
[22:25] * PirateCotton goes over to the pool and puts his feet in
[22:25] <@DraHosting_> America will now vote on an MVP.
[22:25] <+RachelReilly_> OH MY GOODNESS HOW EMBARASSING!!!
[22:25] <+PB_> But I WILL have it ready before next challenge!!!
[22:25] <+Semhar> Congrats Rachel!
[22:25] * RachelReilly_ hides self
[22:25] * Tharja facepalms
[22:25] * Tharja uses magic to put Rachel's shirt back on properly
[22:25] <+Tharja> There, ya whore.
[22:25] <+RachelReilly_> I'm wearing a strapless Tarja
[22:25] == Lydia| [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[22:25] <+RachelReilly_> and stop VIOLATING me
[22:25] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v Lydia|] by DraHosting_
[22:26] <+RachelReilly_> NO WITCHCRAFT IN THE BB HOUSE!!!!!!
[22:26] <+Lydia|> I'm baaaaack.
[22:26] <+RachelReilly_> No one cares
[22:26] * PirateCotton swirls his feet in the pool amused by the currents they create
[22:26] <+RachelReilly_> we're all celebrating my HOH
[22:26] <+Tharja> Gods, stop screaming before I make you.
[22:26] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[22:26] <+NanTheWitch> Lie down.
[22:26] <+NanTheWitch> Go to sleep
[22:26] <+NanTheWitch> Or drink bleach.
[22:26] * RachelReilly_ hugs all her adoring fans
[22:26] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:26] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:27] <+PB_> OH MY GOD!!!
[22:27] <+PB_> THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!
[22:27] <+NanTheWitch> Congrats.
[22:27] * PB_ blows kisses
[22:27] * PirateCotton gives PB a thumbs up
[22:27] <+Tharja> So America's now voting for a ditsy wannabe scientist?
[22:27] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:27] <+Tharja> I'll never understand their logic.
[22:27] <+RachelReilly_> @PB
[22:27] <@DraHosting_> PB
[22:27] <@DraHosting_> step on up here
[22:27] <+RachelReilly_> Keep it evil
[22:27] * PB_ steps up
[22:27] * DraHosting_ grabs PB's shoulders
[22:27] <+NanTheWitch> Good.
[22:27] <+RachelReilly_> it's not Big Brother otherwise!!
[22:27] <+PB_> What is it? :O
[22:27] <+RachelReilly_> ^_^
[22:27] <@DraHosting_> it's that time of the season
[22:27] <+Lydia|> WOO.
[22:27] <@DraHosting_> Here are two prize boxes
[22:27] <+PB_> Oh no!
[22:27] <@DraHosting_> You will hand these out to two people in this game.
[22:27] * Lydia| throws streamers onto PB
[22:27] <+DrSean_> BOOKA BEAR
[22:27] <+PB_> What do they do!?
[22:28] <@DraHosting_> One is good
[22:28] <@DraHosting_> One is bad.
[22:28] <+NanTheWitch> Oh
[22:28] <@DraHosting_> You do not know which one is which.
[22:28] <@DraHosting_> You cannot give one to Rachel.
[22:28] <+NanTheWitch> Witch*
[22:28] * PirateCotton begins taking a nap at the poolside
[22:28] <+PB_> Oh my.. this is such a tough decision. :(
[22:28] <+PB_> What if I accidentally give the bad one to someone I like!
[22:28] <+Tharja> Tch, just pick someone and get it over with.
[22:28] <+PB_> And vice versa.
[22:28] <+PB_> That WILL not be good!
[22:28] <+Tharja> Then give it to people you don't care about.
[22:28] <+PB_> Hm..
[22:28] <+Tharja> This isn't difficult.
[22:28] <+PB_> No, I'll just..
[22:29] <+RachelReilly_> Give it to the floaters
[22:29] <+RachelReilly_> :\
[22:29] <+PB_> Give them out at random!
[22:29] <+PB_> SCIENCE!! has decided...
[22:29] <+PB_> Nan, YOU get a box.
[22:29] <+Lydia|> Isn't randomness math?
[22:29] <+Tharja> Gods, quit with the science blather.
[22:29] <+Lydia|> I don't know, I skipped algebra to hang with my old boyfriend Steve.
[22:29] <+Lydia|> I hate Steve.
[22:29] <+NanTheWitch> Oh give the witch a box.
[22:29] <+PB_> And Semhar, YOU get a box!
[22:30] <@DraHosting_> Nan and Semhar
[22:30] <+DrSean_> Alapabet is better then science
[22:30] <+PB_> I decided with the use of science. Hehehe. @Lydia
[22:30] <@DraHosting_> Nan we will start with you
[22:30] <@DraHosting_> Please stand and open your box
[22:30] <+NanTheWitch> *uses concilium to persuade Dra to give me the good box*
[22:30] == WhiteRunGuard [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[22:30] <+NanTheWitch> *opens box*
[22:30] <WhiteRunGuard> HALT
[22:30] <WhiteRunGuard> WHAT SAY YOU IN THEIR DEFENCE??
[22:30] <+Tharja> (WhiteRunGuard is bae)
[22:31] <WhiteRunGuard> (You will now select one person to go to the Dragonsreach dungeon, Nan)
[22:31] <WhiteRunGuard> (This person will be unable to vote tonight)
[22:31] <+PB_> Oh my.. I don't like dungeons! :(
[22:31] <+Ty_> ...
[22:31] <+PB_> Lemongrab locked me up in one when I was accidentally turned back into a 13 year old. It was DIRT BALLS.
[22:31] <+NanTheWitch> Oh.
[22:31] <+RachelReilly_> (Why is a former Redvivor contestant working security for TV Stars wtf)
[22:32] <@DraHosting_> That's how MVP Baits work
[22:32] <@DraHosting_> an RP character cameos for a moment to deliver a reward or punishment
[22:32] <+DrSean_> (Are they all your Dra?)
[22:32] <+NanTheWitch> The spirits tell me to choose...
[22:32] <+NanTheWitch> ...
[22:32] <+NanTheWitch> ...
[22:32] <+NanTheWitch> ...
[22:32] <+NanTheWitch> ...
[22:32] <+Ty_> RIP
[22:32] <+NanTheWitch> Tharja.
[22:32] <+Tharja> Tch.
[22:32] <@DraHosting_> Tharja
[22:33] <+Tharja> Whatever.
[22:33] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:33] <@DraHosting_> please head to #Dragonsreach
[22:33] <+Opal> that is to be expected.
[22:33] <+Tharja> Not like I had any allies to vote with.
[22:33] <+NanTheWitch> You brought spirits in here.
[22:33] <@DraHosting_> You will not vote tonight
[22:33] <+RachelReilly_> Wait WHAT?
[22:33] <+NanTheWitch> And they are annoying me.
[22:33] * PB_ hands Tharja candy canes and lollipops
[22:33] <+RachelReilly_> what happens to her??
[22:33] <+RachelReilly_> >:(
[22:33] <@DraHosting_> If you are voted out tonight yourself, you will remain in there for the rest of the game.
[22:33] <+PB_> Take this offering with you!!
[22:33] * PirateCotton awakes with a shock at poolside
[22:33] <@DraHosting_> You will return next week.
[22:33] <+Tharja> Ugh.
[22:33] <@DraHosting_> NOW, WhiteRunGuard gave out a good prize
[22:33] <+Tharja> Whatever.
[22:33] <@DraHosting_> so's time for you to open yours
[22:33] <+PB_> You're going to need a little snack to munch on.
[22:33] <+Semhar> *opens box*
[22:33] <+PB_> *giggles*
[22:33] == WhiteRunGuard has changed nick to SisterMaryEunice
[22:33] <SisterMaryEunice> ~ appears mysteriously ~
[22:33] <+RachelReilly_> If Tharja is voted out she just stays there?
[22:33] <+RachelReilly_> :D
[22:33] <+RachelReilly_> perfect <3
[22:33] <SisterMaryEunice> ~ breathes heavily into Semhar's direction ~
[22:33] <+Ty_> RIP
[22:34] <SisterMaryEunice> ~ falls over and dies ~
[22:34] <+PB_> I can't imagine it being worse than the Candy dungeon...
[22:34] * PB_ shivers
[22:34] <@DraHosting_> A demonic curse has been placed on you, Semhar.
[22:34] <@DraHosting_> Tonight a demonic omen will float over your head
[22:34] <@DraHosting_> and you will have a penalty vote at elimination.
[22:34] <+Semhar> What a shame :c
[22:34] == SisterMaryEunice [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[22:34] <@DraHosting_> One last thing.
[22:34] * PirateCotton pokes the dead body
[22:34] <@DraHosting_> PrincessBubblegum
[22:34] <@DraHosting_> Will you keep the house aligned to EVIL?
[22:34] <@DraHosting_> Or will you change it to GOOD?
[22:34] <+PB_> What is it?
[22:34] <+NanTheWitch> Good.
[22:35] <+RachelReilly_> Evil
[22:35] <+RachelReilly_> >:(
[22:35] <+DrSean_> GOOD
[22:35] <+PB_> And make it GOOD!
[22:35] <+PB_> That's just what this house is in need of. ^_^
[22:35] <+PB_> Good, like Finn!
[22:35] <+RachelReilly_> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[22:35] <+RachelReilly_> @PB
[22:35] <@DraHosting_> very well
[22:35] <+Opal> sounds good
[22:35] <+PB_> What are these moving images you're sending my way? @Rachel
[22:35] <@DraHosting_> The house's alignment has been changed to GOOD.
[22:35] <@DraHosting_> ~ ELIMINATION ~
[22:35] <+NanTheWitch> Rachel posts gifs all the time because she's a robot.
[22:36] <@DraHosting_> Send in votes
[22:36] <@DraHosting_> Semhar has one vote against him already.
[22:36] <@DraHosting_> Tharja is not voting tonight.
[22:36] <+NanTheWitch> the spirits have told me this.
[22:36] <@DraHosting_> But you can vote for her.
[22:36] <@DraHosting_> or him.
[22:36] <@DraHosting_> idk.
[22:36] <@DraHosting_> You have until 10:40
[22:36] <+PB_> She's a robot...?!
[22:36] <+PB_> I KNEW IT! :O
[22:36] <@DraHosting_> you also cannot vote for Rachel since she is the VIP
[22:36] <@DraHosting_> and you cannot vote for PB since she's the MVP
[22:37] <+PB_> :D
[22:37] <+RachelReilly_> VOTE FOR THARJA
[22:37] <+NanTheWitch> Oh.
[22:37] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[22:37] <+Ty_> k
[22:38] <+DrSean_> Rachel
[22:38] <+DrSean_> Im not a floater right?
[22:38] <+RachelReilly_> You are like
[22:38] <+RachelReilly_> epitomimmy of floater
[22:38] <+RachelReilly_> You don't want alliances and you don't win comps?
[22:39] <+RachelReilly_> Like go home you're the worst
[22:39] <+Opal> so PB, you want to talk?
[22:39] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Opal
[22:39] <+Lydia|> Let's make sure he's a floater!
[22:39] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to PrincessBubblegum
[22:39] * Lydia| pushes Sean into pool
[22:39] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Ty
[22:39] * Opal receives
[22:39] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Lydia
[22:39] <+Opal> oh.
[22:39] <+Ty_> lol wow
[22:39] <+Opal> thanks.
[22:39] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Cotton
[22:39] <+Opal> I did not expect that.
[22:39] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to DrSean
[22:39] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Nan
[22:39] * Lydia| waves around renewal
[22:39] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Vermin
[22:39] <+PB_> Thank you! ^_^
[22:39] * PirateCotton accepts the renewal with a smile
[22:39] <@DraHosting_> Tharja
[22:39] <@DraHosting_> Semhar
[22:39] <+RachelReilly_> Dra
[22:39] <+RachelReilly_> i sent my vote oops
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> (oh lydia you got 1 vote oops :})
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> rachel you can't vote
[22:40] <+Lydia|> WHAT.
[22:40] <+RachelReilly_> oh wow
[22:40] <+RachelReilly_> ;(
[22:40] <+RachelReilly_> Ojh silly me
[22:40] <+RachelReilly_> I'm HOH
[22:40] <+RachelReilly_> : )
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> By a vote of 6-3-1...............
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> x
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> Tharja.
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been cancelled.
[22:40] <@DraHosting_> You will remain in the Dragonsreach dungeon for the remainder of the game.
[22:40] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:41] <@DraHosting_> Also I suspect that there are alliances I am not linked to yet
[22:41] <@DraHosting_> I need those links
[22:41] <+RachelReilly_> bye(:
[22:41] <+DrSean_> So we just keep her there?
[22:41] <+Semhar> Seems a bit unethical...
[22:41] <+RachelReilly_> Floaters deserve it
[22:41] <+DrSean_> ALLIANCES ARE WRONG
[22:41] <+Ty_> lol k
[22:41] <+RachelReilly_> Now time to figure out the showmances
[22:41] <+Ty_> #BrosbeforeHoesAlliance tbh
[22:41] <+Opal> so PB
[22:42] <+Opal> you'd like a word?
[22:42] <@DraHosting_> Tharja you are also the second member of the jury
[22:42] <+RachelReilly_> Ugh @Opal
[22:42] * PirateCotton slips off to the bar and downs a shot of rum
[22:42] <+PB_> Hm? @Opal

[22:42] <+PB_> OH yes!
[22:42] <+PB_> I wanted to talk with you about a very pressing issue..
[22:44] <@DraHosting_> ~~ NEXT WEEK ~~
[22:45] <@DraHosting_> Setting up the VIP challenge
[22:45] <+Opal> so... it's a cycle? what's disturbing it?
[22:45] <@DraHosting_> For making the final ten of the game
[22:45] * PirateCotton strolls over to the kitchen and pulls out his leftover chicken
[22:45] <@DraHosting_> You will all now be able to NAME the TV Stars house.
[22:45] <@DraHosting_> PM me your name suggestions
[22:45] <@DraHosting_> and I will pick the best one
[22:45] <+NanTheWitch> Cool.
[22:45] <@DraHosting_> there is no reward with this
[22:45] <+DrSean_> Tagi
[22:45] <@DraHosting_> just something cool
[22:45] <+RachelReilly_> okay everyone
[22:45] <+RachelReilly_> attention here
[22:45] <+VerminSupreme> THE WHITE HOUSE
[22:45] <+PB_> It is indeed a cycle! @Opal
[22:45] * RachelReilly_ POINTS TO HER BOOBS
[22:45] <+DrSean_> Lets name it Tagi
[22:45] <+Semhar> CONF: It's damaging that I'm getting so close to winning challenges, but then falling at the final hurdle... Well I now have more inspiration. *continues to write in her journal*
[22:45] <+DrSean_> Or Rattana
[22:45] <+Ty_> 10/10 gr8
[22:45] <+RachelReilly_> I HAVE FOUDN THE SHOWMANCE
[22:45] <+PB_> In the end, they both die.
[22:45] <+DrSean_> Eithers fine
[22:45] <+RachelReilly_> OPAL AND PB
[22:45] <+RachelReilly_> I HEARD YOU MAKING OUT
[22:46] <+RachelReilly_> I
[22:46] <+RachelReilly_> HEARD
[22:46] <+RachelReilly_> IT
[22:46] <+RachelReilly_> >:(
[22:46] <+Opal> I do not
[22:46] <+Opal> How dare you
[22:46] <+PB_> I do not make out with people!
[22:46] <+DrSean_> Naming done
[22:46] <+PB_> I am not old enough, Rachel!
[22:46] <+DrSean_> Moving on
[22:46] <+PB_> I'm not even engaged!
[22:46] <+RachelReilly_> I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY
[22:46] <+RachelReilly_> IM NOT DEAF
[22:46] <+RachelReilly_> I HEARD IT
[22:46] <+RachelReilly_> BEFORE THE RUN THE HOUSE
[22:46] <+PB_> Someday my sweet Prince Finn will come and ask for my hand in marriage!
[22:46] <+PB_> But until then, I do NOT kiss!
[22:46] <+RachelReilly_> LIES
[22:47] <+Opal> I do not have relations with humans
[22:47] <+Opal> not after Rose...
[22:47] <+RachelReilly_> All you FLOATERS can do is lie
[22:47] <+RachelReilly_> how many comps have you won?
[22:47] <+RachelReilly_> zero?
[22:47] <+RachelReilly_> EXACTLY
[22:47] <+RachelReilly_> FLOATER
[22:47] <+Opal> I won one, Rachel, remember?
[22:47] <+RachelReilly_> Who will the people believe?
[22:47] <+RachelReilly_> The comp beast, me
[22:47] <+Opal> the archives, Rachel
[22:47] <+RachelReilly_> or the floaters, Opal and PB?
[22:47] <+Opal> they have the archives
[22:47] * PB_ pulls out potion
[22:47] * PirateCotton searches the house for a deck of cards
[22:47] <+RachelReilly_> OPAL BE QUIET
[22:47] <+RachelReilly_> YOU'RE NOTHING /BUT/ A FLOATER
[22:48] <+Opal> Rachel get out of my face
[22:48] <+RachelReilly_> NO
[22:48] <+PB_> I wouldn't normally do this, but this is a very desperate measure!
[22:48] * Opal shoves Rachel with her four arms
[22:48] <+PB_> Rachel, would you like some of this?
[22:48] <+RachelReilly_> I AM BIG BROTHER ROYALTY
[22:48] <+RachelReilly_> AND I DEMAND THE RESPECT DUE TO ME
[22:48] <+PB_> It's a SUPER SPECIAL!! healing potion.
[22:48] <+Semhar> Can you be anything else other than a reckless bitch? @Rachel
[22:48] <+Opal> well I am bigger than you
[22:48] <+PB_> I made it JUST for you!
[22:48] == Tharja [617c3879@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:48] == DraHosting_ changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: DrSean, Lydia, Nan, Opal, PB, Cotton, Rachel, Semhar, Ty, Vermin | ALIGNMENT: GOOD | JURY: Lana, Tharja
[22:48] * PB_ hands bottle labeled potion of eternal sleep to Rachel
[22:48] * PirateCotton avoids the argument and finds a deck of cards out on the porch
[22:48] <+RachelReilly_> Your bake sales won't fool me, PB!
[22:49] <+RachelReilly_> But yes I will take it
[22:49] <+PB_> Try it, it'll calm you down! :D
[22:49] * RachelReilly_ snatches PB's snack
[22:49] * PirateCotton begins shuffling the cards
[22:49] <+DrSean_> FIGHTING IS BAD
[22:49] <+RachelReilly_> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[22:49] <+PB_> You shall be ETERNALLY in peace!
[22:49] <+RachelReilly_> PB, don't you know?
[22:49] <+Semhar> Excuse me, your irrational behaviour is uncalled for. Stop being dependant on the screentime. @Rachel
[22:49] <+RachelReilly_> Peace and I are incompatible
[22:49] <+PB_> Do I know what? :D
[22:49] <+RachelReilly_> because I am Vegas
[22:49] <+RachelReilly_> Oh really, Semhar?
[22:49] * PirateCotton begins playing solitaire out on the porch
[22:50] <+RachelReilly_> I'm surprised you weren't the winner of Survivor: Whore Island
[22:50] <+NanTheWitch> Vegas is a place for drugs, sex, and crime.
[22:50] <+RachelReilly_> with how much you FLIRT
[22:50] <+DrSean_> I WAS ON THAT SEASON
[22:50] <+NanTheWitch> So you are a slut who likes to do crime?
[22:50] <+DrSean_> WE HAD SNAKES AN RATS
[22:50] <+NanTheWitch> @Rachel
[22:50] <+RachelReilly_> EX
[22:50] <+RachelReilly_> CUSE
[22:50] <+RachelReilly_> ME?
[22:50] <+RachelReilly_> DOES THIS
[22:50] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:51] <+RachelReilly_> LOOK LIKE A SLUT TO YOU?
[22:51] <+Semhar> Meaning what? Both of the people I flirted with are gone... *removes her attention from Rachel and returns to her journal*
[22:51] * PirateCotton is almost done with his game of solitaire, a winning game, when the wind blows his cards off the tabel
[22:51] <@DraHosting_> KK!
[22:51] <@DraHosting_> lots of drama going on in the house
[22:51] <+RachelReilly_> the showmances need to go
[22:51] <+PirateCotton> me sighs and cleans up the cards
[22:51] <@DraHosting_> and rachel is the center of attention right now
[22:51] <+PB_> CONF: I am not having my banana guards deal with her in the candy dungeon!
[22:51] <+RachelReilly_> PB and Opal BETTER be nominated
[22:51] <+RachelReilly_> <_<
[22:51] <@DraHosting_> As the outgoing VIP, Rachel, you CANNOT win this challenge.
[22:51] <+PB_> CONF: I would NEVER put them through such a thing. <_<
[22:51] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:51] <@DraHosting_> With the lever on GOOD, celebrities, this challenge will NOT feature a Star Task.
[22:51] <+RachelReilly_> @Dra
[22:51] <@DraHosting_> You will go from Fame - Gossip - VIP.
[22:52] <+DrSean_> YAY
[22:52] <@DraHosting_> This challenge is short, thanks to the lever being on GOOD.
[22:52] <+NanTheWitch> Cool
[22:52] <+Semhar> nice!
[22:52] <@DraHosting_> This house's name was also selected.
[22:52] <@DraHosting_> I have decided to name the house....
[22:52] * PirateCotton cleans up all the cards and rushes into the house
[22:52] <@DraHosting_> The House of Suffering Scallywags!
[22:52] <+Ty_> ... lol k
[22:52] <@DraHosting_> Congratulations Cotton on picking the name of the house.
[22:52] * PirateCotton claps his hands at his name winning
[22:52] <+RachelReilly_> Um
[22:52] <+Lydia|> lame.
[22:52] <+PB_> WAIT!
[22:52] <+RachelReilly_> it's the Big Brother house
[22:52] <+RachelReilly_> newbies
[22:52] <@DraHosting_> Let's get right to it
[22:53] <+DrSean_> WE ARE TAGI
[22:53] <+PB_> Oh no, I was much too late.
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> This challenge is called "Tokyo Skytree"
[22:53] * PirateCotton does a small jig
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> Get on wikipedia!
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> FAME TASK:
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities must take a ride to the top of the Tokyo Skytree, but the elevator inside is broken down.
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> You will post:
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> *Pumps energy*
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> *Releases pump*
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> 5 times
[22:53] <+PB_> Skytree? I have been on one of those before!
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> once done
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> PM me for the gossip room.
[22:53] <+PB_> When LSP and I partied with the cloud peope!
[22:53] * PB_ chuckles
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities, are you ready?
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> 3
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> 2
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> 1
[22:53] <@DraHosting_> GO
[22:53] <+VerminSupreme> *pumps energy*
[22:53] <+PB_> They're so welcoming!
[22:53] <+Opal> *Pumps energy*
[22:53] <+Semhar> *Pumps energy*
[22:53] <+PirateCotton> *pumps energy*
[22:53] <+Semhar> *Pumps energy*
[22:53] <+Semhar> *Pumps energy*
[22:53] <+PB_> *Pumps energy*
[22:53] <+Semhar> *Pumps energy*
[22:53] <+VerminSupreme> *releases pump8
[22:53] <+Opal> *releases energy*
[22:53] <+Semhar> *Pumps energy*
[22:53] <+VerminSupreme> *pumps energy*
[22:53] <+Opal> *Pumps energy*
[22:53] <+DrSean_> Pumps energy*
[22:53] <+VerminSupreme> *releases pump8
[22:53] <+VerminSupreme> *pumps energy*
[22:53] <+PB_> *releases oxygen*
[22:53] <+NanTheWitch> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *releases pump8
[22:54] <+Semhar> *Releases pump*
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+Semhar> *Releases pump*
[22:54] <+Semhar> *Releases pump*
[22:54] <+Opal> *releases energy*
[22:54] <+Semhar> *Releases pump*
[22:54] <+Semhar> *Releases pump*
[22:54] <+Opal> *Pumps energy*
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *releases pump8
[22:54] <+PirateCotton> *releases pump*
[22:54] <+DrSean_> *Releases pump*
[22:54] <+PirateCotton> *releases pump*
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> *relases energy+
[22:54] <+PB_> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+Ty_> kik j
[22:54] <+PB_> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+PirateCotton> *releases pump*
[22:54] <+PB_> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+PB_> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+PB_> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+PB_> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+Opal> *releases energy*
[22:54] <+PB_> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+PirateCotton> *releases pump*
[22:54] <+DrSean_> *Releases pump*
[22:54] <+PB_> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+Opal> *Pumps energy*
[22:54] <+PirateCotton> *releases pump*
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *releases pump8
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> **pumps energy*
[22:54] <+PirateCotton> *releases pump*
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+DrSean_> *Releases pump*
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *releases pump8
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *releases pump8
[22:54] <+PB_> *releases oxygen*
[22:54] <+PB_> *releases oxygen*
[22:54] <+Opal> *releases energy*
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+PB_> *releases oxygen*
[22:54] <+PB_> *releases oxygen*
[22:54] <+Opal> *Pumps energy*
[22:54] <+VerminSupreme> *releases pump8
[22:54] <+PB_> *releases oxygen*
[22:54] <+PB_> *releases oxygen*
[22:54] <+PB_> *releases oxygen*
[22:54] <+PB_> *releases oxygen*
[22:54] <+DrSean_> *Releases pump*
[22:54] <+Lydia|> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+Lydia|> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+Lydia|> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+Opal> *releases energy*
[22:54] <+Lydia|> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+DrSean_> *Releases pump*
[22:54] <+Lydia|> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+Lydia|> *releases pump*
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> *pumps energy*
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> *relases energy*
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> *relases energy*
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> *relases energy*
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> *relases energy*
[22:54] <+NanTheWitch> *relases energy*
[22:56] <+RachelReilly_>
[22:56] <@DraHosting_> CONGRATULATIONS LYDIA
[22:57] <+Opal> well that escalated quickly
[22:57] * Opal grins at cheesy joke
[22:57] * RachelReilly_ 's eye twitches
[22:57] <+RachelReilly_> LYDIA
[22:57] <+RachelReilly_> has more comp wins
[22:57] <+RachelReilly_> THAN ME?
[22:57] <+Lydia|> WHAAAAT?
[22:57] * PirateCotton snaps fingers
[22:57] <+RachelReilly_> That BITCH
[22:57] * Lydia| dances obnoxiously
[22:57] <+Ty_> Lydia don't forget about the yatch
[22:57] <+PB_> Well, I was close! D:
[22:57] <+VerminSupreme> VERMIN SUPREME NEEDED TO WIN
[22:57] * PirateCotton slips out to the pool to relax after putting in way too much effort in the hallenge
[22:57] <+Semhar> Congrats *smiles happily*
[22:58] <@DraHosting_> America will now vote for an MVP.
[22:58] <+PirateCotton> *challnege
[22:58] <+Lydia|> Oh riiight... @Ty
[22:58] <+Semhar> um no?
[22:59] * PirateCotton instantly falls asleep in a lounge chair
[22:59] <@DraHosting_> CONGRATULATIONS TY
[22:59] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THE WINNER SOMEHOW
[22:59] <@DraHosting_> OF THIS MVP VOTE!!!
[22:59] <+Ty_> lol wut
[22:59] <+NanTheWitch> — Ty no.
[22:59] <@DraHosting_> Ty
[22:59] <+DrSean_> Grats?
[22:59] <+RachelReilly_> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[22:59] <@DraHosting_> You will now make a decision.
[22:59] <+RachelReilly_> Ty stealing my win
[22:59] <@DraHosting_> Will the house remain GOOD?
[22:59] <+RachelReilly_> wtf?
[22:59] <@DraHosting_> Or will it be EVIL again?
[22:59] <+RachelReilly_> he's just a floater
[22:59] <+RachelReilly_> and...
[22:59] <+Ty_> lol no
[22:59] <@DraHosting_> Please make a decision...immediately.
[23:00] <+RachelReilly_> and I'm doing this...
[23:00] <+RachelReilly_> It's just...
[23:00] <+Ty_> e
[23:00] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:00] * RachelReilly_ walsk off and cries in bed
[23:00] <+Ty_> evil
[23:00] * PirateCotton while asleep twirls a finger in a bored manner
[23:00] <@DraHosting_> The house is now EVIL.
[23:00] <@DraHosting_> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~
[23:00] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:00] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:00] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:00] <@DraHosting_> You have until 11:10 to vote.
[23:01] <@DraHosting_> send them in immediately.
[23:01] * RachelReilly_ crawls in corner
[23:01] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:03] <+RachelReilly_> .
[23:04] <@DraHosting_> I need Nan's vote
[23:04] <@DraHosting_> but we still have time
[23:04] <+Opal> I'm surprised no giant monsters came out yet
[23:05] <+RachelReilly_> But there is one
[23:05] <@DraHosting_> I have the votes.
[23:05] <+RachelReilly_> And YOU'RE it @Opal
[23:05] <+RachelReilly_> >:'(
[23:05] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Cotton
[23:05] * RachelReilly_ sobs uncontrollably
[23:05] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Semhar
[23:05] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to DrSean
[23:05] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Ty
[23:05] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to PB
[23:05] <+Semhar> Thank you!
[23:05] * PirateCotton looks happy
[23:05] * PB_ catches
[23:05] <@DraHosting_> I think I got everyone lol!
[23:05] <@DraHosting_> Nan.
[23:05] <@DraHosting_> Rachel.
[23:05] <+DrSean_> Safety again
[23:05] <+PB_> Thank you! :D
[23:05] <+VerminSupreme> VOTE VERMIN!
[23:05] <@DraHosting_> Opal.
[23:05] <@DraHosting_> You each got votes tonight.
[23:05] <+RachelReilly_> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[23:05] <+NanTheWitch> Oh.
[23:06] <+VerminSupreme> Where is my renewal
[23:06] <+Opal> well this is a shame
[23:06] * DraHosting_ throws renewal to Nan
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> you got one vote.
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> Rachel and Opal.
[23:06] <+NanTheWitch> Phew.
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> This vote......
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> is tied.
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> 4-4.
[23:06] <+VerminSupreme> DRA WHERE IS MY RENEWAL!
[23:06] <+RachelReilly_> ...
[23:06] <+RachelReilly_> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[23:06] <+RachelReilly_> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> pretend you got one
[23:06] <+RachelReilly_> v
[23:06] <+RachelReilly_> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[23:06] <+RachelReilly_> @Opal
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> Opal, Rachel
[23:06] <+NanTheWitch> The spirit of Papa Legba was good.
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> you will not be voting this time.
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> Cotton
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> DrSean
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> Nan
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> Vermin
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> Ty
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> Semhar
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> PB
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> you will revote now
[23:06] <+Ty_> lol
[23:06] <+RachelReilly_> (i always go in ties :()
[23:06] <+Ty_> ok
[23:06] <@DraHosting_> this time there will NOT be a tie.
[23:06] <+RachelReilly_> Keep me otherwise this season flops
[23:06] <+PB_> What will happen if it is to tie again!?
[23:07] <+Opal> do know that I am not a "floater"
[23:07] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:07] <+Opal> or a "lesbian"
[23:07] <+Lydia|> I say I should get to break the tie and that these rules are STUPID.
[23:07] <+RachelReilly_> you're both of those things
[23:07] <+RachelReilly_> @Opal
[23:07] <+RachelReilly_> and a liar
[23:07] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:07] <+Opal> @rachel you're an ad hominem and the true liar
[23:07] * PirateCotton looks back and forth between the two
[23:07] <@DraHosting_> votes are due at 11:13
[23:07] <+Opal> and both of me can crush you
[23:07] <+RachelReilly_> (6 minutes wth)
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> I have the votes.
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> Rachel.
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> Opal.
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> By a vote of 4-3.......
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> Rachel.
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> RENEWED
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> OPAL
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_> ...
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been cancelled.
[23:08] <@DraHosting_> Please exit to the left and PM me on main.
[23:08] * Lydia| gasps
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_> YES
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_> YES
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_> TAKE THAT
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_> LYING FLOATER BITCH
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:08] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:08] <+Opal> I will return, Rachel
[23:09] <+Opal> but not as Opal.
[23:09] <+NanTheWitch> Stop you robot.
[23:09] <+DrSean_> IT WAS THE TIEBREAKER
[23:09] <+Ty_> woo #tits
[23:09] <+DrSean_> WTF
[23:09] <+Opal> and you will wish you never met them.
[23:09] <+Semhar> awww bye Opal! *waves*
[23:09] <+NanTheWitch> I will make you shove someone in you butt.
[23:09] * Opal leaves
[23:09] <+NanTheWitch> @Rachel
[23:09] <+DrSean_> WTF
[23:09] <+NanTheWitch> Bye Opal.
[23:09] * Opal fires an arrow over Rachel's head
[23:09] * PirateCotton waves at Opal with sympathy
[23:09] <+Lydia|> Bye, Opal. :O
[23:09] <+RachelReilly_> Brendon and I already tried @Nan
[23:09] <+RachelReilly_> didn't work
[23:09] <+RachelReilly_> :(
[23:09] <+RachelReilly_> bye bye floater
[23:09] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[23:09] * PirateCotton cuts the arrow out of the air with his sword
[23:10] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:10] * PirateCotton wags a finger at Opal
[23:10] <@DraHosting_> ~~ EPISODE END ~~
[23:11] * PirateCotton lounges by the pool with the arrow he cut in half
[23:11] * PirateCotton cuts the arrow into splinters and begins to use one as a toothpick
[23:12] <+Semhar> CONF: Yeah I regret flipping to vote Opal out now... *shrugs and continues to write in her journal*
[23:12] <+RachelReilly_> Hey Semhar
[23:12] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:12] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[23:12] <+Semhar> Yeah? *looks up*
[23:12] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:13] <+RachelReilly_> Semhar
[23:13] <+RachelReilly_> Semhar, do you hate me?
[23:13] <+PB_> CONF: All of this negative energy is really getting to my head, GAH!
[23:13] <+RachelReilly_> Semhar why don't you talk to me?
[23:13] <+RachelReilly_> Do you think I'm annoying?
[23:13] <+Semhar> you vex me
[23:13] == DraHosting_ changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: DrSean, Lydia, Nan, PB, Cotton, Rachel, Semhar, Ty, Vermin | ALIGNMENT: EVIL | JURY: Lana, Tharja, Opal
[23:13] * RachelReilly_ smiles as she leans against the fridge
[23:13] <+PB_> I would talk to you, Rachel ^_^
[23:13] <@DraHosting_> congratulations on making the top 9
[23:13] <+RachelReilly_> What kind of sandwich is that, Semhar?
[23:13] * PirateCotton walks by and waves at the girls with a grin
[23:14] <+Semhar> *drinks a glass of water*
[23:14] <+Ty_> wow ok
[23:14] <+PB_> If you didn't yell in my face every few seconds >:(
[23:14] <+RachelReilly_> Sorry, I don't talk to floaters @PB
[23:14] <+RachelReilly_> and liars
[23:14] <+PB_> Candy Kingdom is nice and quiet most of the time..
[23:14] <+RachelReilly_> and scumbags
[23:14] <+PB_> And-
[23:14] <+RachelReilly_> and people who have no respect for the game of big brother
[23:14] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[23:14] <@DraHosting_> o ~~ next episode ~~
[23:14] <@DraHosting_> whoops
[23:14] <+Semhar> Not like it makes a difference but it's peanut butter and jelly
[23:14] <@DraHosting_> setting up the VIP
[23:14] <+Semhar> *eats*
[23:14] <+PB_> You're talking to one right now.. Semhar though. :( @Rachel
[23:14] <+RachelReilly_> Semhar why do I annoy you?
[23:15] * PirateCotton sits next to Rachel eating a ham and cheese sandwhich
[23:15] <+RachelReilly_> She regrets flipping? She'll regret not self-evicting :)
[23:15] <+PB_> Whatever, I'll leave you to alone to bicker and debate and all of that fun stuff. ^_6
[23:15] <@DraHosting_> Oh I should also note
[23:15] <+Ty_> #Riot
[23:15] <+PB_> Have fun, ladies. :D
[23:15] <@DraHosting_> BECAUSE Ty changed the alignment to EVIL
[23:15] * PirateCotton waves goodbye to PB
[23:15] <@DraHosting_> The winner of this VIP challenge will be UNABLE to vote at the NEXT elimination of the game.
[23:15] <+RachelReilly_> Ooh, it's evil again?
[23:15] <+Semhar> *walks away without answering Rachel's question*
[23:15] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:15] <@DraHosting_> Meaning they will be safe here and won't vote
[23:15] * PB_ scurries away
[23:15] <+Ty_> lol
[23:15] <@DraHosting_> but next elimination
[23:15] <@DraHosting_> when they are not immune
[23:15] * RachelReilly_ walks after Semhar
[23:15] <+NanTheWitch> Oh.
[23:15] <@DraHosting_> they will not vote then either.
[23:15] <+RachelReilly_> Semhar why are you walking away?
[23:16] <+RachelReilly_> Semhar why cant we be friends?
[23:16] <+NanTheWitch> Twist after twisted twist.
[23:16] <+RachelReilly_> Semhar do you like me?
[23:16] <+DrSean_> Twistos twisted tiwsts
[23:16] <+NanTheWitch> Twisted more than the witch coven I'm in.
[23:16] <+Semhar> Leave me alone! *runs away into the bathroom, locks the door and continues writing*
[23:16] <+RachelReilly_> Aw
[23:16] <+NanTheWitch> There's this girl in the coven who was this vagina that kills people.
[23:16] <+RachelReilly_> I think she really wants to be my friend
[23:16] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[23:16] * PirateCotton strolls back into the kitchen and prepares to make a pork roast
[23:16] <+NanTheWitch> So the pussy would be so god that the boy dies from it.
[23:17] <+PB_> Tell me more about it! ^_^ @Nan
[23:17] * PirateCotton raises an eyebrow at Nan's comments
[23:17] <+NanTheWitch> You sure @PB
[23:17] <+PB_> This sounds.. SCIENTIFIC :O
[23:17] <+NanTheWitch> Our witch coven is hella crazy.
[23:17] <@DraHosting_> just curious
[23:17] <+VerminSupreme> MAY WE START
[23:17] <+PB_> The cat would be so good the boy would die from it..?
[23:17] <@DraHosting_> are people still going to COMPETE in the VIP competition
[23:17] <+RachelReilly_> I think this game is kind of like having sex with Brendon :)
[23:17] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:17] <@DraHosting_> knowing the risks
[23:18] <+VerminSupreme> BEFORE THE ELECTION BEGINS
[23:18] <+PB_> Why would someone die from a KITTEN? :(
[23:18] <+RachelReilly_> I will!
[23:18] <+VerminSupreme> I will.
[23:18] <@DraHosting_> k
[23:18] <+RachelReilly_> I'm no floater
[23:18] <+PB_> They're so adorable!
[23:18] <+RachelReilly_> I take risks
[23:18] * PirateCotton continues making the pork roast while listening to the conversation going on
[23:18] <+PB_> I have one I created in the lab.
[23:18] <+PB_> He's made of cotton candy. <3
[23:18] <+NanTheWitch> No they died from a vagina. @pb
[23:18] <+NanTheWitch> Aka sex.
[23:18] <+NanTheWitch> :)
[23:18] <+Ty_> thats my line Dra
[23:18] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:18] <+RachelReilly_> kristen
[23:18] <+DrSean_> Guys
[23:18] <+RachelReilly_> >:(
[23:18] <+NanTheWitch> Our witch coven is weird.
[23:18] <+DrSean_> I ADE A SUPERPOLE 400
[23:18] <+PB_> I have never before heard of either of those terms! @Nan
[23:18] <+DrSean_> Wanna check it oout?
[23:18] <+PB_> I come from the land of Ooo.
[23:19] <+PB_> ^_^
[23:19] <+RachelReilly_> is that short for
[23:19] * PirateCotton sees the blade of his sword is getting a bit dull while cutting the roast
[23:19] <+NanTheWitch> Sex is when you stick a male's private part into your whole in the front.
[23:19] <+RachelReilly_> Oooh my god you are sOoo annoying?
[23:19] <+RachelReilly_> @PB
[23:19] <+NanTheWitch> Go on RULE 34 and search your name. @PB
[23:19] <@DraHosting_> Let's get to it!
[23:19] * RachelReilly_ stretches
[23:19] <+RachelReilly_> I'm ready to win my next H-O-H!
[23:20] <@DraHosting_> This challenge is called: "Tokyo Disneyland"
[23:20] <+PB_> Nan. I have heard enough. Thank you very much. :)
[23:20] <@DraHosting_> wikipedia it
[23:20] <+Semhar> *leaves the bathroom and joins the others*
[23:20] <@DraHosting_> FAME TASK:
[23:20] <+Lydia|> I once has a boyfriend who really liked that site.
[23:20] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities must quickly search through the Dedication speech on Wikipedia to locate three words. They will have to post which line the words are located on.
[23:20] <+Lydia|> He was weird.
[23:20] <+PB_> This is not as scientific and interesting as I had originally expected!
[23:20] <+NanTheWitch> The spirits have taken over me.
[23:20] <@DraHosting_> you will PM me the answers
[23:20] <+Lydia|> I think he's in jail now/
[23:20] <+Lydia|> *.
[23:20] <@DraHosting_> here are your three words:
[23:20] <@DraHosting_> on the post, you will GO:
[23:20] <+NanTheWitch> I must put on headphones to release them.
[23:20] <@DraHosting_> 1. Happy | 2. Disneyland | 3. Discover
[23:20] <+NanTheWitch> *puts on headphones*
[23:20] <@DraHosting_> GO
[23:21] <+NanTheWitch> I'm sorry I must resign from competing.
[23:21] <+PB_> And off I go!!!!
[23:21] <+NanTheWitch> The spirits have taken over me.
[23:22] <+NanTheWitch> I must gain back my strength to defeat Fiona Goode.
[23:22] <+NanTheWitch> The supreme of the coven.
[23:23] == DrSean_ [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:24] <+Lydia|> .
[23:24] == DrSean [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[23:26] <@DraHosting_> this is the most intense Star Task of the season.
[23:27] <+RachelReilly_> *grabs VIP*
[23:27] <+RachelReilly_> *places VIP around neck*
[23:28] <+RachelReilly_> YES <33333
[23:28] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:28] * PirateCotton shakes his head in disapointment
[23:28] <+RachelReilly_> WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM?
[23:28] <+RachelReilly_> NOBODY?
[23:28] <+RachelReilly_> WELL TOO BAD
[23:28] <+RachelReilly_> I'M HOH THIS WEEK
[23:28] <+RachelReilly_> SO YOU HAVE TO BE /NICE/ TO ME
[23:28] <+Ty_> tits?
[23:28] <@DraHosting_> America will now vote for an MVP.
[23:28] * PB_ sits down
[23:28] <+PB_> OH! WHAT A PATOOT! >:(
[23:28] <+PB_> I was so darn close.
[23:28] <+Lydia|> We get a ROOM for winning?
[23:28] <+Lydia|> EXCUSE ME I NEVER GOT A ROOM
[23:29] <+RachelReilly_> Haha
[23:29] <@DraHosting_> Also Rachel
[23:29] <@DraHosting_> please note that thought you cannot vote tonight and you are immune
[23:29] <@DraHosting_> you also cannot vote tomorrow
[23:29] <+RachelReilly_> I guess the floaters don't know ANYTHING about big brother after all!
[23:29] <@DraHosting_> because of the house being EVIL.
[23:29] <+RachelReilly_> point taken
[23:29] <+RachelReilly_> I will win the MVP!
[23:29] <+RachelReilly_> Cmon America!
[23:29] <+RachelReilly_> I'm the only thing GOOD about this house!
[23:29] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:29] <+Ty_> wtf no
[23:29] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:29] <+RachelReilly_> ;D
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> CONGRATULATIONS
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THIS WEEK'S MVP!!!
[23:30] <+Semhar> Yay! Good job PB!
[23:30] * PirateCotton claps in congratulations to PB
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> PB.
[23:30] <+PB_> Thank you all very much, ladies and germs! :D
[23:30] * RachelReilly_ rolls eyes
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> It's time for the second major twist of the season.
[23:30] <+NanTheWitch> Yay PB
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> As MVP
[23:30] <+RachelReilly_> A floater winning MVP
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> and with the house as EVIL
[23:30] <+RachelReilly_> come ON America
[23:30] <+RachelReilly_> where are all the fans?
[23:30] <+Semhar> CONF: Not like she deserves it... *murmurs under her breath as she writes*
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> You will hand out two Boxes.
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> BOTH of these boxes
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> will be PUNISHMENTS.
[23:30] <+NanTheWitch> My concilium has made everyone vote for you.
[23:30] <@DraHosting_> You cannot give one to Rachel.
[23:31] <@DraHosting_> But you must give out two punishments to the house.
[23:31] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:31] <+PB_> WHAT THE CABBAGE!?
[23:31] <DrSean> PB i love you
[23:31] <+Ty_> wtf no
[23:31] <+PB_> Two PUNISHMENTS? :(
[23:31] <+PB_> I do not like punishing people!
[23:31] <@DraHosting_> you have time
[23:31] <+PB_> Unless they're LICH KING!
[23:31] <+PB_> Or someone dastardly!
[23:32] <+PB_> He drives me up the wall.
[23:32] <+PB_> Also, that Flame Princess..
[23:32] <+PB_> I'd give a punishment out to both of them in a second! <_<
[23:32] <+PB_> But
[23:32] * PB_ sighs
[23:32] * PB_ composes self.
[23:32] <+PB_> Okay!
[23:33] <+PB_> I would like to give my first punishment out to
[23:33] <+PB_> ...
[23:33] <+PB_> ...
[23:33] <+PB_> Vermin. His name says it all. :D
[23:33] <+PB_> And let's see..
[23:33] <+PB_> I feel like such an evil princess right now. But trust me, I'm not! ^_^
[23:33] <+PB_> I have a good heart!
[23:34] <+PB_> Made of CANDY!
[23:34] <@DraHosting_> Vermin and
[23:34] <@DraHosting_> ??
[23:34] <+PB_> And hm.
[23:34] <+VerminSupreme> HEY
[23:34] <+VerminSupreme> I AM A WIZARD OF GOOD DEEDS
[23:34] <+RachelReilly_> Your heart isn't good
[23:34] <+RachelReilly_> That's so self righteous
[23:34] <+NanTheWitch> the spirits tell me you are no wizard.
[23:34] <+PB_> Give me a moment.. I have to run this by SCIENCE..
[23:34] <+RachelReilly_> Having a good heart and playing the game aren't mutually exclusive
[23:34] <+PB_> My lab rat! ^_^
[23:34] <+RachelReilly_> PB you're such a poser
[23:34] <@DraHosting_> you have until 11:37
[23:34] <+RachelReilly_> why can't pewople see it?
[23:34] <+NanTheWitch> You are fake. @Vermin
[23:34] <@DraHosting_> or I just randomize it
[23:34] == mode/#TVStars2 [-v Opal] by DraHosting_
[23:34] <+PB_> Okay.
[23:34] <+NanTheWitch> My witch powers never fail.
[23:35] <+PB_> Ty, I suppose.
[23:35] <DrSean> (can i be upped?)
[23:35] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:35] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v DrSean] by DraHosting_
[23:35] <@DraHosting_> Ty and Vermin
[23:35] <+DrSean> (TY)
[23:35] <+Ty_> wtf no
[23:35] <@DraHosting_> Vermin let's begin with you
[23:35] <+VerminSupreme> Okay.
[23:35] <+PB_> He said some.. hurtful things.
[23:35] == Satan [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[23:35] * VerminSupreme opens box
[23:35] <Satan> mwahahahahahaHEEEEE
[23:35] * PirateCotton breathes a sigh of releif and bows to PB
[23:35] <+VerminSupreme> AGHHHHH
[23:35] <+VerminSupreme> IT'S LUCIFER
[23:35] <+VerminSupreme> AGHHHHH
[23:35] <+PB_> But I was giggling at his reaction to me being 828!
[23:35] <Satan> Sister Mary Eunice released a demon into this house.
[23:36] <Satan> And now that demon.....
[23:36] <Satan> will come onto you.
[23:36] <+DrSean> ALLINCES ARE WRONG
[23:36] <+RachelReilly_> Ooh, Satan!
[23:36] == Satan has changed nick to Guest66498
[23:36] <+PB_> It was so funny. <3
[23:36] * PirateCotton bolts away from Satan
[23:36] <+RachelReilly_> Big fan of your work @Satan
[23:36] <Guest66498> You will receive a penalty vote tonight at elimination.
[23:36] <+RachelReilly_> :]
[23:36] <+VerminSupreme> Dead
[23:36] <@DraHosting_> now for Ty
[23:36] <+VerminSupreme> Thanks Guest66498
[23:36] == Guest66498 has changed nick to SoKim
[23:36] <+PB_> Also, thank you, my loyal candy subject! :D @Cotton
[23:36] <SoKim> Ty!
[23:36] * SoKim hands over a Neutral Box
[23:36] == VerminSupreme [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[23:36] <SoKim> Tonight, Ty, You must be neutral.
[23:36] <SoKim> You will be unable to vote tonight.
[23:36] <+Ty_> ?
[23:36] <+NanTheWitch> Vermin is fake.
[23:36] <+Ty_> lol ok
[23:36] <+NanTheWitch> He must be burned at the stake.
[23:36] <+NanTheWitch> For the coven
[23:37] == SoKim [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[23:37] == DrSean [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:37] <+NanTheWitch> He said he was a wizard but he isn't.
[23:37] <+PB_> You would make a fine addition to my kingdom. ^_^
[23:37] <+PB_> I think you'd really get along with Peppermint Butler!
[23:37] <+PB_> Oh my!
[23:37] <@DraHosting_> Very well.
[23:37] <+PB_> Excuse me for a second..
[23:37] <@DraHosting_> Vermin has a penalty against him.
[23:37] <@DraHosting_> Ty cannot vote tonight.
[23:37] * PirateCotton smiles and goes back to preparing his pork roast
[23:37] * PB_ runs to confessional
[23:37] <@DraHosting_> Rachel cannot vote tonight since she is the VIP.
[23:38] <@DraHosting_> Lydia, DrSean, Nan, PB, Cotton, Semhar, and Vermin will be voting tonight.
[23:38] <@DraHosting_> Send in votes by 11:45
[23:38] <@DraHosting_> Also: PB, pick an alignment.
[23:38] == DrSean [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[23:38] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v DrSean] by DraHosting_
[23:38] == VerminSupreme [] has joined #TVStars2
[23:39] <VerminSupreme> (can I get a voice)
[23:39] <+RachelReilly_> (DR): Finn, PB is a lesbian floater liar. :\
[23:39] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v VerminSupreme] by DraHosting_
[23:40] <+DrSean> I hope the next person isn't like Opal
[23:40] <@DraHosting_> Lydia
[23:40] <@DraHosting_> Vermin
[23:40] <@DraHosting_> PB
[23:40] <@DraHosting_> Vote

[23:41] <+PB_> CONF: Once again, take note of the fact that you can not feed her carbonated drinks or soda! I have my eye on you Finn! >:O
[23:41] <+PB_> (*carbonated drinks or pizza)
[23:41] <@DraHosting_> The votes are in.
[23:41] <+Ty_> k
[23:41] <@DraHosting_> PB what did you pick
[23:41] <@DraHosting_> good or evil
[23:42] <+PB_> Hm.
[23:42] <@DraHosting_> hurry
[23:42] <+PB_> I'm going to pick good again!
[23:42] <+PB_> As all princesses should. :D
[23:42] * PirateCotton shrugs in indifference once more
[23:42] <+Ty_> k
[23:42] <+Ty_> k
[23:42] <+PB_> Evil shall not prevail!
[23:42] <+Ty_> lol no
[23:42] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Ty
[23:42] <+NanTheWitch> Evil is Fiona Hoode.
[23:42] <+NanTheWitch> Goode*
[23:42] * RachelReilly_ rolls eyes
[23:42] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Lydia
[23:42] * PirateCotton finally puts the finishing touches on his pork roast and brings it to the voting ceremony
[23:42] <+NanTheWitch> She killed a girl.
[23:42] <+Ty_> woo
[23:42] <+RachelReilly_> The floaters just want to have a good time
[23:42] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to DrSean
[23:42] <+RachelReilly_> give me a break
[23:42] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to PB
[23:43] <+RachelReilly_> this is Big Brother!
[23:43] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Nan
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> Vermin
[23:43] <+PB_> Thank you very much! :D
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> Semhar
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> Cotton
[23:43] * PirateCotton looks shocked
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> The three of you received votes tonight.
[23:43] <+DrSean> Does mine being Red mean anything?
[23:43] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Cotton
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> with 1 vote
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> you are safe.
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> Semhar.
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> Vermin.
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> By a vote of 5-2-1................
[23:43] <+VerminSupreme> VOTE FOR VERMIN!
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <+PB_> CONF: I FINALLY have my potion fully ready! :O
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> x
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> Vermin.
[23:43] <+RachelReilly_> bye Semhar
[23:43] <+RachelReilly_> :)
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been cancelled.
[23:43] * PirateCotton raises hands in joy
[23:43] <+RachelReilly_> ...
[23:43] <@DraHosting_> Please meet me on main and exit to the left.
[23:43] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:44] <+VerminSupreme> YAY!
[23:44] <+Semhar> Yeah, gg Rachel *jumps up and down with joy*
[23:44] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:44] * VerminSupreme strips naked
[23:44] <+RachelReilly_> Semhar, you're a floater
[23:44] <+PB_> CON: I shall drink it before the challenge tomorrow.. and everyone will just be astonished by my super strength! :O
[23:44] * VerminSupreme dances
[23:44] <+RachelReilly_> America WILL see it
[23:44] <+RachelReilly_> >:(
[23:44] <+Ty_> ....
[23:44] <+Semhar> I don't need MVP!
[23:44] * PirateCotton shakes his head in disgust as Vermin leaves
[23:44] <+Ty_> wut
[23:44] <+NanTheWitch> Rachel...
[23:44] <+PB_> CONF: THIS IS THE ROAD TO VICTORY!! SCRE- Oh woops, don't want to summon The Morrow just yet! :D
[23:44] <+RachelReilly_> You will when I'm through with you
[23:44] <@DraHosting_> ~~ END EPISODE ~~
[23:47] <@DraHosting_> ~~ next episode ~~
[23:47] <+VerminSupreme> you can devoice me if you want
[23:47] == DraHosting_ changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: DrSean, Lydia, Nan, PB, Cotton, Rachel, Semhar, Ty | ALIGNMENT: GOOD | JURY: Lana, Tharja, Opal, Vermin
[23:47] <+RachelReilly_> LISTEN UP FLOATERS
[23:47] <+NanTheWitch> The spirits tell me that Lana is still with me.
[23:47] <+RachelReilly_> BECAUSE I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE
[23:47] <+NanTheWitch> She's in my head.
[23:47] <+Ty_> lol k
[23:48] * RachelReilly_ gasps
[23:48] <+RachelReilly_> PLAY
[23:48] <+DrSean> Guys
[23:48] <+RachelReilly_> THE DAMN
[23:48] <+Semhar> I don't need to learn to swim since my afro would keep me afloat xoxo
[23:48] <+RachelReilly_> GAME
[23:48] <+RachelReilly_> WHAT A CONCEPT!
[23:48] <@DraHosting_> Alright
[23:48] <+NanTheWitch> What game?
[23:48] <@DraHosting_> The house is aligned to GOOD
[23:48] <+NanTheWitch> You need witchcraft to win this game.
[23:48] <@DraHosting_> Meaning today's challenge's alteration is very interesting.
[23:48] <@DraHosting_> The winner of this VIP competition CAN vote at elimination tonight.
[23:48] <+DrSean> Do you want to be Richard Hatch?
[23:48] == DrSean [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:49] <+Ty_> k
[23:49] <+PB_> :O :O :O
[23:49] <@DraHosting_> Rachel
[23:49] <@DraHosting_> as a side note
[23:49] <+PB_> OH MY GLOB!! :O
[23:49] <+RachelReilly_> ?
[23:49] <@DraHosting_> you cannot win VIP tonight
[23:49] <+RachelReilly_> ofc
[23:49] <@DraHosting_> and you cannot vote tonight.
[23:49] <+RachelReilly_> America will save me
[23:49] == DrSean [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[23:49] <+Lydia|> O: O: O:
[23:49] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v DrSean] by DraHosting_
[23:49] <+Ty_> lol no
[23:49] <+RachelReilly_> I have an alliance!
[23:49] <@DraHosting_> setting up VIP
[23:49] <+NanTheWitch> Witchcraft to prevail.
[23:49] <+DrSean> Do you want to be Richard Hatch People?
[23:49] <+NanTheWitch> Queenie is a nice witch.
[23:49] <+RachelReilly_> Stop with the witchcraft
[23:50] * PirateCotton stands proud with his sword ready
[23:50] <+RachelReilly_> It's not allowed
[23:50] <+RachelReilly_> >:(
[23:50] <+PB_> Take your time. ^_^ @Drah
[23:50] <+DrSean> Richard is a Snake
[23:50] <+NanTheWitch> She isn't like the other witches.
[23:50] <+PB_> ALRIGHT! :O
[23:50] <+Semhar> *sits and writes, occasionally looking up*
[23:50] == VerminSupreme [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[23:50] <+RachelReilly_> Oh look
[23:50] <+RachelReilly_> if it isn't my favorite friend
[23:50] <+RachelReilly_> Semhar!
[23:50] <+DrSean> Do you want to be a Snake or a Rat?
[23:50] <+Semhar> Oh hi...
[23:50] * RachelReilly_ sits close to Semhar
[23:50] <+RachelReilly_> :]
[23:51] <+RachelReilly_> How you doin' girl?
[23:51] * PB_ removes labcoat
[23:51] * PB_ drinks potion
[23:51] * PirateCotton looks on
[23:51] <+Semhar> Just because I'm black doesn't mean I'm ghetto. Please, don't talk to me in that tone... *continues to write*
[23:51] * PB_ coughs
[23:51] <+RachelReilly_> (DR): No one comes between me and MY MVP! That's why I have to cause drama and make America fall head over heels with me! *winks*
[23:51] * Lydia| walks into DR
[23:51] <+PB_> Tasted a lot better than last time.. *coughs*.. that's for sure!
[23:51] <+RachelReilly_> Wow, Semhar
[23:51] <+RachelReilly_> do you hate me?
[23:51] <+Lydia|> Oh my god!
[23:51] * PB_ flexes
[23:51] <+RachelReilly_> :(
[23:51] <@DraHosting_> alright
[23:51] <@DraHosting_> let's get to it
[23:52] <+PB_> I don't think it's working yet! :(
[23:52] <+Lydia|> Like, where did this room come from?
[23:52] <+Ty_> k
[23:52] <+PB_> It takes a minute to kick in. Hm.
[23:52] <+Semhar> I guess you could say that. *retreats to the bathroom again*
[23:52] * PirateCotton hands PB a board and makes a chopping motion
[23:52] <+PB_> Chop off.. my hand!?
[23:52] <+PB_> What the cabbage!
[23:52] <+PB_> ?
[23:52] <@DraHosting_> This challenge is called
[23:52] <@DraHosting_> "Tokyo National Museum"
[23:52] <@DraHosting_> wikipedia it
[23:52] <@DraHosting_> FAME TASK:
[23:52] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities will need to unscramble a code and PM it to the host:
[23:52] * PirateCotton shakes his head and points at the borad
[23:52] <+PirateCotton> *board
[23:52] <@DraHosting_> unscramble and then PM it to me
[23:53] <@DraHosting_> celebrities ready....
[23:53] <@DraHosting_> GO
[23:53] <@DraHosting_> Irymtnis fo ceudtaoni
[23:54] <@DraHosting_> Bubblegum not even trying in this VIP
[23:54] <+PB_> Okay. I am having A LOT of trouble unscrambling! :(
[23:54] <+PB_> The potion must have lowered my intelligence!
[23:55] <+PB_> And now I am unable to unscramble this phrase!
[23:55] <+RachelReilly_> Okay
[23:55] <+RachelReilly_> I have my campaign ready!
[23:55] <+RachelReilly_>
[23:55] <+RachelReilly_> :]
[23:56] <+RachelReilly_> test
[23:57] == RachelReilly_ [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:57] == RachelReilly [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[23:57] <RachelReilly> back sorry
[23:57] <RachelReilly> can I get +v'd
[23:58] <@DraHosting_> LYDIA
[23:58] <@DraHosting_> CONGRATULATIONS
[23:58] <+Lydia|> WHAAAAT?
[23:58] <+NanTheWitch> Congrats.
[23:58] <+Semhar> Congrats!
[23:58] * Lydia| throws streamers
[23:58] <RachelReilly> wow
[23:58] <RachelReilly> bitch
[23:59] * PB_ applauds
[23:59] <+Lydia|> ...Those were my last streamers. D:
[23:59] <RachelReilly> MVP TIME
[23:59] <+DrSean> Congrats!
[23:59] <RachelReilly>
[23:59] <RachelReilly>
[23:59] <RachelReilly>
[23:59] <+PB_> Good job! Good job! :D
[23:59] * PirateCotton returns to the kitchen feeling useless and upset
[23:59] <+Ty_> k
[23:59] <+PB_> You have approval from Princess Bubblegum herself! ^_^
[23:59] <+DrSean> You will now be skipped
[23:59] <@DraHosting_> America will now vote for an MVP.
[23:59] <+DrSean> If it was your turn
[23:59] <+Semhar> *returns to the bathroom, out of sight*
[00:01] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THIS MVP VOTE!!!!
[00:01] <RachelReilly>
[00:01] <@DraHosting_> Just a reminder though, you cannot vote
[00:01] <@DraHosting_> but you are immune.
[00:01] <@DraHosting_> Make a decision: GOOD or EVIL
[00:01] <RachelReilly> flop
[00:01] <+Ty_> RIP
[00:01] <RachelReilly>
[00:02] <RachelReilly> <3
[00:02] <+Ty_> #brosbeforehoesalliance
[00:03] <RachelReilly> Take that
[00:03] <RachelReilly> You thought I couldn't win MVP
[00:03] <RachelReilly> but I DID
[00:03] <RachelReilly> I am no floater :)
[00:03] <@DraHosting_> GOOD OR EVIL
[00:03] <+DrSean> So now you get skipped
[00:03] <@DraHosting_> make a decision
[00:03] <+DrSean> Congrats
[00:03] <@DraHosting_> now
[00:03] <@DraHosting_> also send in votes
[00:03] <@DraHosting_> you have until 12:10
[00:03] * PB_ crosses fingers
[00:03] <+PB_> GOOD PREVAIL! :(
[00:04] <@DraHosting_> rachel
[00:04] <@DraHosting_> make a decision
[00:04] <RachelReilly> oh
[00:04] <RachelReilly> I pick Evil
[00:04] <RachelReilly> :)
[00:04] <+PB_> ^_^
[00:04] <+PB_> I mean :(
[00:05] <@DraHosting_> the house is now EVIL
[00:05] <+Ty_> k cool
[00:05] <@DraHosting_> Cotton
[00:05] <@DraHosting_> Nan
[00:05] <@DraHosting_> please vote
[00:06] <RachelReilly> (DR): I am such a comp beast! HOHs, POVs, you name it, I'm just going to keep killing it! These people can't evict me if I'm never vulnerable. I have a degree in chemistry; I'm very smart like this. I just need to win comps!
[00:07] <@DraHosting_> me forgetting my own twist!!!
[00:07] * RachelReilly sets up a party?
[00:07] <@DraHosting_> @VIP voting
[00:07] <@DraHosting_> -
[00:07] <RachelReilly> Ready?
[00:07] <RachelReilly> Ok!
[00:07] <RachelReilly>
[00:07] <@DraHosting_> The votes are in
[00:07] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Rachel
[00:07] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Cotton
[00:07] * PirateCotton dances happily
[00:07] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Nan
[00:07] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to PB
[00:07] <@DraHosting_> DrSean
[00:07] <@DraHosting_> Ty
[00:07] <@DraHosting_> Semhar
[00:07] <RachelReilly> cotton :D
[00:07] <@DraHosting_> you each got votes tonight.
[00:07] <+Ty_> RIP
[00:07] <+DrSean> I GOT WHAT
[00:08] * PirateCotton high fives Rachel and PB
[00:08] * RachelReilly smirks at Sean
[00:08] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Semhar
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> With one vote
[00:08] <+Semhar> Why the hate... Rachel >_>
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> you are safe.
[00:08] <+Semhar> Oh yay!
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> By a vote of 4-2-1....
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> xx
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> Ty.
[00:08] <RachelReilly> Sean
[00:08] <RachelReilly> goodbye
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> You are SAFE.
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> DrSean
[00:08] <RachelReilly> ^_^\
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> your show has been cancelled.
[00:08] <+Ty_> lol RIP
[00:08] <@DraHosting_> Please exit to the left and PM me on main.
[00:08] <+DrSean> What ever
[00:08] <RachelReilly> Bye bye Sean
[00:08] <RachelReilly> Now all that's left
[00:08] <RachelReilly> is the QUEEn
[00:08] <+PB_> Farewell Sean!
[00:08] <RachelReilly> of floaters
[00:09] <+DrSean> There's no good reason other then strategy to vote me out
[00:09] <+PB_> I am going to have Drah send some gifts along with you! :D
[00:09] <RachelReilly> @Semhar
[00:09] * PirateCotton holds up a peice of paper that says, "no participation = no victory."
[00:09] <+NanTheWitch> Stop with the gifs.
[00:09] <RachelReilly> You stop with the witchcraft!
[00:09] <+PB_> What's wrong with gifts? :(
[00:09] <RachelReilly> @Nan
[00:09] <+NanTheWitch> I will use my concilium to make you stick the gifs in your butt.
[00:10] <+NanTheWitch> This isn't Big Brother.
[00:10] <+NanTheWitch> This is TV Stars.
[00:10] <+NanTheWitch> :)
[00:10] <+PB_> Everyone deserves one.. unless they're the LICH KING or another patoot like that. <_<
[00:10] <+Ty_> k
[00:10] <+NanTheWitch> I love gifts @PB
[00:10] <RachelReilly> bITCH
[00:10] <RachelReilly> i AM bIG bROTHER royalty
[00:10] <+PB_> So do I! @Nan
[00:10] <RachelReilly> don't tell me what game i'm playing
[00:10] <+Semhar> *rolls her eyes*
[00:10] <@DraHosting_> ~~ end of episode ~~
[00:10] <@DraHosting_> ~~ next episode ~~
[00:10] <+NanTheWitch> *makes Rachel drink bleach*
[00:11] <+PB_> CONF: I absolutely cannot wait to go home and see my candy people, my Princess Plant and Finn, Lady and Jake as well! ^_^
[00:11] <+Ty_> lol k

[00:11] <RachelReilly> BLEACH IS NOTHING
[00:11] <RachelReilly> FLOATER
[00:11] <+PB_> CONF: I can't do anything with this foreign currency regardless.. :/
[00:11] <RachelReilly>
[00:11] <RachelReilly> @Nan
[00:11] <+PB_> CONF: Where is the gold!?
[00:11] <+NanTheWitch> YOULL DIE. >:)
[00:12] * PirateCotton holds up his hands as if asking everyone to stop fighting
[00:12] <+PB_> CONF: I have no use for paper bills! *giggles*
[00:12] == DraHosting_ changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: Lydia, Nan, PB, Cotton, Rachel, Semhar, Ty | ALIGNMENT: EVIL | JURY: Lana, Tharja, Opal, Vermin, DrSean
[00:12] <+Semhar> don't wish death upon people @Nan
[00:12] <RachelReilly> And you'll go down in history as the BB houseguest ever
[00:12] <+PirateCotton> (Dra voice Rachel)
[00:12] <RachelReilly> @Nan
[00:12] <RachelReilly> now which is worse?
[00:12] <+NanTheWitch> She deserves it.
[00:12] <+NanTheWitch> She was mean to me.
[00:12] <+PB_> NAN, WHAT THE CABBAGE? >:(
[00:12] <+NanTheWitch> She's like my boyfriend's mom.
[00:12] <+PB_> THAT IS NOT NICE. >:(
[00:12] <RachelReilly> BRING ON HTE HOH
[00:12] <RachelReilly> >:(
[00:13] <@DraHosting_> Alright celebrities
[00:13] <+NanTheWitch> Fine.
[00:13] <@DraHosting_> this house is aligned to EVIL.
[00:13] <+Ty_> yes
[00:13] == Opal [40cb78d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[00:13] <+PB_> Oh no! :O
[00:13] <+NanTheWitch> *makes Rachel throw up belach*
[00:13] <@DraHosting_> Meaning this week, there will be NO VIP CHALLENGE.
[00:13] <+NanTheWitch> Bleach*
[00:13] * RachelReilly blinks
[00:13] <@DraHosting_> That is the evil twist for the game.
[00:13] <RachelReilly> W-what...
[00:13] <+Ty_> lol k
[00:13] <RachelReilly> did you say...?
[00:13] <RachelReilly> @Dra
[00:13] <@DraHosting_> You pulled the lever yourself doll
[00:13] <@DraHosting_> HOWEVER
[00:13] * RachelReilly grits teeth
[00:13] <@DraHosting_> there will be an MVP this week
[00:13] * RachelReilly 's eye twitches
[00:13] <+PB_> CONF: I still have a soft spot in my heart for Ricardio... braniacs. <3 <3
[00:13] == Speckari_ [49146292@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:14] <+Lydia|> Ugh, that is like, SO lame.
[00:14] <@DraHosting_> America will now vote for an MVP.
[00:14] <RachelReilly> can I win...?
[00:14] <+Lydia|> If I were watching at home, I would totally change the channel.
[00:14] * Lydia| checks watch
[00:14] == SpecKari [49146292@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[00:14] <RachelReilly> ...
[00:14] <RachelReilly> I...
[00:14] <RachelReilly> I...
[00:14] * RachelReilly starts sobbing uncontrollably
[00:14] <RachelReilly>
[00:14] * RachelReilly runs to the storage room
[00:15] <+Lydia|> (you know you've been playing with Rachel too long when you know what gif it is just by the address)
[00:15] <RachelReilly> (yw)
[00:15] <+Ty_> (amen)
[00:15] <RachelReilly> (maybe if you floaters did something in the game you wouldnt have time to memorize urls)
[00:15] <RachelReilly> (:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\)
[00:15] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THIS MVP VOTE!!!
[00:15] <RachelReilly>
[00:15] <+Ty_> k cool
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> You will now decide on how to align the house.
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> GOOD
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> or EVIL?
[00:16] <RachelReilly> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[00:16] <+PB_> This is SO flipping amazing!
[00:16] <+PB_> My first MVP win! :D
[00:16] <+Semhar> CONF: She is becoming a Mary-Sue with all the votes she's been getting... Not jealous or anything.
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> also can I just say
[00:16] <+PB_> Good, of course! ^_^
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> nate's exit interview
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> is the most bitter thing
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> I've ever seen
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> this is why he was banned
[00:16] <Lana|Asylum> post it
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> because he sucks
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> you'll see it
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> on main
[00:16] <@DraHosting_> when he's gone
[00:16] <+Ty_> conf: K
[00:16] <+PB_> There is NO need for evil around here!
[00:17] <+Lydia|> Oh my god!
[00:17] <@DraHosting_> it's on main
[00:17] <+Lydia|> That's like, so cool for you!
[00:17] * Lydia| hugs PB
[00:18] <@DraHosting_> Send in votes.
[00:18] * PB_ hugs Lydia back
[00:18] <@DraHosting_> They are due at 12:25
[00:18] <RachelReilly>
[00:18] <@DraHosting_> this episode will be a double boot episode because of how short it is
[00:18] <@DraHosting_> so
[00:18] <@DraHosting_> this + next elimination
[00:18] <RachelReilly> (DR): I feel hopeless... I shouldn't have made the stupid house Evil... Ugh.
[00:18] <@DraHosting_> are all in one
[00:18] <+Ty_> wait no
[00:18] <+Ty_> not k
[00:18] <+Ty_> no
[00:18] <+Ty_> nonono
[00:18] <+NanTheWitch> Oh no
[00:18] <+Ty_> rip
[00:18] <RachelReilly> double eviction?
[00:18] <@DraHosting_> this is not a double elimination calm down
[00:18] <@DraHosting_> I'm saying
[00:18] <RachelReilly> oh, I can WORK double eviction
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> this episode is this
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> combined
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> with the next VIP
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> and next MVP
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> and next elimination
[00:19] <+Ty_> o
[00:19] <+Ty_> k
[00:19] <+Ty_> cool
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> 5 minutes remain
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> Lydia
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> Rachel
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> Semhar
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> PB
[00:19] <@DraHosting_> vote
[00:19] <+PB_> CONF: I guess that potion WAS good for something after all! ^_^
[00:20] <+PB_> CONF: It must have been a luck potion.. holy frick :O
[00:21] <RachelReilly>
[00:21] <RachelReilly> @PB
[00:21] * PB_ shoots a menacing glare back at Rachel
[00:22] <RachelReilly> ...
[00:22] <RachelReilly> Is this
[00:22] <RachelReilly> a fucking GAME
[00:22] <RachelReilly> to you?
[00:22] <RachelReilly>
[00:22] <RachelReilly>
[00:22] <RachelReilly>
[00:22] <RachelReilly>
[00:22] <RachelReilly> <_<
[00:22] <+Semhar> Both of you stop being so bitter please... It's all I can hear *continues writing*
[00:22] <RachelReilly> ...
[00:22] <+Ty_> lol k
[00:23] <RachelReilly> Semhar
[00:23] <RachelReilly> howc does it feel to know that you got this far by being a floater bitch
[00:23] <RachelReilly> through no merit of your own
[00:23] <RachelReilly> the Big Brother alum would be disgusted by you
[00:23] <+Semhar> what a shame
[00:23] <RachelReilly> It is
[00:23] <RachelReilly> it really is
[00:23] <RachelReilly> <_<
[00:23] <+NanTheWitch> (who hasn't voted lol)
[00:23] <@DraHosting_> Lydia
[00:23] <RachelReilly> Wait until the fans hear about this
[00:23] <+PB_> CONF: Rachel makes me want to break one of my test tubes! That is how annoyed I am right now, like, what the cabbage! >:(
[00:23] <RachelReilly> BB legend taken out by group of floaters
[00:24] <RachelReilly> the fans will TEAR you all apart
[00:24] <+Ty_> lol k
[00:24] <RachelReilly> And I am going to love it
[00:24] <+NanTheWitch> CONF: I hope I can make it through this elimination.
[00:24] <RachelReilly> because that's what floaters deserve
[00:24] <+Semhar> CONF: get... her... out... *stares with a deadpan expression*
[00:24] <@DraHosting_> I have the votes.
[00:24] <RachelReilly> If I leave
[00:24] <RachelReilly> you best believe
[00:24] <RachelReilly>
[00:24] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Lydia
[00:24] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to PB
[00:24] <+PB_> OMG!!
[00:24] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Ty
[00:24] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Cotton
[00:24] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Nan
[00:24] <+Ty_> k cool
[00:24] <@DraHosting_> Rachel
[00:24] <+PB_> This is going to be one heck of a showdown!
[00:24] * RachelReilly hangs head
[00:24] <@DraHosting_> Semhar
[00:24] <@DraHosting_> Each of you got votes tonight.
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> It was a tight one.
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> But...
[00:25] * RachelReilly glares at Semhar
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> by a vote of 4-3........
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <+Semhar> *stares back at Rachel*
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <RachelReilly> ...
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> x
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> Rachel.
[00:25] <RachelReilly>
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been saved.
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> Semhar.
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been cancelled.
[00:25] <@DraHosting_> Please exit to the left and PM me on main.
[00:25] <RachelReilly>
[00:25] <RachelReilly>
[00:25] <RachelReilly>
[00:25] * PirateCotton runs to Rachel and gives her a massive hug
[00:25] <+Semhar> I see.
[00:25] <+Ty_> tits ok?
[00:26] <+Ty_> k
[00:26] <RachelReilly> @Cotton
[00:26] <+Semhar> Drink bleach you self-centred whore *flips afro and leaves*
[00:26] <+Ty_> wow k
[00:27] <RachelReilly> Go home you floating slut on wheels
[00:27] <RachelReilly> <_<
[00:27] <+PB_> CONF: Oh my, that has just reminded me of Finn's tragic science dance. It STILL makes me chuckle to this day!
[00:27] <@DraHosting_> ~~ next week ~~
[00:27] == DrSean [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[00:27] <@DraHosting_> you have a minute to talk
[00:27] <RachelReilly> Hey PB
[00:27] <RachelReilly> guess what
[00:27] <RachelReilly> SEMHAR'S
[00:27] <RachelReilly> NOT
[00:27] <+Ty_> k
[00:27] <RachelReilly> HERE
[00:27] <RachelReilly> AND I AM
[00:27] <RachelReilly> :]
[00:28] <RachelReilly> And guess what
[00:28] <RachelReilly> even if I do get evicted
[00:28] == NanTheWitch changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: Lydia, Nan, PB, Cotton, Rachel, Ty | ALIGNMENT: EVIL | JURY: Lana, Tharja, Opal, Vermin, DrSean, Semhar
[00:28] <RachelReilly> I'm still a juror
[00:28] * PirateCotton flips turkey burgers on the stove
[00:28] <RachelReilly> so you have to be nice to me
[00:28] <+Ty_> (I thought it was double...)
[00:28] <+PB_> And what is that supposed to mean to me? :)
[00:28] <RachelReilly> That your floating ass is going home
[00:28] <RachelReilly> once I win VIP
[00:28] <RachelReilly> or MVP
[00:28] <+Ty_> k
[00:28] <RachelReilly> take your pick <3
[00:28] * PirateCotton hums a sea chantey that sonds like 'A Pirate's Life for Me."
[00:28] <+PB_> EXCUSE ME.
[00:28] <+PB_> I have POTIONS
[00:29] <RachelReilly> No potions can cure your ugly personality
[00:29] <+Ty_> .
[00:29] * Ty_ sings 'k' to Cotton's hum
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> Alright guys
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> you are the final SIX
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> Lydia
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> Nan
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> PB
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> Cotton
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> Rachel
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> Ty
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> congratulations!
[00:29] <RachelReilly> Of course
[00:29] <+NanTheWitch> Yes.
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> You have made it to the
[00:29] * RachelReilly flips her hair extensions
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> VERY FIRST EVER
[00:29] <+PB_> I am the one who has an ugly personality?
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> TV STARS
[00:29] <+Ty_> k
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> FAMILY
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> VISIT!
[00:29] <@DraHosting_> Your loved ones are waiting just outside these doors!
[00:30] <+NanTheWitch> My witchcraft powers are better than all.
[00:30] <+PB_> I am the princess of Candy Kingdom.
[00:30] <+Ty_> lol k
[00:30] <RachelReilly>
[00:30] <@DraHosting_> Everyone needs to open up a separate tab
[00:30] <+PB_> And I would never treat a living thing as you have been! >:(
[00:30] <@DraHosting_> and join this room with their loved one
[00:30] <RachelReilly>
[00:30] <+PB_> I have good on my side.
[00:30] <@DraHosting_> because your loved ones will be competing in a VIP competition today.
[00:30] <+PB_> Something you do not and never will! :D
[00:30] <+NanTheWitch> What.
[00:30] <+NanTheWitch> Loved ones?
[00:30] <+PB_> But you know, there's potions for everything..
[00:30] == BrendonVillegas [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[00:30] <BrendonVillegas> RACHEL!!!!
[00:30] <@DraHosting_> I was expecting elissa
[00:30] <RachelReilly> bookie bear!!!
[00:30] <RachelReilly>
[00:30] <+PB_> I can make one up that will hopefully cure your EVIL personality. <_<
[00:30] == Mother [2f36b533@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[00:30] * RachelReilly glomps Brendon
[00:30] <+PB_> You PATOOT,
[00:30] <RachelReilly> I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!
[00:31] <+PB_> Oh my god!!
[00:31] == Mother [2f36b533@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[00:31] <+NanTheWitch> Will my fellow witch coven girls count?
[00:31] * BrendonVillegas kisses rachel
[00:31] <+Lydia|> WOO
[00:31] <+PB_> Am I going to see Finn or Jake or Peppermint Butler? :O
[00:31] <BrendonVillegas> you've done so well <3
[00:31] <+PB_> What about LADY? :O
[00:31] <RachelReilly> It's been me versus the floaters :')
[00:31] <BrendonVillegas> Takwe them bitches out <3
[00:31] == CottonsParrot [20d88753@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[00:31] <+PB_> Oh my glob!
[00:31] <+PB_> <3
[00:31] == Mother_of_ty [2f36b533@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[00:31] <+NanTheWitch> A parrot.
[00:31] <CottonsParrot> Squaw there you are you ididot
[00:31] <Mother_of_ty> TY!
[00:31] == Elizabeth| [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[00:31] <@DraHosting_> dead@Mother of Ty
[00:31] <+Ty_> ... k?
[00:31] * PirateCotton looks horrified
[00:32] * BrendonVillegas cracks knuckles
[00:32] <Mother_of_ty> WHY THE FRICK ARE YOU ON TV! YOURE LIKE 8!
[00:32] <+Ty_> .... k
[00:32] <BrendonVillegas> any floaters I gotta knock out?
[00:32] <+NanTheWitch> My loved ones. Where are they.
[00:32] <+PB_> Where is Lady!?
[00:32] <RachelReilly> Too many. <3
[00:32] <@DraHosting_> is anyone missing their loved one
[00:32] <+PB_> She can fly straight in! :D
[00:32] <@DraHosting_> that's four
[00:32] <+PB_> OH ME!
[00:32] <@DraHosting_> we need two more
[00:32] <+PB_> I AM!
[00:32] <@DraHosting_> NAn
[00:32] <@DraHosting_> Lydia
[00:32] * PB_ does the science dance
[00:32] <@DraHosting_> get your loved ones here
[00:32] <@DraHosting_> or
[00:32] <Elizabeth|> I am Lydia's SISTER.
[00:32] <@DraHosting_> Nan and PB
[00:32] * PirateCotton pats Brendon on the back, holding up a peice of paper that reads, "You're a luck guy."
[00:32] <RachelReilly> They have no loved ones
[00:32] <Elizabeth|> Wait no
[00:32] == Opal-Jury [40cb78d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[00:33] <CottonsParrot> Squaw, cottailing moron!
[00:33] == Elizabeth| has changed nick to MsBennet|
[00:33] <Mother_of_ty> AND YOU! RACHEL
[00:33] <MsBennet|> .
[00:33] * PirateCotton ignores the parrot
[00:33] <RachelReilly> COME AT ME BITCH
[00:33] == Sean_ [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[00:33] <MsBennet|> I am Lydia's mother.
[00:33] <BrendonVillegas> WHAT?
[00:33] <MsBennet|> Oh my, this house is simply delightful!
[00:33] <BrendonVillegas> Rachel, is this true?
[00:33] <+Ty_> .... not k
[00:33] <MsBennet|> Ooh, and so many nice boys seem to be around!
[00:33] <RachelReilly> Brendon if you can show a girl your penis I can flash a child my boobs :\
[00:33] <BrendonVillegas> o k
[00:33] <+PB_> (The lag)
[00:34] <+NanTheWitch> Awe. No loved one?
[00:34] <+NanTheWitch> When will they show?
[00:34] <@DraHosting_> I need PB's loved one here now
[00:34] <+NanTheWitch> I'm using my powers.
[00:34] <@DraHosting_> if you can't make a new one just change your nick
[00:34] <@DraHosting_> and change it back
[00:34] <@DraHosting_> @PB
[00:34] <@DraHosting_> or make it PB_LovedOne
[00:34] <CottonsParrot> Squaw, bitches please I should've been here instead of this mute fool!
[00:34] == SpecKari has changed nick to LadyRainicorn
[00:34] <@DraHosting_> that works too
[00:34] <@DraHosting_> hey look it's lady!
[00:34] <Mother_of_ty> (CONF) I had to set a good example for my son.... but that vegas-troll will be bald once the camera stops rolling
[00:34] <+PB_> *Lady flies in*
[00:34] <@DraHosting_> k
[00:34] <@DraHosting_> so
[00:34] <+PB_> LADY <3 <3 <#
[00:34] * CottonsParrot claws at Cotton
[00:34] <+PB_> HOW IS JAKE DOING? :O
[00:34] * PirateCotton ducks the parrot
[00:35] <+NanTheWitch> Witchcraft.
[00:35] <RachelReilly> (dra)
[00:35] <RachelReilly> (can you plus me)
[00:35] == mode/#TVStars2 [+v RachelReilly] by DraHosting_
[00:35] <+RachelReilly> (ty)
[00:35] * PirateCotton shakes his fist and holds up a sign saying "Damn Bird!"
[00:35] <LadyRainicorn> Mwo? Na? Ut-gyeo jeong-mal. Joa. Geu-rae, Ha-ja.
[00:35] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities
[00:35] * LadyRainicorn goes near PB and smiles
[00:35] <+PB_> Oh my! That is very interesting. ^_^
[00:35] <@DraHosting_> because this house is aligned to GOOD
[00:35] <+RachelReilly> ;]
[00:35] <@DraHosting_> and you can thank PB
[00:35] <@DraHosting_> THREE of the loved ones in here
[00:35] <+PB_> I am glad everythig is going so well.
[00:35] * Ty_ is being squished by his moms hug
[00:35] <+PB_> How is Princess Plant?
[00:35] <@DraHosting_> will stay in this game
[00:35] <LadyRainicorn> An-nyeong!
[00:35] <+RachelReilly> pB is still a floater
[00:35] <@DraHosting_> and go to elimination with their celebrity.
[00:35] <@DraHosting_> The winners of this challenge will get to vote TWICE.
[00:36] <+NanTheWitch> Oh.
[00:36] <+PB_> Is Finn giving her carbonated drinks again!?
[00:36] <+PirateCotton> ...
[00:36] <+PB_> Okay, good. :)
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> These votes can be spread out
[00:36] <+RachelReilly> Ooh :D
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> or put together.
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> Right now
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities, you will sit out in the opposite room.
[00:36] == Semhar [5c082930@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:36] <MsBennet|> Oh, delightful!
[00:36] <+PB_> That's such a relief. :D
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> Your loved ones are going to compete in a loved ones competition
[00:36] <+Ty_> k
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> a trivia competition
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> about your respective celebrities
[00:36] * MsBennet| looks at Brendon
[00:36] <CottonsParrot> Squaw, screw this guy
[00:36] <+RachelReilly> Go bookie bear ,3
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> I will go down the line asking the loved ones questions
[00:36] <MsBennet|> Ooh, who are you?
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> all about your relative.
[00:36] <Lana|Asylum> (isnt everyone just playing their loved one)
[00:36] * BrendonVillegas flexes
[00:36] <+PB_> Lady, you've been watching right? :O
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> Get it right, you stay in.
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> yes @lana
[00:36] <+PB_> You've got this ^_^ ^_^
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> Get it WRONG
[00:36] <MsBennet|> I'm sure my dear Lydia has made herself acquainted with you.
[00:36] <@DraHosting_> you drop out.
[00:36] <BrendonVillegas> I'm Rachel's husband ^_^
[00:37] <+PB_> (Aside from mine @Lana)
[00:37] <@DraHosting_> The last three standing will stay here for the rest of the week.
[00:37] <BrendonVillegas> ... Lydia?
[00:37] <CottonsParrot> Squaw, screw him
[00:37] <MsBennet|> (I'm having way more fun with this character than my actual character)
[00:37] <Mother_of_ty> .... wtf kind of game is this. Is this what youve been putting my poor ty through?
[00:37] * PirateCotton smacks the parrot
[00:37] <LadyRainicorn> Mal-do an dwae! ^_^
[00:37] <@DraHosting_> Here is the order we will go in: Brendon, Parrot, Lady, Mother, MsBennet, Sean
[00:37] <CottonsParrot> Bitch, squaw come at me
[00:37] == Sean_ [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[00:37] <@DraHosting_> REMAINING: Brendon, Parrot, Lady, Mother, MsBennet, Sean
[00:37] <@DraHosting_> Let's get started
[00:37] <BrendonVillegas> Aight
[00:37] <BrendonVillegas> I got this
[00:37] <+PB_> Sadly, I do not have a potion of SUPER STRENGTH!!! prepared for you. D:
[00:37] <@DraHosting_> you can only answer ONCE
[00:37] <LadyRainicorn> Arasseo, Dra.
[00:37] <+RachelReilly> Goooo brendon! <3
[00:37] <@DraHosting_> if you do not answer in 30 seconds
[00:38] * BrendonVillegas smiles
[00:38] <@DraHosting_> you drop out automatically.
[00:38] == Nans_Mom [uid90476@gateway/web/] has joined #TVStars2
[00:38] <BrendonVillegas> Alright
[00:38] <+PB_> I didn't know you were coming!
[00:38] * PB_ laughs
[00:38] <Mother_of_ty> MOmma ty! Needs some time to think! is it illegal to think?!
[00:38] <+PB_> That's why, or else Science and I would have made one for you real quick. :)
[00:38] <+NanTheWitch> Mom.
[00:38] <CottonsParrot> Squaw
[00:38] * LadyRainicorn giggles
[00:38] <BrendonVillegas> ...
[00:38] * Ty_ hides in embarassment
[00:38] <BrendonVillegas> Well?
[00:38] <+PB_> *Science the lab rat scurries in and sits upon PB's lap*
[00:38] <BrendonVillegas> Julie Chen moves faster
[00:38] * PB_ pets Science
[00:38] <BrendonVillegas> :\
[00:38] <@DraHosting_> REMAINING: Brendon, Parrot, Lady, Mother, MsBennet, NansMom
[00:38] <@DraHosting_> k
[00:38] <@DraHosting_> BRENDON:
[00:38] <Nans_Mom> Hello daughter.
[00:39] <BrendonVillegas> .
[00:39] <Nans_Mom> How's the witchcraft going?
[00:39] <@DraHosting_> During week 4, Rachel received how many votes in TOTAL?
[00:39] <+NanTheWitch> Great. So glad you came.
[00:39] <BrendonVillegas> 7
[00:39] <CottonsParrot> So Cotton, got a new lady crush squaw?
[00:39] <Nans_Mom> Always.
[00:39] <@DraHosting_> Brendon locks in 7.
[00:39] <LadyRainicorn> :D
[00:39] * PirateCotton ignores the parrot
[00:39] <@DraHosting_> he is CORRECT.
[00:39] <@DraHosting_> REMAINING: Brendon, Parrot, Lady, Mother, MsBennet, NansMom
[00:39] <@DraHosting_> PARROT
[00:39] <@DraHosting_> on to you.
[00:39] <BrendonVillegas> YEAH!
[00:39] <CottonsParrot> Squaw
[00:39] * BrendonVillegas hugs rachel
[00:39] <+RachelReilly> <3
[00:39] <@DraHosting_> In week 3, Cotton voted to eliminate WHO?
[00:40] <CottonsParrot> Fuck Him
[00:40] <CottonsParrot> Squaw
[00:40] * CottonsParrot flies off
[00:40] == CottonsParrot [20d88753@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:40] <@DraHosting_> the parrot...drops out....
[00:40] <BrendonVillegas> (god)
[00:40] <Mother_of_ty> .... EXCUSE ME! Brendon. by keeping Rachel safe you're saying you're ok with her showing my poor, innocent ty, her BREATS
[00:40] <LadyRainicorn> :D
[00:40] <@DraHosting_> REMAINING: Brendon, Lady, Mother, MsBennet, NansMom
[00:40] <@DraHosting_> LADY
[00:40] <@DraHosting_> on to you
[00:40] <+PirateCotton> ...
[00:40] <LadyRainicorn> ^_^
[00:40] * PirateCotton facepalms
[00:40] <+RachelReilly> it's okay Cotton
[00:40] <+RachelReilly> :(
[00:40] <@DraHosting_> during which week did PB win her first MVP?
[00:40] <+PB_> Lady come on, you're VERY smart! :D
[00:40] <LadyRainicorn> Dang-yeon-ha-ji. Nan...
[00:41] <LadyRainicorn> 4
[00:41] <@DraHosting_> incorrect.
[00:41] <LadyRainicorn> ? :D
[00:41] <@DraHosting_> The answer is 3.
[00:41] <@DraHosting_> Lady is out, PB does not get to see her loved one.
[00:41] <LadyRainicorn> :O
[00:41] <@DraHosting_> Hug and say goodbye
[00:41] <+NanTheWitch> Me.
[00:41] <@DraHosting_> Lady you may leave.
[00:41] <@DraHosting_> REMAINING: Brendon, Mother, MsBennet, NansMom
[00:41] <+PB_> Wow Dra, way to be a patoot! >:(
[00:41] <LadyRainicorn> Heuk heuk heuk. An-dwae. Nae-ga wae geu-raessul-kka?
[00:41] * LadyRainicorn starts crying
[00:41] <@DraHosting_> One more person will drop from this challenge.
[00:41] <@DraHosting_> MsBennett
[00:41] <+PB_> It's okay Lady! You did good. :D
[00:41] <MsBennet|> It's Bennet with one T. :/
[00:41] <+PB_> Mr. Drah here is the issue!
[00:41] <@DraHosting_> whatever
[00:41] <+RachelReilly> Wait
[00:41] <+RachelReilly> do 3 people get HOH?
[00:41] <+RachelReilly> @dra
[00:42] <LadyRainicorn> :D
[00:42] <@DraHosting_> yes
[00:42] <@DraHosting_> @rachel
[00:42] <+RachelReilly> o
[00:42] <+RachelReilly> m
[00:42] <+RachelReilly> g
[00:42] <+NanTheWitch> It's not HOH.
[00:42] <+RachelReilly> That's never happened in Big Brother history!
[00:42] <Nans_Mom> Be nice Nan.
[00:42] <Mother_of_ty> stupid troll
[00:42] <@DraHosting_> MsBennet: How many votes has Lydia received to eliminate her through this entire competition thus far?
[00:42] <BrendonVillegas> Oh my god babe you'll make history!
[00:42] <LadyRainicorn> Geunom-i gongjunim-eul haechiryeogo hamyeon-yo?
[00:42] <MsBennet|> 1?
[00:42] * PirateCotton cooks parrot stew in the backround
[00:42] <MsBennet|> Answer me!
[00:43] <MsBennet|> Am I right or wrong?
[00:43] <MsBennet|> Have you no consideration for my poor nerves?!
[00:43] <+PB_> Give me a hug, hero! ^_^ @Lady
[00:43] * PB_ hugs Lady
[00:43] <@DraHosting_> 1 is correct
[00:43] <@DraHosting_> REMAINING: Brendon, Mother, MsBennet, NansMom
[00:43] <@DraHosting_> NansMom:
[00:43] <+NanTheWitch> Hello.
[00:43] <+PB_> CONF: Lady coming in really saved my day!
[00:43] <BrendonVillegas> (dra skipped mother of ty lol)
[00:44] <+PB_> CONF: She is my HERO. Finn, now don't get jealous, you are too. <3
[00:44] <Nans_Mom> It's time to go.
[00:44] <LadyRainicorn> Ah, neo-mu jo-at-neun-de. Go-ma-wo!
[00:44] * LadyRainicorn hugs PB
[00:44] <Nans_Mom> I will use my witchcraft skills. Like my daughter.
[00:44] <@DraHosting_> How many votes did Nan receive in the first impressions vote?
[00:44] <@DraHosting_> 25
[00:44] <@DraHosting_> 26
[00:44] <@DraHosting_> 27
[00:44] <Nans_Mom> 7.
[00:44] <@DraHosting_> 28
[00:44] <@DraHosting_> no
[00:44] <@DraHosting_> she received 3
[00:44] <@DraHosting_> NansMom drops out
[00:45] <@DraHosting_> REMAINING: Brendon, Mother, MsBennet
[00:45] <@DraHosting_> TY
[00:45] <@DraHosting_> AND LYDIA
[00:45] <Nans_Mom> I'm sorry mom.
[00:45] <@DraHosting_> your loved ones will go to elimination with you tonight.
[00:45] <+RachelReilly> OMG YES
[00:45] <+RachelReilly> <3
[00:45] <Mother_of_ty> LOL Im the best mother
[00:45] <+NanTheWitch> Yes mom.
[00:45] <BrendonVillegas> Yay baby <3
[00:45] <@DraHosting_> However
[00:45] <+NanTheWitch> Be sorry.
[00:45] <@DraHosting_> We are not finished.
[00:45] <@DraHosting_> Brendon, Mother, MsBennet
[00:45] <+Ty_> ...
[00:45] <@DraHosting_> You will still compete.
[00:45] <+PB_> CONF: Oh my god, I just remembered I brought my Electrode gun!
[00:45] * Lydia| cheers and hugs MrsBennet
[00:45] <@DraHosting_> The last standing relative
[00:45] * MsBennet| gasps
[00:45] <@DraHosting_> wins VIP for their celebrity.
[00:45] <+NanTheWitch> My grandma's knowledge hasn't rubbed off on you yet. :(
[00:45] <BrendonVillegas> ...
[00:45] <BrendonVillegas> oh
[00:45] <BrendonVillegas> no 3 VIPs?
[00:45] <Nans_Mom> Well I'll leave.
[00:45] <BrendonVillegas> :/
[00:45] <+PB_> CONF: *me holds up* I can use this to threaten people! HAHA! ^_^
[00:46] <Nans_Mom> And let you go on on your own.
[00:46] <Nans_Mom> *hugs Nan*
[00:46] <Nans_Mom> Have fun.
[00:46] == Opal-Jury [40cb78d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:46] <@DraHosting_> Continuing on
[00:46] <+NanTheWitch> *hugs mom back*
[00:46] <+NanTheWitch> Bye mom
[00:46] <+PB_> CONF: Just kidding, I wouldn't do that.. unless it were a desperate situation. :)
[00:46] == Nans_Mom [uid90476@gateway/web/] has left #TVStars2 []
[00:46] <+NanTheWitch> :(
[00:46] * Mother_of_ty hugs Ty
[00:46] <@DraHosting_> BRENDON: During week 5, who did Rachel vote for?
[00:46] * PirateCotton sits down to enjoy a bowl of parrot stew with a wicked grin on his face
[00:46] <+Ty_> Mom... k. like legit. k
[00:46] <BrendonVillegas> she couldn't vote
[00:46] <+NanTheWitch> CONF: My mom is my inspiration.
[00:46] <@DraHosting_> Correct.
[00:47] <@DraHosting_> REMAINING: Brendon, Mother, MsBennet
[00:47] <BrendonVillegas> (yes it was a guess yay)
[00:47] <@DraHosting_> Mother, during which week did Ty win his first MVP?
[00:47] <Mother_of_ty> 4
[00:47] <@DraHosting_> correct.
[00:47] <@DraHosting_> MsBennet:
[00:47] <+PB_> CONF: OH MY GOD! I also have my Ball Blam Burglerber!
[00:47] <@DraHosting_> During which week did Lydia win her SECOND VIP?
[00:47] * Mother_of_ty glares at the red-headed troll
[00:47] <+PB_> CONF: THANK YOU SCIENCE!!! :D
[00:47] <MsBennet|> 4...?
[00:47] <+PB_> CONF: Now I'm armed!!
[00:47] == Opal--Jury [40cb78d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[00:48] <MsBennet|> ANSWER ME.
[00:48] <@DraHosting_> correct
[00:48] <@DraHosting_> next round
[00:48] <@DraHosting_> BRENDON: How many votes did Rachel receive during week 3?
[00:48] <BrendonVillegas> none
[00:48] <+PB_> CONF: And angered!!! >:(
[00:48] <@DraHosting_> correct
[00:48] <@DraHosting_> MOTHER: When did Ty first receive a vote in this competition?
[00:48] <Mother_of_ty> week 5
[00:48] <@DraHosting_> excluding possible first impressions votes
[00:49] <@DraHosting_> incorrect.
[00:49] <@DraHosting_> Ty's Mother drops out
[00:49] <+Ty_> K mom. you suck
[00:49] <BrendonVillegas> harsh
[00:49] <@DraHosting_> MsBennet: When did Lydia first receive a vote in this competition?
[00:49] <+NanTheWitch> Ty stop being mean.
[00:49] <+Ty_> lol no
[00:49] <MsBennet|> Week 3?
[00:49] <@DraHosting_> 20.
[00:50] <BrendonVillegas> ....
[00:50] <+RachelReilly> ....
[00:50] * Mother_of_ty sits down, and puts Ty over her laugh. "WHAT DID YOU SAY" spanks
[00:50] <@DraHosting_> correct.
[00:50] <+RachelReilly> no :(
[00:50] <+Ty_> K!!! K
[00:50] <MsBennet|> MY NERVES DRAVEN-- ok
[00:50] <@DraHosting_> BRENDON vs MRSBENNET
[00:50] * BrendonVillegas cracks knuckles
[00:50] <@DraHosting_> we will now move to speed.
[00:50] <BrendonVillegas> (bye me)
[00:50] <MsBennet|> (o)
[00:50] <@DraHosting_> The first loved one to score a correct 3 points
[00:50] <+PB_> Cheering for you both, of course. ;)
[00:50] <@DraHosting_> Will win this challenge.
[00:50] <+PB_> As a princess should!
[00:50] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION ONE: Who was the winner of the opening VIP challenge?
[00:51] <MsBennet|> Opal
[00:51] <BrendonVillegas> ...lydia
[00:51] <+PB_> Also Lady, you do not have to worry about me, because I have SCIENCE!
[00:51] <LadyRainicorn> :D
[00:51] <+PB_> WE have SCIENCE!!
[00:51] <@DraHosting_> Bennet scores.
[00:51] <@DraHosting_> Next question
[00:51] <BrendonVillegas> i have a degree in doctor stuff
[00:51] <@DraHosting_> Question Two: Who was the winner of the week 3 MVP?
[00:51] <BrendonVillegas> me
[00:51] <BrendonVillegas> rachel
[00:51] <MsBennet|> Rachel
[00:51] <+NanTheWitch> No one cares. BrendonVillegas
[00:51] <@DraHosting_> Incorrect.
[00:51] <MsBennet|> Brendon wasn't in this game Week 3:/
[00:51] <MsBennet|> Ty
[00:51] <MsBennet|> Cotton
[00:51] <@DraHosting_> incorrect.
[00:51] <BrendonVillegas> pb
[00:52] <BrendonVillegas> lana
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> BRENDON SCORES!
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> 1-1
[00:52] <+NanTheWitch> *makes Brendon fail in challenge*
[00:52] <BrendonVillegas> tharja
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> next question
[00:52] <BrendonVillegas> yay
[00:52] <MsBennet|> .
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> Question Three: Who was the person to quit the game?
[00:52] <MsBennet|> Lucy
[00:52] <BrendonVillegas> lmao i dont have a memory from 4 hours ago
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> MsBennet scores.
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> 2-1
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> This could end it all
[00:52] <BrendonVillegas> im sorry rach
[00:52] <BrendonVillegas> mvp?
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> Question Four: Who was ejected from the game?
[00:52] <BrendonVillegas> lana
[00:52] <MsBennet|> Lana
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> Brendon scores.
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> 2-2
[00:52] <BrendonVillegas> YES!
[00:52] <@DraHosting_> Final question:
[00:52] <MsBennet|> o...
[00:53] <MsBennet|> .
[00:53] <@DraHosting_> Name one person who received votes during the FIRST elimination of the game.
[00:53] <BrendonVillegas> nan
[00:53] <BrendonVillegas> er
[00:53] <MsBennet|> justin
[00:53] <BrendonVillegas> flop
[00:53] <@DraHosting_> MS BENNET SCORES
[00:53] <BrendonVillegas> I'm sorry Rachel :'(
[00:53] <@DraHosting_> LYDIA CONGRATULATIONS
[00:53] <+Ty_> lol k
[00:53] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP!
[00:53] <+RachelReilly> It's okay bookie <3
[00:53] <+NanTheWitch> My spells worked.
[00:53] <+NanTheWitch> :)
[00:53] <+RachelReilly> we still have mvp
[00:53] * Lydia| cheers obnoxiously and hugs MrsBennet
[00:54] <MsBennet|> We did it, my dear! We did it!
[00:54] * MsBennet| slips Brendon Lydia's phone number.
[00:54] <MsBennet|> Call her. ;)
[00:54] <@DraHosting_> America will now vote for an MVP
[00:54] <@DraHosting_> PB cannot win
[00:55] <+PB_> Cabbage! >:|
[00:55] * PB_ sighs in defeat and sits down
[00:55] == Spec_ [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[00:57] <+RachelReilly> .
[00:57] <+RachelReilly> YES
[00:57] <+RachelReilly> <333333
[00:57] <+RachelReilly> TAKE THAT
[00:57] <@DraHosting_> Brendon
[00:57] <@DraHosting_> Ty's Mother
[00:57] <@DraHosting_> MsBennet
[00:57] <+RachelReilly>
[00:57] <+RachelReilly> HUGS MY ALLIES
[00:57] <@DraHosting_> you will go to elimination
[00:57] <@DraHosting_> with your celebrity
[00:57] <@DraHosting_> you will be able to vote at elimination.
[00:58] <@DraHosting_> Will you vote with your player, or will you vote against them?
[00:58] <@DraHosting_> Please send in your votes ASAP
[00:58] <Mother_of_ty> Stop spoiling Ty with this celebrity non sense!!!
[00:58] <@DraHosting_> votes are due at 1:03
[00:58] <+PB_> Lady, you know what to do! ^_^
[00:58] <Mother_of_ty> First school put him up as star of the week for holding the door!
[00:58] <LadyRainicorn> ^.^
[00:58] <Mother_of_ty> His ego is going to be way too big!
[00:58] <+PB_> I'm ready!! !>:(
[00:59] <@DraHosting_> PB / Ty / Nan / Ty'sMother / MsBennet
[00:59] <@DraHosting_> vote
[00:59] <MsBennet|> Excuse me
[00:59] <MsBennet|> Ms Mother of Ty.
[00:59] <MsBennet|> Does your son happen to be single?
[00:59] <Mother_of_ty> ,,,
[01:00] <Mother_of_ty> My son is 8 flipping years old
[01:00] <Mother_of_ty> 7 if we ignore the year he ran away
[01:00] <@DraHosting_> Nan / MsBEnnet
[01:00] <+PB_> I wish I could practice my call.. but I cannot because it would summon him right now and he'd probably take me away, ha!
[01:00] <+RachelReilly>
[01:01] <+PB_> I don't want to make him fly the distance!
[01:01] <+RachelReilly> @this game
[01:01] <+RachelReilly> I can't wait for this vote to be over
[01:01] <@DraHosting_> Brendon
[01:01] <@DraHosting_> TysMother
[01:01] <+RachelReilly> so we can send the floaters packing
[01:01] <@DraHosting_> MsBennet
[01:01] <+RachelReilly> F I N A L L Y
[01:01] <@DraHosting_> please say goodbye to your loved ones
[01:01] <@DraHosting_> and head out of the house.
[01:01] <Mother_of_ty> ,,,,
[01:01] <BrendonVillegas> Baby :(
[01:01] <BrendonVillegas> bye o/
[01:01] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Rachel
[01:01] * Mother_of_ty jumps in brendons arms
[01:01] * RachelReilly kisses Brendon
[01:01] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Ty
[01:01] <+RachelReilly> bye bookie bear
[01:01] == BrendonVillegas [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:01] <@DraHosting_> booka bear
[01:01] == Mother_of_ty [2f36b533@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:01] <@DraHosting_> Nan / PB / Cotton
[01:01] <MsBennet|> Bye, honey!
[01:01] <@DraHosting_> the three of you received votes tonight.
[01:01] <+Ty_> k. bye.
[01:01] <MsBennet|> Good luck with Brendon!
[01:02] <+RachelReilly> :(
[01:02] <+NanTheWitch> I received votes.
[01:02] <+PB_> Oh.. well of course!
[01:02] == MsBennet| [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:02] <+RachelReilly> Cotton D;
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> wait lydia PM
[01:02] <+NanTheWitch> My powers have failed.
[01:02] == Spec_ [182dc0ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[01:02] <+PB_> Rachel. If we threw you out into the seas of Ooo.
[01:02] <+PB_> You would not float.
[01:02] <+PB_> You would SINK.
[01:02] <+RachelReilly> exactly
[01:02] <+Ty_> lol rip
[01:02] <+RachelReilly> because I am not a floater
[01:02] <+RachelReilly> :)
[01:02] <+PB_> Because I wouldn't give you a lifevest!
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> yes so
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> Nan
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> PB
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> Cotton
[01:02] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Cotton
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> with 1 vote Cotton
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> you are safe.
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> PB
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> Nan.
[01:02] <+PB_> Okay wow, that was pretty harsh of me..
[01:02] * PirateCotton celebrates
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> By a vote of 5-2-1.......
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <+NanTheWitch> Oh my god.
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <+PB_> Lady, we have SCIENCE!!
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <+RachelReilly> yay cotton :D
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <+RachelReilly> Bye Nan
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> PB.
[01:02] <+PB_> Do not give up just yet!
[01:02] <+RachelReilly> :]
[01:02] <+NanTheWitch> No.
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> You are safe.
[01:02] <@DraHosting_> Nan
[01:03] <@DraHosting_> your show has been cancelled.
[01:03] <+NanTheWitch> My powers.
[01:03] <+PB_> OH MY GLOB!!!
[01:03] <+NanTheWitch> Have failed.
[01:03] <LadyRainicorn> :D
[01:03] <+Ty_> lol rip
[01:03] <+PB_> THANK YOU <3 <3
[01:03] <@DraHosting_> please exit to the left and PM me on main.
[01:03] <+RachelReilly>
[01:03] <+RachelReilly> @Nan
[01:03] <+RachelReilly> Bye bye floater
[01:03] <+NanTheWitch> Tear.
[01:03] <+RachelReilly> 1 down, two to go
[01:03] <+RachelReilly> :)

[01:03] <+NanTheWitch> Stfu Rachel
[01:03] * LadyRainicorn cheers from the outside of the TV Stars house
[01:03] <+Lydia|> Byeeee!
[01:03] <+RachelReilly> bye bye hunny
[01:07] <@DraHosting_> WE HAVE MADE IT ALL THE WAY TO WEEK 9
[01:07] <+RachelReilly> I picked it for myself!
[01:07] <@DraHosting_> AND ONLY FIVE REMAIN.
[01:07] <+Ty_> lol k
[01:07] <+Lydia|> EXCUSE ME I AM NOT QUIET
[01:07] <+Lydia|> Whaaaat?
[01:08] * PirateCotton thrusts his sword into the air
[01:08] <@DraHosting_> AND IN THE END
[01:08] <+RachelReilly> I am the queen of this game :)
[01:08] <@DraHosting_> ONE
[01:08] <@DraHosting_> WILL WIN.
[01:08] <@DraHosting_> THIS IS THE TV STARS TOKYO...
[01:08] <@DraHosting_> FINALE
[01:08] <@DraHosting_> ~~
[01:08] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities
[01:08] <+RachelReilly> spoiler alert:
[01:08] <+RachelReilly>
[01:08] <@DraHosting_> Let's get to your next VIP challenge.
[01:08] <+Ty_> k
[01:08] * PirateCotton nods in agreement
[01:08] * RachelReilly stretches
[01:08] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities, this week, since the lever is on GOOD
[01:08] <+PB_> Okay! ^_^
[01:09] * PirateCotton smiles
[01:09] <@DraHosting_> You will only have to complete the Fame Task and Gossip Task to win.
[01:09] <@DraHosting_> No VIP task.
[01:09] * PB_ flexes nonexistent muscles
[01:09] <@DraHosting_> No Star task.
[01:09] <@DraHosting_> Just those two.
[01:09] <+PB_> I. AM. READY!!!
[01:09] <@DraHosting_> This could be big for every single one of you.
[01:09] <@DraHosting_> As the outgoing VIP, Lydia, you cannot win this one.
[01:09] <+Ty_> yay? k
[01:09] * RachelReilly calms herself
[01:09] <+RachelReilly> (when does mvp end? f4?)
[01:09] * PirateCotton prepares for the challange by downing a whole bottle of rum
[01:09] <+PB_> If things start to get real dirty..
[01:10] <+PB_> Then I'll pull out my Electrode gun.
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> MVP ends at the final five
[01:10] <+RachelReilly> o ok
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> This challenge is: Rainbow Bridge
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> wikipedia it
[01:10] <+RachelReilly> I'm ready to win my next HOH!
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> the tokyo one
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> -
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> FAME TASK:
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> You must post:
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> *races across bridge* 10 times
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> *climbs truss* 3 times
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> *Reaches ledge*
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> then PM me for the Gossip.
[01:10] <@DraHosting_> The first person to complete the gossip wins VIP status for the week.
[01:10] <+RachelReilly> k
[01:11] <+RachelReilly> .
[01:11] <+PB_> BRING IT ON!! >:(
[01:11] <+PB_> .
[01:11] <+Ty_> thats my line tits!
[01:11] <@DraHosting_> k
[01:11] <+Ty_> HEY!
[01:11] <@DraHosting_> celebrities ready...??
[01:11] <+Ty_> stop that
[01:11] <@DraHosting_> GO
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+Ty_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+Ty_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+Ty_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PirateCotton> v
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+Ty_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+Ty_> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:11] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+Ty_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+Ty_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+Ty_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+Ty_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PB_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+Ty_> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*'
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PB_> *climbs truss*
[01:12] <@DraHosting_> same
[01:12] <+Ty_> *climbs truss*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *climbs truss*
[01:12] <+Ty_> *climbs truss*
[01:12] <+Ty_> *climbs truss*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *climbs truss*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+PB_> *Reaches ledge*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *races across bridge*
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *climbs truss*
[01:12] * Ty_ reaches ledge
[01:12] <+RachelReilly> *reaches ledge*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *climbs truss*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *climbs truss*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *climbs truss*
[01:12] <+PirateCotton> *reaches ledge*
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> ...
[01:14] <+PirateCotton> ...
[01:14] <@DraHosting_> PRINCESSS BUBBLEGUM
[01:14] <@DraHosting_> CONGRATULATIONS
[01:14] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THE WINNER
[01:14] <+PirateCotton> Whoa
[01:14] <@DraHosting_> OF THIS VIP COMPETITION!!!
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> NO
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> NO
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> NO
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> THE FLOATER/
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> BEAT ME?
[01:14] <+PB_> SCIENCE!!! SCIENCE!!!
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!
[01:14] <+PB_> I WON.
[01:14] <+Ty_> ... wow
[01:14] <+PB_> IN THE NAME OF...
[01:14] <+Ty_> k
[01:14] <+PB_> SCIENCE!!!!!
[01:14] * PirateCotton writes whoa on a peice of paper
[01:14] <+PB_> I never thought I'd be doing this but..
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[01:14] <+RachelReilly> Rachel_reilly_angry.gif
[01:14] * PB_ does the science dance
[01:15] <@DraHosting_> America will now vote for an MVP.
[01:15] <@DraHosting_> COTTON
[01:15] <@DraHosting_> CONGRATULATIONS
[01:15] * PB_ hugs Cotton
[01:15] <+RachelReilly>
[01:15] <+RachelReilly> @Cotton
[01:16] <+RachelReilly> YOU WON :D
[01:16] * PirateCotton thrusts his sword in the air in celebration
[01:16] <+Ty_> lol k
[01:16] * PirateCotton does a huge celebration dance
[01:16] <@DraHosting_> Send in your votes.
[01:17] <+RachelReilly> can PB win F4 VIP?
[01:17] <@DraHosting_> After this round is over
[01:17] <@DraHosting_> there will be no more MVP
[01:17] <@DraHosting_> to make up for it, VIPs can now win subsequent VIP challenges.
[01:17] <@DraHosting_> Meaning PB can win the next two VIPs
[01:17] <@DraHosting_> so can anyone here
[01:17] <+RachelReilly> alright
[01:17] <+RachelReilly> :)
[01:17] <+Ty_> wtf k
[01:17] <+RachelReilly> I'm going to win these next few HOHs
[01:18] <@DraHosting_> Lydia|
[01:18] <@DraHosting_> Vote
[01:18] <@DraHosting_> meanwhile Cotton
[01:18] <@DraHosting_> please make a choice
[01:18] <@DraHosting_> Good
[01:18] <@DraHosting_> or Evil?
[01:18] * PirateCotton sharpens his blade on a wheel he has found in the basement
[01:18] <+RachelReilly> evil
[01:18] <+RachelReilly> please
[01:20] <+RachelReilly> .
[01:20] * PirateCotton points at evil with a devlish grin on his face
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> Celebrities
[01:20] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Cotton
[01:20] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Ty
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> Rachel
[01:20] <+RachelReilly>
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> Lydia
[01:20] <+RachelReilly> @Lydia
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> by a vote of 3-1....
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:20] * PirateCotton pumps his fist
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> Rachel.
[01:20] <+RachelReilly> ...
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been cance
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> I mean
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> saved
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> Lydia
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> your show has been cancelled.
[01:20] <+RachelReilly> YEAH BITCH I KNOW MY ALLIES
[01:20] <+Ty_> lol lol
[01:20] <@DraHosting_> Please exit to the left.
[01:20] <+RachelReilly> <_<
[01:21] <@DraHosting_> And PM me on main.
[01:21] * Lydia| gasps hysterically
[01:21] * PirateCotton hugs her tight
[01:21] <+RachelReilly> bye lydia
[01:21] <+RachelReilly>
[01:21] <+Lydia|> THANKS, QUIET PIRATE! D:
[01:21] <+RachelReilly> :)
[01:21] * PirateCotton holds up a sign that says "Loyalty comes first!"
[01:21] <+Ty_> Big tits > Small ones
[01:21] <+RachelReilly> Mine are natural
[01:21] <+RachelReilly> :)
[01:22] <+RachelReilly> (DR): lol no they're not ^_^
[01:22] <+Ty_> lolololol k
[01:22] <@DraHosting_> ~~ WEEK 10 ~~

[01:22] <+RachelReilly> Well PB
[01:23] <+RachelReilly> this is your chance to show you're not a floater
[01:23] * PB_ walks in
[01:23] <+RachelReilly> <_<
[01:23] <+PB_> Hello! ^_^
[01:23] <+RachelReilly>
[01:23] <+PB_> I have already shown I'm not a floater, hun.
[01:23] <+Ty_> k
[01:23] <+RachelReilly> I'm not going to let you take MY season from me
[01:23] <@DraHosting_> It's time for the final four VIP challenge.
[01:23] <+RachelReilly> I was born to win reality shows
[01:23] <@DraHosting_> PB, you CAN win this one.
[01:23] * RachelReilly stretches
[01:23] <+PB_> You're just too vapid and up your butt you haven't realized it.. >:(
[01:23] * PirateCotton presents a feast to the other finalists
[01:23] <@DraHosting_> The lever this time is on EVIL.
[01:23] <@DraHosting_> right
[01:23] <@DraHosting_> did cotton pick evil
[01:23] * PirateCotton nods
[01:23] <+RachelReilly> Your heart isnt in the right place
[01:23] <+RachelReilly> @PB
[01:23] <@DraHosting_> yes he picked evil
[01:23] <@DraHosting_> k
[01:23] <+RachelReilly> you will lose
[01:24] <+RachelReilly>
[01:24] == DraHosting_ changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: PB, Cotton, Rachel, Ty | ALIGNMENT: EVIL | JURY: Lana, Tharja, Opal, Vermin, DrSean, Semhar, Nan, Lydia
[01:24] * PirateCotton lays out a turkey dinner spread for the others
[01:24] <@DraHosting_> Because Cotton flicked the lever to Evil
[01:24] <@DraHosting_> Only TWO people will compete in this VIP challenge.
[01:24] <+PB_> There's a chance.. with Science you can do anything Drah!! <3
[01:24] <+RachelReilly> what
[01:24] <+Ty_> wtf no
[01:24] <@DraHosting_> Those two will be decided by a number draw.
[01:24] <@DraHosting_> please select a number 1-4.
[01:24] * PirateCotton shakes his head
[01:24] <+RachelReilly> 3
[01:24] <+PirateCotton> 3
[01:24] <+PB_> 4.
[01:24] <+PirateCotton> 1
[01:24] <+RachelReilly> ugh this
[01:24] <+Ty_> 2 k
[01:24] <+RachelReilly> Big Brother is laying the twists on HARD!
[01:25] <+RachelReilly> ...
[01:25] <+PB_> ...
[01:25] <+RachelReilly> I better be able to play
[01:25] <@DraHosting_> the chosen numbers were.....
[01:25] <+RachelReilly> <_<
[01:25] <@DraHosting_> 2 and 4.
[01:25] <+RachelReilly> 4 ugh
[01:25] <@DraHosting_> and just so you don't SCREAM at me
[01:25] <@DraHosting_> I will take a screenshot
[01:25] <+RachelReilly> (this being rigged scream)
[01:25] <+PirateCotton> ...
[01:26] <+Ty_> wow k
[01:26] * PirateCotton sheugs and high fives Rachel
[01:26] <+PB_> (Shantae Tashlina :/ @Reddy)
[01:26] <+PB_> (I'll lose anyways tho)
[01:26] <+RachelReilly> (I got fifth you're going to win you boob)
[01:26] <+RachelReilly> (you're against ty gl)
[01:26] <@DraHosting_>
[01:26] <@DraHosting_> there
[01:26] <@DraHosting_> so no
[01:26] <@DraHosting_> screaming
[01:26] <@DraHosting_> you guys narrowly missed out on this twice
[01:26] <+RachelReilly> \S
[01:26] <+RachelReilly> C
[01:26] <+RachelReilly> R
[01:26] <+RachelReilly> E
[01:26] <+RachelReilly> A
[01:26] <+RachelReilly> M
[01:26] <+RachelReilly> S
[01:26] <+RachelReilly>
[01:26] <+RachelReilly> @PB
[01:27] <@DraHosting_> so
[01:27] <@DraHosting_> PB
[01:27] <@DraHosting_> Ty
[01:27] <+PB_> Is that the only face you have for me, hm!?
[01:27] <+Ty_> tits4luck?
[01:27] <@DraHosting_> I am setting up the challenge right now.
[01:27] <+PB_> That doesn't look angry to me... or fierce..
[01:27] <+PB_> It looks.
[01:27] <+PB_> It MAKES you look,
[01:27] <+PB_> Like a patoot.
[01:27] <+RachelReilly> That's the only face for floater bitches
[01:27] <+RachelReilly>
[01:27] <+RachelReilly> and i look fabulous with any face
[01:27] <+RachelReilly> so
[01:27] * RachelReilly laughs obnoxiously
[01:27] <+RachelReilly> bye
[01:28] <+Ty_> k
[01:28] <+PB_> CONF: Wow, I am tempted to fire my Electrode gun AND Ball Blam Burglerber straight at Rachel's huge forhead!!
[01:29] <+PB_> CONF: That was very unlady like of me *giggles* Excuse me. ^_^
[01:29] <+PB_> CONF: But being out here for so long can do certain things to people. :)
[01:29] <+RachelReilly>
[01:29] <+RachelReilly> @ this
[01:29] <+RachelReilly> Like make you the biggest fucking bitch?
[01:29] <+RachelReilly> @PB
[01:29] <+RachelReilly> Do you have to be the biggest bitch because you're gay?
[01:29] <@DraHosting_> it's up
[01:29] <@DraHosting_> Rachel.
[01:29] <@DraHosting_> Ty.
[01:29] <@DraHosting_> ops not rachel
[01:29] <@DraHosting_> PB
[01:29] <@DraHosting_> Ty
[01:29] <@DraHosting_> This is called:
[01:30] <@DraHosting_> Kanda Shrine
[01:30] <+Ty_> k
[01:30] <@DraHosting_> tell me when both of you have it pulled up on wikipedia
[01:30] <+Ty_> k
[01:30] <@DraHosting_> PB?
[01:30] <+PB_> Yup! ^_^
[01:30] <@DraHosting_> FAME TASK:
[01:30] <@DraHosting_> POST:
[01:30] <+PB_> In the name of SCIENCE!!!
[01:30] <@DraHosting_> *worships in shrine* 3 times
[01:30] <@DraHosting_> *Races through shrine*
[01:30] <@DraHosting_> *Emerges in the back yard*
[01:31] <@DraHosting_> then PM me.
[01:31] <@DraHosting_> 5
[01:31] <@DraHosting_> 4
[01:31] <@DraHosting_> 3
[01:31] <@DraHosting_> 2
[01:31] <@DraHosting_> 1
[01:31] <@DraHosting_> GO
[01:31] <+PB_> *worships in shrine*
[01:31] <+PB_> *worships in shrine*
[01:31] <+PB_> *worships in shrine*
[01:31] <+PB_> *worships in shrine*
[01:31] <+Ty_> worships in shrine*
[01:31] <+Ty_> worships in shrine*
[01:31] <+PB_> *Races through shrine*
[01:31] <+Ty_> worships in shrine*
[01:31] <+PB_> *Emerges in backyard*
[01:31] <+Ty_> *races through shrine*
[01:31] <+Ty_> *emerges in back yard*
[01:31] * PirateCotton looks on in anticipation while taking a swig of rum
[01:31] * PirateCotton offers some rum to Rachel
[01:32] <+RachelReilly> I only drink hardcore things
[01:32] <+RachelReilly> like tequila
[01:32] <+RachelReilly> sorry cotton
[01:32] * PirateCotton takes a bottle of tequila out from his sleeve and offers it to her
[01:33] * RachelReilly takes
[01:33] <+RachelReilly> thansk Cotton ^_^
[01:33] * PirateCotton then takes out a bottle of scotch and starts sipping from it
[01:33] * RachelReilly chugs
[01:33] * PirateCotton smiles and gives a thumbs up
[01:33] * PirateCotton offers her a toast
[01:34] <+Ty_> *Races with lantern*
[01:34] <+Ty_> *Races with lantern*
[01:34] <+Ty_> *Races with lantern*
[01:34] <+Ty_> *Wins VIP*
[01:34] <+Ty_> lol k?
[01:34] <@DraHosting_> rachel stop spamming PB
[01:34] <@DraHosting_> immediately
[01:34] <@DraHosting_> or face a penalty vote
[01:34] <+RachelReilly> how is that agaisnt the rules
[01:35] <+RachelReilly> it also doesnt lag you
[01:35] <+RachelReilly> so idg what the problem is
[01:35] <+PB_> Yes it does..
[01:35] <+RachelReilly> it does?
[01:35] <+RachelReilly> it's pm
[01:35] <+RachelReilly> not like an actual chat lol
[01:35] <+RachelReilly> oops
[01:35] * PirateCotton shakes his head
[01:35] <+RachelReilly> didnt ty win anyway?
[01:36] <+RachelReilly> .
[01:36] <+RachelReilly> la la la
[01:36] <@DraHosting_> TY
[01:36] <+RachelReilly>
[01:36] <@DraHosting_> CONGRATULATIONS
[01:36] <@DraHosting_> YOU ARE THE WINNER SOMEHOW
[01:36] <@DraHosting_> OF THIS VIP COMPETITION!
[01:36] <+RachelReilly> Yay Ty ^_^
[01:37] <+Ty_> lol k
[01:37] * PirateCotton sighs in frustration
[01:37] <@DraHosting_> Ty.
[01:37] <@DraHosting_> It's time for you to make a decision...
[01:37] <@DraHosting_> GOOD
[01:37] <@DraHosting_> or EVIL?
[01:37] * PirateCotton goes to the bathroom for a bit
[01:37] <+RachelReilly> go for good
[01:37] <+Ty_> good k?
[01:38] <@DraHosting_> Send in votes.
[01:38] <@DraHosting_> They are due by 1:42
[01:38] <+RachelReilly> cotton brb'd
[01:38] <@DraHosting_> well I hope he gets back
[01:39] <+RachelReilly> dots
[01:40] <+Ty_> rip k
[01:40] <@DraHosting_> reading votes at 1:42
[01:40] <@DraHosting_> for the drama
[01:40] <+RachelReilly> what drama
[01:40] <+RachelReilly> no one is talking
[01:40] <+RachelReilly> :\
[01:40] * PirateCotton is in tears in the kitchen
[01:40] <@DraHosting_> yeah but anticipation will eat you alive
[01:40] <+RachelReilly> it's f4 live feeds are boring
[01:41] <@DraHosting_> you know rachel I have had enough SASS from you
[01:41] <+Ty_> lol wtf
[01:41] <@DraHosting_> you deserve a penalty vote for spamming PB's PM
[01:41] * PirateCotton slams his sword into the ground
[01:41] <+RachelReilly> Alrighty then
[01:41] <+RachelReilly> ^_^
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> I have the votes.
[01:42] * PirateCotton tosses his bandana to the ground and sobs in the kitchen
[01:42] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to.....................................
[01:42] <+Ty_> Titsbgone
[01:42] * DraHosting_ passes renewal to Cotton
[01:42] <+RachelReilly> cotton
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> Rachel
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> PB
[01:42] <+RachelReilly> lol rlly @Ty
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> by a vote of 2-1......
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <+PB_> Thanks for all your help, Cotton. ^_^
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <+RachelReilly> 2-1?
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> x
[01:42] <@DraHosting_> Rachel.
[01:43] <+RachelReilly> what
[01:43] <+RachelReilly> @2-1
[01:43] <+RachelReilly> how even
[01:43] <+PB_> Time to call the Morrow! :D
[01:43] <@DraHosting_> You have been evicted from the big brother house.
[01:43] <+Ty_> (I cant vote)
[01:43] <@DraHosting_> but your show is still alive.
[01:43] <@DraHosting_> PB.
[01:43] <@DraHosting_> Your show has been cancelled.
[01:43] <+RachelReilly> how was it 2-1 idgi
[01:43] <@DraHosting_> Please exit to the left and PM me on main.
[01:43] <@DraHosting_> Cotton - Rachel - PB
[01:43] <+RachelReilly> (ugh sorry dylan i feel terrible)
[01:43] <@DraHosting_> the three of you vote
[01:43] <+PB_> (Penalty vote..)
[01:43] <@DraHosting_> 2+1 = 3
[01:43] <+PB_> (What)
[01:43] <+RachelReilly> (?)
[01:43] <+Ty_> ... RIP
[01:43] <@DraHosting_> yes you should not have spammed his PM
[01:43] <@DraHosting_> @rachel
[01:44] <+RachelReilly> well
[01:44] <+RachelReilly> idk if thats dylan now
[01:44] <+RachelReilly> he seems confused
[01:44] <@DraHosting_> unless you WANT a penalty vote
[01:44] <@DraHosting_> because of your guilt
[01:44] <@DraHosting_> you and PB can go to a tie breaking challenge
[01:44] <+Ty_> lolol
[01:44] <+PB_> (It's Reddy are you kidding)
[01:45] <+RachelReilly> (you didn't know?)
[01:45] <+PB_> (But not going to be bitter because I made it farther than expected)
[01:45] <@DraHosting_> ~~ WEEK 11 ~~
[01:45] <@DraHosting_> Ty.
[01:45] <@DraHosting_> Cotton.
[01:45] <@DraHosting_> Rachel.
[01:45] <@DraHosting_> Ty, I don't know how you made it here.
[01:45] <@DraHosting_> Cotton, you have played a very quiet game because you have no tongue.
[01:45] * PirateCotton smiles
[01:45] <@DraHosting_> Rachel, you have played one of the most dominant TV Stars games in history.
[01:45] <+Ty_> wtf wow
[01:45] <+RachelReilly> I feel bad for doing that to PB
[01:45] <+RachelReilly> but who cares?
[01:46] <+RachelReilly> The floaters dishonored the game of Big Brother
[01:46] <@DraHosting_> It's time for the final three VIP challenge.
[01:46] <+RachelReilly> So they didn't deserve to be here
[01:46] * RachelReilly folds arms
[01:46] <+Ty_> Tits please
[01:46] <+PB_> Time for me to go I suppose!! ^_^
[01:46] <+PB_> SCREEEEE!!!!! :O
[01:46] <@DraHosting_> This final challenge is of course
[01:46] <@DraHosting_> a trivia challenge
[01:46] <@DraHosting_> like all TV Stars seasons.
[01:46] <+PB_> *The Morrow swoops down, picks up PB and flies off into the sunset*
[01:46] <@DraHosting_> This challenge will make you
[01:46] <@DraHosting_> or break you.
[01:46] <+Ty_> RIP
[01:47] <@DraHosting_> Because Ty left the lever on GOOD
[01:47] <@DraHosting_> You will be playing to 5 points
[01:47] <@DraHosting_> instead of 7.
[01:47] == DraHosting_ changed the topic of #TVStars2 to: CELEBRITIES: Cotton, Rachel, Ty | ALIGNMENT: GOOD | JURY: Lana, Tharja, Opal, Vermin, DrSean, Semhar, Nan, Lydia, PB
[01:47] <@DraHosting_> Rachel.
[01:47] <@DraHosting_> Ty.
[01:47] <@DraHosting_> Cotton.
[01:47] <+RachelReilly> Alright! ^_^
[01:47] <@DraHosting_> Are you ready?
[01:47] * RachelReilly stretches for trivia
[01:48] <+RachelReilly> Yep
[01:48] <+RachelReilly> wait
[01:48] <+Ty_> No. but k
[01:48] <+RachelReilly> what kind of trivia?
[01:48] <@DraHosting_> about everything in this game so far.
[01:48] * PirateCotton sadly nods
[01:48] <+RachelReilly> hang on
[01:48] <+RachelReilly> kk
[01:48] <+RachelReilly> im good
[01:49] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 0 | COTTON: 0 | TY: 0
[01:49] <@DraHosting_> FIRST QUESTION:
[01:49] <@DraHosting_> oh wait rules:
[01:49] <@DraHosting_> you can only answer ONCE
[01:49] <@DraHosting_> no spamming
[01:49] <@DraHosting_> -
[01:49] <@DraHosting_> FIRST QUESTION:
[01:49] <+Ty_> j
[01:49] <+PirateCotton> k
[01:49] <@DraHosting_> How many people received more than one vote during FIRST IMPRESSIONS?
[01:49] <+Ty_> 3
[01:49] <+PirateCotton> 3
[01:49] <+PirateCotton> 2
[01:49] <+RachelReilly> 2
[01:50] * PirateCotton shakes his head
[01:50] <@DraHosting_> Ty is correct.
[01:50] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 0 | COTTON: 0 | TY: 1
[01:50] <+Ty_> lol k
[01:50] <+RachelReilly> what
[01:50] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION TWO:
[01:50] <+RachelReilly> it waws 3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1? lol
[01:50] <+RachelReilly> o well
[01:50] <@DraHosting_> that's 3 people receiving more than one vote
[01:50] <@DraHosting_> 3 = more than 1
[01:50] <@DraHosting_> no wait
[01:50] <+Ty_> LOL
[01:50] <@DraHosting_> I'm explaining that wrong
[01:50] <@DraHosting_> -
[01:51] <@DraHosting_> Vermin got 2
[01:51] <+RachelReilly> ... what even lol
[01:51] <@DraHosting_> Nan got 3
[01:51] <@DraHosting_> Justin got 2
[01:51] <@DraHosting_> that's 3
[01:51] <@DraHosting_> -
[01:51] <+RachelReilly> o k
[01:51] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION TWO: Who was voted out in Week 4?
[01:51] <+Ty_> Opal
[01:51] <+RachelReilly> tarja
[01:51] <@DraHosting_> Ty is...correct?
[01:51] <+RachelReilly> tharja*
[01:51] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 0 | COTTON: 0 | TY: 2
[01:51] <+RachelReilly> no?
[01:51] <+RachelReilly> lana wasnt voted out
[01:51] <@DraHosting_> Opal was voted out in week 4
[01:52] <+RachelReilly> o
[01:52] <+RachelReilly> he said opal
[01:52] <+RachelReilly> meeeee
[01:52] <+Ty_> lol k
[01:52] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 0 | COTTON: 0 | TY: 2
[01:52] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION THREE: How many votes did Opal receive in total during Week 4?
[01:52] <+Ty_> 7
[01:52] <+RachelReilly> 6
[01:52] <+PirateCotton> 4
[01:52] * PirateCotton gets drunk in the corner
[01:52] <@DraHosting_> the answer was 8.
[01:52] <@DraHosting_> incorrect for all.
[01:52] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION FOUR: How many votes did Vermin receive to eliminate him during his elimination week?
[01:52] <+Ty_> 2
[01:52] <+RachelReilly> 7
[01:52] <+PirateCotton> 7
[01:53] <@DraHosting_> the answer was 5.
[01:53] <@DraHosting_> incorrect all of you.
[01:53] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 0 | COTTON: 0 | TY: 2
[01:53] <+Ty_> lolol
[01:53] <+RachelReilly> we clearly have numbers :]
[01:53] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION FIVE: Who were the two executive producers?
[01:53] <+Ty_> Lacy Rahcel
[01:53] <+RachelReilly> me and lucy
[01:53] <@DraHosting_> let's try that again
[01:53] <+RachelReilly> no
[01:53] <+RachelReilly> i had it right
[01:53] <+RachelReilly> :\
[01:53] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION FIVE: Who were the two executive producers? - Both names spelled correctly, first names only
[01:54] <+Ty_> (^)
[01:54] <+PirateCotton> Rachel and Lucy
[01:54] <+RachelReilly> me and lucy
[01:54] <@DraHosting_> Cotton scores.
[01:54] <+RachelReilly> wtf
[01:54] <+RachelReilly> i had that
[01:54] <justinlelelelele> wtf I thought pirate can't talk
[01:54] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 0 | COTTON: 1 | TY: 2
[01:54] <@DraHosting_> Me is not you
[01:54] <@DraHosting_> you + me = not you
[01:54] <+RachelReilly> wtf that's such bullshit
[01:54] <+PirateCotton> (gotta win yo)
[01:54] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION SIX: Who won the most VIPs in this game? If there is more than one, name ONLY one.
[01:54] <+RachelReilly> rachel
[01:54] <+Ty_> Rachel
[01:54] <+PirateCotton> Lydia
[01:55] <@DraHosting_> the answer was Lydia.
[01:55] <+PirateCotton> (it's only for this challenge tbh)
[01:55] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 0 | COTTON: 2 | TY: 2
[01:55] <+Lydia|> (Whaaaat?)
[01:55] <@DraHosting_> playing to five.
[01:55] <@DraHosting_> I just counted
[01:55] <@DraHosting_> Lydia has won more than Rachel.
[01:55] <Lana|Asylum> (inb4 next two go to rachel)
[01:55] <+Ty_> (RIP)
[01:55] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION SEVEN: Who won the most MVPs this season? If there is more than one, name ONLY one.
[01:55] <+RachelReilly> me
[01:55] <+PirateCotton> PB
[01:55] <+RachelReilly> rchel
[01:55] <+RachelReilly> rachel*
[01:55] <+Ty_> Cotton
[01:56] <+RachelReilly> its all the same answer i s2g
[01:56] <@DraHosting_> me is not a contestant
[01:56] <@DraHosting_> you must state the name
[01:56] <@DraHosting_> PB is correct
[01:56] <@DraHosting_> cotton scores.
[01:56] <+PirateCotton> Rachel
[01:56] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 0 | COTTON: 3 | TY: 2
[01:56] <+PirateCotton> ...
[01:56] <@DraHosting_> Rachel and PB are tied.
[01:56] <+RachelReilly> (literally about to quit so frustrated)
[01:56] <@DraHosting_> make sure you say the NAME of the contestant
[01:56] <@DraHosting_> not just
[01:56] <@DraHosting_> "me"
[01:57] <@DraHosting_> spell it correctly
[01:57] <+RachelReilly> going to quit literally
[01:57] <+RachelReilly> you never specified
[01:57] <+RachelReilly> at first
[01:57] <+RachelReilly> so fuck off and hurry up
[01:57] <@DraHosting_> would you like a bonus point to make up for it
[01:57] <@DraHosting_> or would you like us to just continue
[01:57] <+RachelReilly> no just hurry the fuck up
[01:57] <@DraHosting_> k
[01:57] <+Ty_> RIP
[01:57] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION EIGHT: How many weeks has this competition gone on for, COUNTING this week?
[01:57] <+PirateCotton> 1
[01:57] <+Ty_> 9
[01:57] <+RachelReilly> 11
[01:57] <@DraHosting_> the 1
[01:57] <@DraHosting_> Rachel is correct.
[01:58] <+RachelReilly> THANK you
[01:58] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 1 | COTTON: 3 | TY: 2
[01:58] * PirateCotton shakes head
[01:58] <+Ty_> wow k
[01:58] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION NINE: During which week was Lana ejected from the game?
[01:58] <+RachelReilly> 4
[01:58] <+PirateCotton> 4
[01:58] <+Ty_> 5
[01:58] <@DraHosting_> incorrect all of you
[01:58] <@DraHosting_> it was week 3.
[01:58] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION TEN: During which week did Lucy quit the game?
[01:58] <+PirateCotton> 1
[01:58] <+RachelReilly> 2
[01:58] <+Ty_> 2
[01:58] <@DraHosting_> 2 is correct
[01:58] <@DraHosting_> Rachel scores.
[01:58] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 2 | COTTON: 3 | TY: 2
[01:58] <@DraHosting_> Cotton still leading.
[01:59] <+RachelReilly> .
[01:59] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION ELEVEN: Where was Tharja when she was voted out? Spelling does not count but it must be relatively close.
[01:59] <+RachelReilly> dragons dungeon
[01:59] <+Ty_> The mansion
[01:59] <@DraHosting_> the answer was Dragonsreach, Rachel is close.
[01:59] <@DraHosting_> RACHEL: 3 | COTTON: 3 | TY: 2
[02:00] <@DraHosting_> QUESTION TWELVE: Why was Lana ejected?
[02:00] <@DraHosting_> the OFFICIAL reason
[02:00] <+RachelReilly> called cops on dra
[02:00] <+Ty_> Threatening the host
[02:00] <+PirateCotton> footage
[02:00] <@DraHosting_> wrong
[02:00] <@DraHosting_> try again
[02:00] <+PirateCotton> She was insane
[02:00] <+RachelReilly> she was psychopathic
[02:00] <@DraHosting_> same
[02:00] <+PirateCotton> She attacked someone
[02:00] <Lana|Asylum> (k)
[02:00] <+Ty_> ( thats my line gtfo)
[02:01] <+PirateCotton> She was trying to ruin the show, the execs called in
[02:01] <+RachelReilly> she foudn evidence of dra rigging on dvd
[02:01] <+RachelReilly> ...
[02:01] <+PirateCotton> she was rigging
[02:01] <+RachelReilly> She played evidence of dra rigging for everyone and called the cops and was insane
[02:01] <Lana|Asylum> (dra is lagging guys)
[02:01] <Lana|Asylum> (he said so on chat)
[02:01] <Lana|Asylum> (be patient)
[02:02] <@RecordBot> me
[02:02] <@RecordBot> hey
[02:02] <@RecordBot> Rachel is correct
[02:02] <@RecordBot> RACHEL: 4 | COTTON: 3 | TY: 2
[02:02] <+RachelReilly> ok good
[02:02] <+RachelReilly> ;_;
[02:02] <+RachelReilly> hang on
[02:02] <+RachelReilly> pls
[02:02] <+RachelReilly> nvm
[02:02] <+RachelReilly> go
[02:02] <@RecordBot> NEXT QUESTION:
[02:02] <@RecordBot> Who received the SECOND MOST VOTES During Week 3, Tharja's elimination?
[02:03] <+RachelReilly> Kermin
[02:03] <+PirateCotton> Rachel
[02:03] <+RachelReilly> im an idiot rip
[02:03] <@RecordBot> because there was a kermin in this RP
[02:03] <+RachelReilly> Vermin*
[02:03] <+RachelReilly> oops
[02:03] <@RecordBot> both are incorrect
[02:03] <@RecordBot> answer again
[02:03] <+PirateCotton> Opal
[02:03] <+RachelReilly> sean
[02:03] <+Ty_> Semhar
[02:03] <@RecordBot> The answer was Semhar
[02:03] <@RecordBot> RACHEL: 4 | COTTON: 3 | TY: 3
[02:04] <+RachelReilly> me
[02:04] <@RecordBot> this really tight race
[02:04] <@RecordBot> atm
[02:04] <@RecordBot> -
[02:04] <Lana|Asylum> (this being intense af)
[02:04] <+RachelReilly> ughh
[02:04] <@RecordBot> QUESTION NEXT: During which week was Opal VIP for the very first time?
[02:04] <+PirateCotton> 2
[02:04] <+Ty_> 6
[02:04] <+RachelReilly> 1st
[02:04] <@RecordBot> Rachel scores.
[02:04] <@RecordBot> RACHEL
[02:04] <@RecordBot> CONGRATULATIONS
[02:04] * PirateCotton bows to Rachel
[02:04] <+RachelReilly>
[02:04] <+RachelReilly>
[02:04] <+RachelReilly>
[02:04] <+Ty_> lol k
[02:04] <+RachelReilly> AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!1\
[02:04] <+RachelReilly> <333
[02:04] <@DraHosting_> Ty?
[02:04] <@DraHosting_> ty not answering
[02:04] <@DraHosting_> Cotton / Rachel
[02:04] <@DraHosting_> answer again
[02:04] <@DraHosting_> Hint: She claimed something
[02:04] == DraHosting_ [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[02:04] == DraHosting2 [] has joined #TVStars2
[02:04] == DraHosting2 [] has quit [Client Quit]
[02:04] == Kermin| [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[02:04] <@RecordBot> may he rip
[02:04] <@RecordBot> omg it's the booka kermin
[02:05] * PirateCotton offers Ty a handsake
[02:05] <@RecordBot> that we ordered
[02:05] <Kermin|> Hello I'm here to cast my jury vote (:
[02:05] * Ty_ spits in hand and shakes
[02:05] <+Ty_> k

[02:05] <+RachelReilly> Kermin! ^_^
[02:05] * PirateCotton nods at him
[02:05] <@RecordBot> Rachel
[02:05] <+RachelReilly> ? :]
[02:05] <@RecordBot> You will now make one final decision.
[02:05] <Kermin|> (wait no can I actually host the rest of this challenge)
[02:05] <@RecordBot> GOOD
[02:05] <@RecordBot> or EVIL?
[02:05] <+RachelReilly> No floaters getting to the end ya
[02:05] <+RachelReilly> Good
[02:05] <+RachelReilly> I guess
[02:05] <+RachelReilly> (inb4 this makes me lose ugh)
[02:05] <@RecordBot> this is the final decision of the game
[02:05] <@RecordBot> are you sure?
[02:05] <+RachelReilly> no
[02:06] <+RachelReilly> which one isnt rigged against me
[02:06] <+RachelReilly> go with my gut
[02:06] <+RachelReilly> good
[02:06] * PirateCotton chugs a whole bottle of rum
[02:06] <@RecordBot> very well
[02:06] <@RecordBot> please cast a vote privately to eliminate someone from this game.
[02:06] <+Ty_> k
[02:07] <@RecordBot> I have the vote.
[02:07] <@RecordBot> by a vote of 1-0...
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> x
[02:07] <@RecordBot> Cotton.
[02:07] <@RecordBot> You are safe.
[02:07] <+RachelReilly> Yay Cotton
[02:07] <+PB_> Ty robbed :(
[02:07] <+RachelReilly> :]
[02:07] <@RecordBot> Ty
[02:07] <@RecordBot> Your show has been cancelled.
[02:07] <@RecordBot> Please exit to the left and PM me on main.
[02:07] <+Ty_> RIP Tits
[02:07] <+RachelReilly> WE MADE IT COTTON <3
[02:07] * PirateCotton breathes a sigh of releif and hugs Rachel
[02:07] <+RachelReilly> sorry Ty
[02:07] <@RecordBot> MEANWHILE
[02:07] <+RachelReilly>
[02:07] <@RecordBot> Rachel
[02:07] <@RecordBot> Cotton
[02:07] <@RecordBot> congratulations
[02:07] <@RecordBot> You have made the final two.
[02:07] <@RecordBot> But the game is not over.
[02:07] <@RecordBot> And the jury is not complete.
[02:07] * PirateCotton does a jig
[02:08] <+RachelReilly> (im so nervous i never win rps so bye me)
[02:08] <@RecordBot> In front of you sits Lana, Tharja, Opal, Vermin, DrSean, Semhar, Nan, Lydia, PB, and Ty.
[02:08] <@RecordBot> Because Rachel chose GOOD
[02:08] <@RecordBot> Rachel and Cotton
[02:08] <Opal--Jury> May I speak?
[02:08] <@RecordBot> will now vote someone who was eliminated pre-jury
[02:08] <+RachelReilly> Erm...
[02:08] <@RecordBot> ONTO
[02:08] <+RachelReilly> Hi?
[02:08] <@RecordBot> the jury.
[02:08] <+RachelReilly>
[02:08] <@RecordBot> To vote.
[02:08] <@RecordBot> You have the choice of Arnold and Justin.
[02:08] <+RachelReilly> who were pre-jurors
[02:08] <@RecordBot> decide together out loud.
[02:08] <justinlelelelele> who is arnold
[02:08] <+RachelReilly> there was an arnold?
[02:08] <+RachelReilly> what even
[02:08] <@RecordBot> Lucy was also pre-jury, but she quit and is not there
[02:08] <@RecordBot> sorry not arnold
[02:08] <@RecordBot> aaron
[02:08] * PirateCotton points at Aaron
[02:08] <@RecordBot> Aaron or Justin
[02:09] <+RachelReilly> I vote for Aaron
[02:09] <+RachelReilly> what do you say cotton?
[02:09] <justinlelelelele> :/
[02:09] * PirateCotton still pointing at Aaron
[02:09] <+RachelReilly> oh oops
[02:09] <+RachelReilly> im blind tonight first i miss the tiebreaker option then this
[02:09] <+RachelReilly> ugh
[02:09] <+PB_> :)
[02:09] <+PB_> :)
[02:09] <+PB_> :)
[02:09] <+RachelReilly> :)
[02:09] <+RachelReilly>
[02:09] <+RachelReilly> @PB
[02:09] * PirateCotton strides back and forth in front of the jury
[02:10] <+RachelReilly> If you're all voting
[02:10] <+RachelReilly> Know for certain that Cotton was my follower
[02:10] <+RachelReilly> and I was the mastermind
[02:10] <+RachelReilly> i was no floater
[02:10] <@RecordBot> rachel
[02:10] <@RecordBot> do you vote for aaron
[02:10] <+RachelReilly> yes
[02:10] <@RecordBot> ...that feeling when sunny left chat on me
[02:10] <@RecordBot> and he did not leave me a blacklist
[02:10] <@RecordBot> like I asked
[02:11] <@RecordBot> me 12
[02:11] <@RecordBot> u have the choice tonight to vote between justin
[02:11] <@RecordBot> and justin
[02:11] <justinlelelelele> lol
[02:11] <justinlelelelele> why did you like
[02:11] <justinlelelelele> not check that beforehand
[02:11] <justinlelelelele> I made my blacklist the night I got eliminated
[02:11] <justinlelelelele> and never changed it
[02:11] <justinlelelelele> for fun
[02:11] <@RecordBot> I could have sworn he sent me a blacklist
[02:11] * PirateCotton holds up a sign saying, "I may have followed but it was a large target to follow. I kept myself safe and received merely 2 votes all game. She absored all of the punishment for me as I plowed my way to the competition behind dumbass here."
[02:11] <@RecordBot> congratulations TheRealTDIJustin
[02:11] <@RecordBot> you will get to be on the jury!
[02:12] <+PirateCotton> *through
[02:12] <justinlelelelele> why are you an asshole all of a sudden @cotton
[02:12] == justinlelelelele has changed nick to TheRealTDIJustin
[02:12] <TheRealTDIJustin> chill
[02:12] * Kermin| struts in
[02:12] <Kermin|> ...o
[02:12] * Lydia| struts in
[02:12] == Ty_ [2f36b533@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[02:12] * PirateCotton holds up a sign saying, "That's not being an asshole, it's being honest."
[02:12] <+Lydia|> GUESS WHO'S BACK?
[02:12] <+Lydia|> Whaaaaaat?
[02:12] <TheRealTDIJustin> no dude it's being an asshole like
[02:12] <TheRealTDIJustin> see I want to like you
[02:12] * LadyRainicorn flys PB in
[02:12] <TheRealTDIJustin> because you're all funny and physical and shit
[02:12] <TheRealTDIJustin> but like
[02:12] <@RecordBot> PM me your votes immediately
[02:12] <Opal--Jury> Okay hi
[02:12] <TheRealTDIJustin> calling her "dumbass"
[02:12] <TheRealTDIJustin> not cool m8
[02:13] <Opal--Jury> but ask me a question
[02:13] <+RachelReilly> (IM IN SUCH A CRAPPY MOOD RN)
[02:13] <Opal--Jury> is anyone going to take this neckband off of me?
[02:13] <+RachelReilly> caps fail
[02:13] <+RachelReilly> brilliant
[02:13] <Opal--Jury> anyone at all?
[02:13] <TheRealTDIJustin> Rachel I just wanted to say
[02:13] * RachelReilly takes neckband off Opal
[02:13] <TheRealTDIJustin> you've been at the top of my list the entire game
[02:13] <+RachelReilly> And now...?
[02:13] <Opal--Jury> Rachel, why did you?
[02:13] <TheRealTDIJustin> you're still at the top of my list
[02:13] <+PirateCotton> (did that come out as dumbass... shit that was supposed to be something else... shit)
[02:13] <+RachelReilly> Take the neckband off?
[02:13] <+RachelReilly> @Opal
[02:13] <Opal--Jury> it could have been anyone but it was you. why?
[02:13] <@RecordBot> Reminder: I need votes from Justin / Lana / Opal / Nan / Lydia / PB
[02:14] <TheRealTDIJustin> "She absored all of the punishment for me as I plowed my way to the competition behind dumbass here"
[02:14] <Opal--Jury> oh well can't argue with a done deed
[02:14] <+RachelReilly> Because I thought you wanted it off
[02:14] <+RachelReilly> :(
[02:14] * Opal--Jury defuses
[02:14] <TheRealTDIJustin> you have my vote bruv @dra
[02:14] <+RachelReilly> That translates to: Cotton was a floater
[02:14] * PirateCotton shrugs
[02:14] == Opal--Jury [40cb78d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[02:15] * PirateCotton snaps his head over to Rachel in a fury
[02:15] <+RachelReilly> I'm sorry, Cotton
[02:15] == Amethyst [40cb78d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[02:15] <+RachelReilly> but it's the truth
[02:15] <+RachelReilly> you voted who I said
[02:15] == Pearl_ [40cb78d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars2
[02:15] <+RachelReilly> every time
[02:15] <+RachelReilly> :(
[02:15] <Amethyst> Thank you! It was getting unbearable in there
[02:15] * Lana|Asylum walks in
[02:15] * Lana|Asylum is in straight jacket
[02:15] <Lana|Asylum> Well, well, well.
[02:15] * PirateCotton holds up a sign that reads, "I voted out two women I was in love with simply out of loyalty to you. Had I not been here you would've left long ago."
[02:15] <Lana|Asylum> Looks like we have our final two.
[02:15] <Lana|Asylum> Rachel.
[02:15] <Pearl_> Remind us never to take another dare from Steven. Okay?
[02:15] <Lana|Asylum> I want to know
[02:16] <Amethyst> Okay.
[02:16] <Lana|Asylum> why you backstabbed Briarcliff and the girl's alliance.
[02:16] <+RachelReilly> Why?
[02:16] <Lana|Asylum> and Cotton - I want to know why you broke character.
[02:16] <+RachelReilly> Because it was full of threats!
[02:16] <+RachelReilly> Why go with you guys
[02:16] <+RachelReilly> When I have Ty and Cotton
[02:16] <+RachelReilly> who were both voting exactly how I said
[02:16] <+RachelReilly> it made no sense
[02:16] * PirateCotton holds up a sign asking "What do you mean?"
[02:16] <+Lydia|> Okay, guys, so l, like have a question!
[02:16] <Pearl_> But anyway, we were Opal. And now we're both going to vote.
[02:16] <+RachelReilly> Hi Lydia
[02:16] <+Lydia|> If you won, what would you do with the moneeeey?
[02:17] <Lana|Asylum> Alright.
[02:17] <Lana|Asylum> Well, my decision is made.
[02:17] <Amethyst> Against Rachel, AKA you. (points at Rachel)
[02:17] <+RachelReilly> I would donate some to charity then I would get more fucking hair extensions
[02:17] <Lana|Asylum> * guards come to take Lana away *
[02:17] <Lana|Asylum> NO
[02:17] <Lana|Asylum> YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!
[02:17] <+Lydia|> WAIT.
[02:17] <+Lydia|> RACHEL.
[02:17] <+RachelReilly> That's cute @Opal
[02:17] <Lana|Asylum> NOT AGAIN!
[02:17] <+Lydia|> One question for you.

[02:17] <+Lydia|> Are you...
[02:17] <+RachelReilly> Yes?
[02:17] * Lana|Asylum struggles and rips away from straight jacket
[02:17] <+Lydia|> a NATURAL redhead?
[02:17] * Lana|Asylum takes out matches
[02:17] <Lana|Asylum> - WAILS -
[02:17] <Lana|Asylum> - WAILS -
[02:17] * Lana|Asylum lights match on fire
[02:17] <+RachelReilly> (me when i dont even know the answer to this)
[02:17] <+RachelReilly> Yes
[02:17] <+RachelReilly> :)
[02:17] * Lana|Asylum sets fire to TV Stars house
[02:17] * Amethyst takes out whip
[02:17] <Lana|Asylum> * HOUSE BURNS IN FLAMES *
[02:17] <Amethyst> Call me cute again. I dare you.
[02:17] <Lana|Asylum> - WAILS -
[02:18] <Lana|Asylum> NOT AGAIN.
[02:18] <Lana|Asylum> AHHHHHHHHHHH
[02:18] <Lana|Asylum> WAHHHHHHHHhh
[02:18] <@RecordBot> lana who let you out of the asylum
[02:18] <Lana|Asylum> * HOUSE BURNS *
[02:18] * PirateCotton holds up a sign with a picture of a boat on it saying "I'd buy one of these and be the captain"
[02:18] <+RachelReilly> Lana D:
[02:18] * PB_ is returned by The Morrow
[02:18] <Lana|Asylum> * HOUSE CRUMBLES IN A HEAP OF DUST *
[02:18] * Lana|Asylum runs away in forest
[02:18] * LadyRainicorn looks at PB
[02:18] == Lana|Asylum has changed nick to Lana|Forest
[02:18] <+PB_> Hello, here for a quick visit before I return to Candy Kingdom for the long run! ^_^
[02:18] * Lydia| squints hard
[02:18] <+Lydia|> Fine.
[02:18] <+RachelReilly> i cant tell if anyones asking questions
[02:18] <+PB_> How are you two doing?
[02:18] <+Lydia|> I have DECIDED.
[02:18] <+Lydia|> LYDIA OUT.
[02:18] <LadyRainicorn> :D
[02:18] <+RachelReilly> Hi PB
[02:19] <+RachelReilly> .
[02:19] <+RachelReilly> (dont know if im lagging)
[02:19] * PB_ turns away from Rachel
[02:19] <+PB_> Cotton, I'd just like to know WHY?
[02:20] <+PB_> I thought what we had was special!! :(
[02:20] <@RecordBot> OPAL VOTE JUSTIN VOTE!!!!
[02:20] <+PB_> And you turned out to be nothing more than a GOON. What the cabbage!?
[02:20] * PirateCotton leans against the bar and sips some rum, waiting for this fiasco to end.
[02:20] <Pearl_> (don't forget Opal is now Pearl and Amethyst now and their collective votes make the decision)
[02:21] <@RecordBot> TO MAIN

[02:21] == PB_ [62eb7a9b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]