Lucy Van Pelt
Contestant Profile
Played By Avery FireFlame
Gender Female
VIP Wins 0
MVP Wins 0

TV Stars Tokyo

Alliances None
Friendships Rachel
Enemies None
Vote(s) Against 0


Lucy Van Pelt is a contestant on TV Stars Tokyo.

TV Stars Tokyo

In the first episode of the season, It's Time For the Inmates to Run Things, Lucy pestered the cast of celebrities and the Host to be included in the first twist of the season. She and Rachel both were decided to be the Executive Producers for the season, and both entered the House before anyone else.

While the First Impressions twist and opening VIP challenge occured, Lucy and Rachel had to decide on what to do with the alignment lever inside the House. The two both agreed to keep the House Evil, and thus the first twists of the season and challenges were to be aligned to Evil.

Upon everyone entering the House, the twist was announced to everyone. Lucy told everyone that Rachel wanted the game to be Evil, and that she chose Good over her "blockhead" of a partner.

After losing MVP status to Rachel, Lucy shouted to America that they were all "blockheads" and that they are all dumber than Charlie Brown.

At elimination, she received no votes as she voted out Aaron because Rachel wanted her to.

In episode two, I am the Next Supreme, Lucy became frightened when Nan and Tharja began performing spells on her. After her hair was dyed a different color, she freaked out and demanded her hair be returned to its natural beauty.

However, the spell messed with more than her hair. She became delirious and slipped in the house, knocking her own football into the air. It proceeded to land on a used frying pan in the kitchen, which somehow flipped through the air and landed on Lucy’s head, knocking her out cold.

Lucy was medically evacuated from the competition, leaving one more celebrity out of the picture before the second elimination of the game.

Competition History

Competition History
Week 1 VIP Ineligible*
MVP Loss
Week 2 VIP Not In Game**
MVP Not In Game**

*Lucy was chosen to be an Executive Producer and entered the House on day one, and therefore was made ineligible to compete in the VIP Competition.

**Lucy was evacuated from the game before competing in any challenges this week.

Voting History

Voting History
Week Voted For Voted Against
1-FI Ineligible Ineligible
1 Aaron -
2 No Cancellation
Evacuated, Week 2