Burning Wood
Contestant Profile
Played By Sunslicer2
Gender Male
VIP Wins 3
MVP Wins 1

TV Stars Hollywood

Alliances None
Friendships Angel, Madison, Louisa, Jed
Enemies Drew, Dusty, Alex


Burning Wood is a contestant on TV Stars Hollywood. He is best known for being a pile of burning wood and making it to the final two of the competition.

TV Stars: Hollywood

In A whopping zero, everyone reveals they are shocked to find a burning piece of wood in the game. All he can say is "burns" while everyone in the house tries to sit on him.

Madison McNulty manages to do so without being burned. Dusty Woods and Drew Conrad, however, throw Magikarp at him in an attempt to kill him. It doesn't work. Later that episode, he wins MVP.

In Do you like genocide?, Alex and Dusty find it hilarious to jump onto the burning wood and set themselves on fire. Because of this, Dusty is given a fireproof suit.

In OMIGOD SHE KISSED ME, he wins his first VIP challenge, which begins a long line of "burns" and excitement for him. Everyone is confused as to how a burning piece of wood was able to beat them in a competition.

In Burns, everyone is incredibly shocked to know a burning piece of wood made the final six. However, he proves to them that he is very worthy by winning the VIP challenge. Angel Valentine declares that he cannot be silenced, and he proceeds to spam "burns".

In Eating carrots, Burning Wood wins immunity yet again in the VIP challenge.

In HE CAN SPEAK, it is revealed that Burning Wood is somehow capable of speech. He tells Angel Valentine that she should quit in an attempt to intimidate her, but it is entirely playful for her. Despite having a good lead going, Burning Wood fails to win the VIP challenge. At elimination, despite being conflicted and curious about being voted out, he votes for Louisa. Louisa retaliates and votes for him -- but it is not enough. She is sent home.

In You would burn me, he votes for a luck challenge. He is the first eliminated, but Angel Valentine, after winning, takes him to the finals with her.

In the Hollywood Finale, Madison and Louisa Rose Allen give him their jury votes. It is not enough, however. He is the runner up when Angel Valentine is declared the winner.

Competition History

Competition History
Week 1 VIP Loss
Week 2 VIP Loss
MVP Loss
Week 3 VIP Win
MVP Ineligible
Week 4 VIP Win
MVP Ineligible
Week 5 VIP Win
MVP Ineligible
Week 6 VIP Loss
Week 7 VIP Loss

Voting History

Voting History
Week Voted For Voted Against
1 Drew MVP
2 Drew Dusty
3 No Cancellation
6 Louisa Louisa
7 N/A -
Jury Votes
For Burning
Madison, Louisa
Runner Up, Week 8