TV Stars is a reality competition that takes varying amounts of aspiring Celebrity players and puts their skills to the test. Every week, players will compete in the Celebrity VIP Challenge, where they will complete various tasks to reach the VIP Room and win VIP Status, granting them complete immunity but removing their vote for the Elimination. The American Public will then vote for one player to be immune as well, giving them MVP status but allowing them to vote.

Every so often, the MVP player will receive a temptation award they must give out or keep. If they keep one of them, they will remove their immune status.

When two are left, a Celebrity Jury will vote for a winner. Whoever receives the most votes will get their very own Television Show and $1,000,000.

Who will be eliminated, and who will be the next TV Star?

Game History

# Season Winner Vote Runner-Up
1 Hollywood AngelValentineHead
Angel Valentine
3-2 Burningwoodface
Burning Wood
2 Broadway PokemonTrainerFace
Pokemon Trainer
4-3 AshleeFace
Ashlee Williams
3 Vegas Tynaface
Tyna Wesson
5-2 Honeyface
Honey Lemon
4 Hawaii Walnutface
Conspiracy Walnut
6-1 Reedface
Reed Kelly
5 ParisLogo RKellyFace
R Kelly
4-1 RoslynFace
Roslyn Correa
6 Tokyo CottonFace
Pirate Cotton
7-4 RachelFace
Rachel Reilly
7 Los Angeles SpencerFace
Spencer Bledsoe
5-2 BriceFace
8 Superstar LouisaSSFace
Louisa Rose Allen
4-3 JoanSSFace
Joan Callamezzo
9 ATW TiffanyFace
Tiffany Pollard
3-2 TessFace
Tess Tyler
10 Bollywood Korra2Face
6-2 AlyssaFace
Alyssa Edwards
11 RTLogo MichelleFace
Michelle Meyer
3-2 ReneeFace
Renee Meyer
12 DCLogo DennisFace
Dennis Reynolds
4-3 KarenFace
Karen Smith
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