This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Las Vegas.

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#14 Vizziniface Vizzini Vizzini really didn't do much of anything important. He also didn't get the CHANCE to do too much of anything important. He gets last on rankings because everyone else was important at one point or another.
#13 Carolface Carol Peletier Carol was crucial to the formation of the Survivors alliance, which lasted a long time until Tyna flipped from it. While she was there, she managed to make a lot of fun references to the Walking Dead. As well, when Villager exploded, she made sure to put a knife in his head so he didn't come back a zombie. Too bad for her, of course, because she missed.
#12 Michelleface Michelle Tanner I ironically love Michelle because she did absolutely nothing besides spell out some things and talk childishly to people. She almost won the VIP challenge before her actor had to quit.
#11 Mabelface Mabel Pines Mabel at first was lower on the list at number thirteen, but upon reading the transcripts and finishing her page, it became clear to me that Mabel had a lot of potential, but ended up not performing as well as she could have. However, near the end of the game, Mabel actually got a chance to shine by forming a nice underdog style relationship with HoneyLemon.
#10 Screenshot 2014-11-19 16.53.57 Casper Casper was hated by a lot of people, but he had a nice story going. He died, decomposed, and was reborn into a ghost's body as Casper the friendly ghost. Of course, his outburst that turned him into an UNFRIENDLY ghost knocked him down a little.
#9 Charethface Chareth Cutestory For such an early boot, he is awfully high up on the list. It's not like that's bad, though, because Chareth was an entertaining doomsday prepper character. He just didn't get the chance to shine like he deserved.
#8 Fanaticface Fanatic Fanatic was a super upbeat and sporadically excited character. Her role was the Photographer was less prominent than Pornvati's role in season two, but nonetheless, she was a major character who got robbed as the first jury member.
#7 Honeyface Honey Lemon HoneyLemon was super fun to have in the game, but upon revision of the transcripts, she really didn't do anything TOO important. She drops from #2 to #7.
#6 Wftface Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Trainer was ignored by me for the majority of the game, but upon reading the transcripts, she really was a prominent character. Her Fitness Class alliance was a major alliance that lasted for a very long time, and managed to get rid of a lot of people. She was also a dominating force in the game, having won so many VIP challenges. It was also entertaining how she spread the word of Nintendo products.
#5 Baylorface Baylor Wilson Baylor was always an entertaining character. I loved how she would always get herself into "sticky situations". Even though her actor does not want her back for an All Star season, she was super entertaining and I would love to have her back some day.
#4 Villagerface Villager Villager was an incredibly fun psycopathic character to have in the game. It was a shame he had to go so early.
#3 Mapetiteface Ma Petite I enjoyed how she was so polite and was trapped in a closet for a long portion of the game. Her personality really fit her counterpart from American Horror Story, and it sucks that she got out so early in the game.
#2 Tynaface Tyna Wesson Tyna was a fun character to have in the game. She probably would be number one if she did not win all the challenges she did (considering the real Tina Wesson did not win any immunity challenges ever), but at the same time she was a very entertaining character and I enjoyed her being there.
#1 Planktonface Sheldon J Plankton Plankton was originally #4 on the rankings but shot up to first place after I read the transcripts. He was a little out of character at some points when he said minor cuss words, but at the same time he was also very in-your-face with his villainous personality. He never played in challenges, but he managed to get a lot of screen time while the others were playing. The banana suit punishment on Plankton was also hilarious. Plankton was an all around great character to have, and spawned the new tier above Pink for he and Tyna to sit in.