This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Director's Cut.

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#13 VivianFace INVivian Vivian did not speak or do anything. As nobody in this cast was horrific or atrocious, she is last by default.
#12 GregoryFace Lord Gregory Gregory had potential, but because he went out super early and barely talked to anyone, his potential did not get to come up and he became a very early dud. Unfortunately for him, he was buried and forgotten in a cast full of major personalities.
#11 BrianFace Brian Anthonyson Brian was an enigma. Nothing he ever said really made any sense, and frankly, he was in the game too short of a time for us to get to know him better.
#10 MortyFace Morty Smith Morty did not speak much, and when he did, it was usually something like "Aw Jeez Rick". He also had potential, but unlike Gregory, he made the Jury, and he still was a dud. However, because he lasted longer than Gregory and was the key to a few jokes in the game, he places higher.
#9 SarahFace Sarah Lacina Sarah, like Morty, did not speak much - but when she did, it was hilarious. Sarah was good to have around, but because she did not speak much, she remains at the lower portion of the rankings.
#8 LJFace LJ McKanas LJ was a very interesting character. He made a lot of sexual references which turned me off, but he made for a great story in the early season. When he made the Jury, things changed, and he became a polarizing figure in the house. Seeing his game was interesting, and I would be interested in seeing it again in the future under the promise of no more sexual jokes.
#7 KatyaFace Katya Schmolovsky Katya was a major hit at the start of the game and made for some fun votes, but towards the end of the game she sort of gave up. She was entertaining and a great ally to Rick, but after she flipped, she hilariously blew up her own game. She was great to have around and would have been an acceptable winner.
#6 KarenFace Karen Smith Karen was a major player despite being so dimwitted. However, she showed some moments of strategy which went against her character, bumping her lower on the rankings. She was fun, and after the season I wished she had won, but after re-reading the transcript I have decided that I am now content with the winner.
#5 DennisFace Dennis Reynolds Dennis winning was pretty solid. He was a great narrator through the entire season and left some good confessionals and was also fun to watch during the straw draw sequences. Dennis made sure he was immune and kept votes off of him during the game despite being a target several times.
#4 JacobFace Jacob Sartorius Jacob started out quiet and irrelevant but grew into a prominent strategic figure and was a key person in several late-jury votes. His misfire that got himself eliminated from the game is one of the most iconic eliminations in the series, and I'm glad that he went out when he did.
#3 TeddyFace Teddy Duncan Teddy was an icon this season. She is definitely one of the biggest personalities, always arguing about feminism and throwing extreme shade at Katya. Teddy managed to stay in character while expanding upon her already-established development throughout her stay in the game, and I hope we get to see more of her in the future.
#2 NedaFace Neda Kalantar People don't like Neda for some reason, but I adore her. She left great confessionals, was extremely quotable, and was the leader of an amazing alliance. Her relationship with Dennis was great fun, and her ability to get Katya to flip to her side, despite it failing on her in the end, was genius. Neda has potential to be one of the biggest strategists in the series if she returns.
#1 RickFace Rick Sanchez Naturally, Rick is number one. He was very quotable, had great moments all season, and fought very hard to get to the end of the game. He was a fantastic character, and I'm glad we got to have him for so long in the season. If he returns in the future, I would expect nothing more than for him to get equally as deep, if not win.