Season TV Stars Tokyo
Founder Lana Winters
Members Lana Winters

Rachel Reilly
Princess Bubblegum
Nan The Witch

Week Formed 1
Enemies None
Lowest Placing Member Lana Winters
Highest Placing Member Rachel Reilly


The Briarcliff alliance was formed by Lana in the first week of the competition. This alliance contained many would-be late-game competitors that worked together for a short while.


At the beginning of the game, the alliance decided to vote out Justin because of his penalty vote against him. However, as the game went on, many players strayed from the votes that the alliance was trying to decide to do together. Rachel continually pushed for Semhar and Nan to be eliminated, but inevitably, they survived far past when she wanted rid of them.

In episode three, Lana was ejected from the competition, which started the inevitable decline of the alliance. Despite the alliance stopping their out-loud conversations together, many continued to work together up until the finale of the game, when they all turned against each other.

Because Rachel was the main person to go against the alliance, many of the Briarcliff alliance did not vote for her to win despite her being a member.


[21:18] == RecordBot [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Briarcliff
[21:18] <LanaWinters> On the horrific conditions that are going on here in Briarcliff.
[21:18] <LanaWinters> I am currently receiving secret information
[21:18] <LanaWinters> From someone I know on the inside.
[21:19] <LanaWinters> Once we get proof, we can catch Dra in the act and finally put him to jail.
[21:19] <LanaWinters> Are you four ladies with me?
[21:19] <LanaWinters> Can I count on you to bring this place down?
[21:19] <RachelReilly_> tHIS IS THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE
[21:19] <RachelReilly_> NOT SOME SORORITY
[21:19] <RachelReilly_> WHERE THE HELL IS THE WINE
[21:19] <RachelReilly_> :\
[21:19] <RachelReilly_> (caps fail but oh so fitting)
[21:19] <LanaWinters> Justin is receiving a penalty vote at the first elimination
[21:19] <LanaWinters> I think we should vote for him.
[21:20] <LanaWinters> Rachel, you're more than welcome to leave.
[21:20] <LanaWinters> But I see the fire in your eyes. It matches your hair.
[21:20] <LanaWinters> I knew it the moment I saw you.
[21:20] <@PB_> Um, I have ONE suggestion girls.
[21:20] <@PB_> We change the name to #CandyKingdom!
[21:20] <LanaWinters> No.
[21:21] <Lydia|> That is, like, SO cute.
[21:21] <LanaWinters> It remains Briarcliff, I have my reasons.
[21:21] * LanaWinters writes on notepad
[21:21] <@PB_> I like it better, it reminds me a lot of home!
[21:21] <LanaWinters> PB, can you OP me?
[21:21] <@PB_> You can be my CANDY PEOPLE!
[21:21] <NanTheWitch> Congrats Rachel.
[21:21] <LanaWinters> Good job, Rachel. The more power we get, the better our position is.
[21:21] <LanaWinters> Especially when it comes to serving justice.
[21:23] <LanaWinters> Let's vote for Justin?
[21:24] <Lydia|> But he's hot. :(
[21:24] <RachelReilly_> yeah justin
[21:24] <RachelReilly_> he's freaking me out
[21:24] <RachelReilly_> i am in a committed marriage
[21:24] <RachelReilly_> and he's just
[21:24] * RachelReilly_ rolls eyes
[21:24] <Lydia|> Fine...
[21:32] == Lydia| [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:33] == Lydia| [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Briarcliff
[21:38] <LanaWinters> Welcome back, Lydia!
[21:39] <@PB_> Welcome! ^-^
[21:39] <Lydia|> Heeey!
[21:49] <Lydia|> Who has two thumbs and totally crushed it today?
[21:49] <Lydia|> This girl!
[21:49] * Lydia| points to self
[21:49] <Lydia|> Whaaat?
[21:56] <RachelReilly_> ...
[21:56] <@PB_> Who are we voting tonight, ladies?
[21:56] <RachelReilly_> Well?
[21:56] <NanTheWitch> So girls.
[21:56] <LanaWinters> Let's do...
[21:56] <LanaWinters> Ty?
[21:56] <RachelReilly_> No
[21:56] <LanaWinters> He hit on me.
[21:56] <LanaWinters> What a creep.
[21:56] <RachelReilly_> I like Ty
[21:56] <NanTheWitch> Ty.
[21:56] * RachelReilly_ folds arms
[21:56] <NanTheWitch> Who is Ty?
[21:56] <LanaWinters> Okay.
[21:56] <@PB_> He hit on me too, I think.
[21:56] <LanaWinters> Do you have any other suggestions, Rachel?
[21:56] <RachelReilly_> Aaron
[21:56] <RachelReilly_> He's a pig
[21:56] <RachelReilly_> >:(
[21:56] <LanaWinters> I'm good with Aaron.
[21:56] <LanaWinters> And
[21:56] <LanaWinters> He got votes last time.
[21:56] <@PB_> I told him to run unless he wanted a nice fist cookie straight to the gut!! >:(
[21:56] <RachelReilly_> ^_^
[21:56] <NanTheWitch> Aaron is a pretty good vote.
[21:57] <LanaWinters> Aaron it is.
[21:57] <RachelReilly_> Yay!
[21:57] <Lydia|> Aaron's not really that cute.
[21:57] <Lydia|> I once dated an Aaron.
[21:57] <Lydia|> But then he moved to California.
[21:57] <LanaWinters> I've never dated an Aaron.
[21:57] <LanaWinters> Or a male for that matter.
[21:57] <Lydia|> And I think he was in a movie.
[21:57] <Lydia|> Where he died.
[21:57] <NanTheWitch> Are you lesbian? LanaWinters
[21:58] <RachelReilly_> I couldnt date boys before big brother
[21:58] <RachelReilly_> i have a degree in chemistry
[21:58] <LanaWinters> I am, Nan.
[21:58] <RachelReilly_> that means I'm a smart, strong woman
[21:58] <LanaWinters> I have a girlfriend at home.
[21:58] <Lydia|> Last year there was this guy in my Chemistry class named Jim
[21:58] <NanTheWitch> The spirits tell me something is going to happen to you.
[21:59] <NanTheWitch> I'm unclear with the context but they tell me things.
[21:59] <LanaWinters> That is... interesting.
[21:59] <NanTheWitch> My clairvoyance is a burden. This is why.
[22:00] == Lydia|_ [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Briarcliff
[22:00] <Lydia|_> I'm baaaack!
[22:02] <LanaWinters> Welcome back, Lydia.
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[22:14] == LanaWinters [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #Briarcliff []
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[22:30] <RachelReilly_> who should we vote?
[22:30] == Lydia| [405c35d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Briarcliff
[22:30] <RachelReilly_> I say we vote
[22:30] <@PB_> Hm...
[22:30] <RachelReilly_> Tharja
[22:30] <RachelReilly_> for violating me
[22:30] <RachelReilly_> >:(
[22:30] <RachelReilly_> and for stealing fans
[22:30] <@PB_> Tharja does have a bad attitude..
[22:30] <RachelReilly_> how dare she
[22:31] <RachelReilly_> I'm the best thing about this season
[22:31] <RachelReilly_> No offense to you all but everyone compared to me is a floater
[23:00] <RachelReilly_> who are we voting off
[23:00] <RachelReilly_> ?????
[23:00] <RachelReilly_> guys???
[23:00] <RachelReilly_> :(
[23:01] <RachelReilly_> Vote for Opal
[23:01] <RachelReilly_> please...
[23:01] <RachelReilly_>
[23:01] * RachelReilly_ crawls in corner
[23:01] <Lydia|> What if we, like, vote Semhar?
[23:01] <Lydia|> She is SO creepy.
[23:02] <NanTheWitch> she is.
[23:04] <RachelReilly_> no
[23:04] <RachelReilly_> opal
[23:04] <RachelReilly_> she's in a showmance
[23:04] <RachelReilly_> :(
[23:04] <Lydia|> WITH WHO?! :O
[23:04] <@PB_> Don't even say it.
[23:05] <@PB_> Because Opal and I have nothing special!
[23:10] <RachelReilly_> Yes you did PB
[23:10] <RachelReilly_> stop LYING
[23:10] <RachelReilly_> and start PLAYIGN THE GAME
[23:10] <@PB_> I did what? :(
[23:10] <RachelReilly_> BECAUSE YOU'RE JUST A FLOATER
[23:11] <RachelReilly_> THAT'S ALL YOU ARE
[23:11] <@PB_> Can you clam it!?
[23:11] <@PB_> I am TRYING to work on a potion! >:(
[23:11] <@PB_> Quiet down or get out hun!
[23:12] <NanTheWitch> – NanTheWitch k.
[23:12] <Lydia|> GUYS WE DID IT
[23:13] * Lydia| dances obnoxiously
[23:31] <RachelReilly_> vote Semhar off
[23:31] <RachelReilly_> the floater
[23:31] <RachelReilly_> the SUPREME floater bitch
[23:32] <NanTheWitch> As long as he doesn't interrupt my quest to become THE SUPREME OF THE COVEN.
[23:34] <Lydia|> Oh YEAH.
[23:34] <Lydia|> Semhar is weird anyway.
[23:38] <RachelReilly_> lets vote sean instead
[23:38] <RachelReilly_> vermin*
[23:38] <RachelReilly_> idc oe out the inact
[23:38] <RachelReilly_> NEVERMIND
[23:38] <RachelReilly_> KEEP SEMHAR
[23:38] <RachelReilly_> :]
[23:42] <@PB_> I voted Vermin. ^_^
[23:57] == RachelReilly_ [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:58] <@PB_> Oh.. bye.. Rachel?
[00:02] == RachelReilly [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Briarcliff
[00:02] <RachelReilly> lets vote dr sean off?
[00:03] <@PB_> K!
[00:03] <Lydia|> Yeah, he's not even cute.
[00:03] == Lana|Asylum [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Briarcliff
[00:05] <Lydia|> Oh my god it's LANA again
[00:05] <Lydia|> HEY LANA
[00:06] <Lana|Asylum> hey
[00:17] <RachelReilly> vote Semhar guys
[00:17] <RachelReilly> ot's the only way :(
[00:18] <NanTheWitch> Ok
[00:59] <Lydia|> Who now? :O
[00:59] <@PB_> Hm..
[01:00] <Lana|Asylum> Glad to see Briarcliff is staying strong.
[01:01] <@PB_> It is..?
[01:01] <NanTheWitch> Yes.
[01:04] <Lana|Asylum> Briarcliff is over.
[01:04] <Lana|Asylum> The inmates are running the show, now.
[01:04] == NanTheWitch [uid90476@gateway/web/] has quit []
[01:09] <Lydia|> Okay guys wait
[01:09] <Lydia|> Hear me out here
[01:09] <Lydia|> Okay, like
[01:09] <Lydia|> If one of us wins this
[01:10] <Lydia|> The other two are against Cotton/Ty in the vote
[01:10] <Lydia|> But if we throw it and let one of them win
[01:10] <Lydia|> We can gang up on them
[01:10] <@PB_> Rachel wants Ty out
[01:10] <@PB_> *Lana
[01:10] <@PB_> She told me, like, five times..
[01:15] <Lana|Asylum> Who should I vote in main?
[01:50] == PB_ [62eb7a9b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #Briarcliff []
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[02:18] == Lana|Asylum has changed nick to Lana|Forest
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